Trapped in a Prison Van


If like us at The Amazing Blog you prefer your challenges to be slightly more hardcore and with a greater sense of jeopardy, then Trapped in a Prison Van could be just the ticket for you … You must be a group of at least 4 (maximum 8), and your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to escape from the prison van which is taking you for sentencing (likelihood of life imprisonment) and head for freedom somewhere warm and away from all those pesky law abiders who would do you down!


This is the latest offering from Trapped - the team who have brought various immersive escape adventure games, from fleeing the clutches of a zombie, to the potential horrors of a 90s club, but each with the authenticity of staging and props to give each player a true sense of the drama. The premise we have here is that you and your gang have been found guilty and are en route to your final moments of freedom before being 'sent down' … for good. Can you work together and escape, or do you prepare for handing everything over for a less than flattering outfit, gruel for nosh and a mattress of straw?

You can book tickets from £30 here but it is worth keeping an eye open on the website for possible discounts on offer and the relevant codes. Timings run from Monday through Saturday. It’s also worth checking on the terms and conditions, as they do offer the option of joining a larger group if you are a total of 4 - perhaps an interesting way of making new friends or indeed cellmates, should you fail in the whole point of the mission!