Triple Touch Compact – Sensai

Here at The Amazing Blog, we receive a landslide of beauty products each week. Therefore our makeup cupboards can get a little cluttered. That is why when we find products that offer multiple uses within the one package, we are always eager to try them out.

The Sensai Triple Touch Compact is a fantastic case in point: A three-in-one compact with two concealers and a moist powder to leave skin looking and feeling smooth and flawless. First to be applied is the Colourless Concealer, a jelly-textured concealer featuring a Thermo Melting Formula to ensure the product is evenly applied to the skin by softening on the fingers before being blended onto the face. It will aid in covering up lines and enlarged pores, while the Pure Pearl Extract will hydrate the skin. Next is the Cream Concealer which offers a cover-up for circles under the eyes, blemishes and inflammation. Offering SPF 15 and an Oil-in-Powder exclusive to Sensai, skin will be protected and moisturised. Once you are happy with the base, the Pressed Powder can be applied using the handy applicator included in the compact. Containing Sebum Control Powder, it will help maintain balance in the skin’s condition by absorbing additional sebum, and SPF 10 to further protect skin from the sun. This combination product’s ability to retain skin moisture and perfect flaws and blemishes in the skin makes it the perfect base or touch up product to be used alongside your other makeup products.

This miracle worker can be purchased from Harrods online here or in store for £40 in three shades.