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Fushi – BioVedic Skincare Range

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With the heatwave today, no one can deny that here in the UK it’s summertime. Much as we all enjoy having sun-kissed skin, and while the sun (in moderation) has multiple benefits, please stay in the shade to avoid the midday sun and dangerous UVA/UVB rays - we hope not to see lots of sunburnt faces on our commute tomorrow. Anyway, as The Amazing Blog regular readers will know, we like to champion indie brands which include all sorts of natural, organic, ethical and vegan products. Today, we bring you the wonderful BioVedic Skincare Range by Fushi, which is a natural and organic skin food.

Fushi meaning ‘eternal life’ in Japanese, was created through the heritage of Ayurvedic recipes. Ria Pattni the co-founder explained: “In Ayurveda, nothing is more powerful than botanicals when used in their purest form, which is why I love oils and herbs for their natural protective properties and their active ingredients for natural skin rejuvenation.” The formulations have been passed down through the generations to the now founders by their grandparents. The production of the products still remains the same which is by hand blending the oils and herbs creating organic, ethical, and pure skincare remedies. In alignment with their products is their ethos: Transparency, honesty and caring for the planet; these are the core values of the brand. Fushi also supports Fair Trade, ensuring the wellbeing of all workers and suppliers, as well as being a member of the Ethical Company Organisation and the Good Shopping Guide. We particularly like that they act responsibly reducing their impact on the people and planet by staying as green as possible.

The BioVedic Skincare Range is comprised of 3 products. The first of which is the BioVedic Enzyme Face Wash. This wash is mainly composed by vanshlochan herbs which deeply cleanse the skin and Rice Bran oils – packed with vitamin E - to moisturise the skin, giving it a long-lasting glow and helping blood circulation. The second is the BioVedic Radiance Face Oil which is a combination of 5 nutrient packed oils: raspberry seed (rich in vitamin A, E, and fatty acids), kalahari melon seed, rice bran, and moringa as key ingredients. This facial oil is light and fast-absorbing, It will act as a protective barrier against harmful chemicals throughout the day as well as working in tandem with the instant hydration cream to give your skin a radiant look. Lastly, the BioVedic Radiance Face Cream made from manjistha and saffron infused in kalahari melon seed oil (rich in omega), boosts your complexion, hydrates and repairs any imperfections. We applied it immediately after the Radiance Face Oil and loved how it nourished and protected the skin. Our favourite was the Radiance Face Oil using it either alone at night to feed our complexion, or by adding a few drops mixed in with the Face Cream, if our skin was feeling a little dry thus adding extra nourishment. All three skincare products should ideally to used together as part of your daily skincare routine to achieve ultimate results. Get the Fushi BioVedic Skincare Range here, the BioVedic Enzyme Face Wash  for £15.00, the BioVedic Radiance Face Cream for £20.00, and the BioVedic Radiance Face Oil for £22.00. Oh and if you have overdone it with the sun today, this skincare range will certainly help to repair the damage!

VOYA - Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion


Summer is here, and The Amazing Blog team has taken all sorts of measures to ensure that our bodies have been pampered and taken care. In preparation for this season ahead, we received the Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion from VOYA to try. As our regular readers will know, we have a bit of a penchant for Voya, you will see here from the past review of their Bright Eyes Brightening Eye Cream. VOYA was founded in 2006 by husband and wife team, Mark & Kira Walton. They focused on the natural power of seaweed, VOYA is an Irish niche brand that has harnessed the incredible soothing skin properties of the 'seaweed baths.'

At the core of VOYA is the love for seaweed-based products. The Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion is richly infused with hand-harvested Fucus Serratus extract. This is a type of seaweed that filters ocean water for nutrients to survive, so it becomes dense with the anti-oxidants and minerals our skin loves. The next two key ingredients are Shea Butter and Prickly Pear Oil, helping to deeply nourish, moisturise, heal, and protect the skin—evidence that nature always has our back. Our favourite part was the uplifting scent of lime and mandarin. It left a subtle fresh aroma on our skin throughout the day. We couldn’t get enough of it.

This body lotion naturally helps to prevent signs of ageing and cellulite and improves the skin’s tone and elasticity. We have noticed instantly hydrated and smooth skin, even on those days where our skin has seen some dryness. This unique blend of 80% organic ingredients has our skin craving more. They are also Halal certified, free from mineral oils, synthetic colours, preservatives, and are cruelty-free. The Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion from VOYA is available for purchase here for £28.

Belinda Clark Gourmet S’mores Kit


We all know that the best memory from camping in our younger days was when we got to sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows. These irresistible treats always make us reminisce here at The Amazing Blog, so when we received the Belinda Clark Gourmet S’mores Kit, we were instantly transported to sweet summer days.

The reason we adore this kit is that it has everything you could need to make s’mores wherever and whenever you need to indulge just a little bit. Of course, these aren’t the s’mores you would remember from your childhood because Belinda Clark specialises in unique gourmet marshmallow flavours. This kit combines 12 of her scrumptiously hand-crafted salted caramel marshmallows that would make your mouth water on its own, but when combined with slightly melted Belgian dark chocolate thins on gourmet almond biscuits, you will never want to go back to your basic s’mores again. The kit is also equipped with 6 sticks to toast the marshmallows as well your own odourless gel burner that lasts two hours so that you can toast your marshmallows at any moment you desire. Go ahead and enjoy a bit of summer year round. The Belinda Clark S’mores Kit is available for purchase here for £18.50.    


Rouge Bunny Rouge Cosmetics - Primer & Contouring Liquid

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As beauty lovers here at The Amazing Blog we were so excited to receive some products from Rouge Bunny Rouge. They sent us their ‘Shadow Play’ Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid and ‘Prelude in the Clouds’ Aqua Primer, and it’s safe to say we are impressed. These products may become staples in our make-up bag!Priming the skin is an essential part of creating a flawless base, and the Aqua Primer is no exception. This water-based primer glides seamlessly onto the skin creating a smooth and luminous base. The primer contains lots of amazing active ingredients; such as Sea Buck-Thorn Berry extract that is an amazing anti-oxidant and anti-ageing ingredient that promotes cell tissue regeneration. Iris Florentina Root Extract helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, while Saccharide Isomerate provides intense moisturisation. Bisabolol is used in the primer for its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant capabilities, helping counteract any redness you may have. Additionally, the primer also contains Vitamin E and Retinol Palmitate to help improve skin texture, giving you that smooth and flawless look. With all these amazing ingredients you can see why this primer works; if you want to create the perfect base for your foundation you need to try it.

Contouring has quickly become a staple part of a lot of our make-up routines and the ‘Shadow Play’ Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid is a super easy product to use to create a perfectly chiselled face. The formula is easy to blend out and leaves a flawless finish; you can use little or build the product up to achieve your desired look. The product comes with an easy to use sponge applicator that glides effortlessly across the face, once dried the product is super long lasting! You don’t have to worry about this fading throughout the day and night.

You can purchase the Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘Shadow Play’ Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid here for €35.00 and ‘Prelude in the Clouds’ Aqua Primer here for €53.00.


When cooking, we all like to think we are a bit like ‘Nigella’ in the kitchen and we at The Amazing Blog love to expand our repertoire on cooking, experimenting with new recipes. We have found your must have cooking tool for the kitchen. The Thermapen will allow you to find out if your Sunday joint is thoroughly cooked without having to cut through half of it.

The simplicity of cooking has never been easier after Thermapen came into our lives. We can now stop playing the guessing game with our meat, all you have to do is probe into the joint and read the temperature, and it’s very fast and accurate. The Thermapen isn’t just for meat either, whether it’s baking a cheesecake or making homemade toffee, these normally require expertise skills, with their fussy timing, and the Thermapen however has handled it for you.

We think health and safety should always come first and the Thermapen allows us to put our mind at ease and stay safe. When cooking our Sunday roast we decided to try out the Thermapen for ourselves and we absolutely love how simple cooking was for us. We were able to sit and enjoy our Sundays without worrying about the beef inside the oven. Get yours here for £48. Here’s to stress-free cooking!