The Ultimate Sea Salt Spray For Real Men by the Bluebeards Revenge

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Now it is probably true that here at The Amazing Blog, our days of hitting the beach to wax our boards before riding some of those riptides may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some of the rituals of our surfer dude lifestyle of years gone by … Which is why this offering from those bristling boffins from The Bluebeards Revenge is causing all manner of interest in the bathroom cabinet. They have come up with The Ultimate Sea Salt Spray For Real Men, and they make no apology for the marketing behind their styling spray going full beam on the celebration of masculinity in all its glory … designed for REAL men, by REAL men - golly the testosterone levels in their production meetings must be off the scale!

Don’t let the skull and crossbones put you off - unless you are part of the Anti-Bum Fluff Brigade who Bluebeard’s Revenge are unashamedly and proudly taking to task … the only potential danger here is an over enthusiastic hair stroker, as they will find the temptation too great to ignore. We are talking 24 Carat Gold Coast authenticity in the beachcomber vibe promising a natural look whilst adding hold, volume, texture AND wave … all from one bottle! 

If you prefer your hairstyling on the salty matt spectrum, then this product will provide it in spades. The fragrance is again utterly masculine with a touch of the traditional  barbershop as a topnote, aligned with Sea Salt Minerals for freshness and deep-rooted nourishment. Add to this potent mix, the company’s stance against animal testing, and we must surely have the elements of a perfect man … well at least the perfect tousled look at any rate. Purchase The Ultimate Sea Salt Spray For Real Men here for £9.99.