WAHL Foaming Shave Gel

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We at The Amazing Blog have noticed that barber’s shops are multiplying like rabbits along every high street - all very ‘man chic’ with the kind of interiors to help us relax and chill out whilst someone pampers us to perfection … However, if you like your grooming a little more on the private side, then Wahl has come up with the most amazing bottle of skin nurturing goodies to help to keep our whiskers in top trim. Since 1919, Wahl has been an integral part of the Barber Trade and recently launched their Professional 5 Star Traditional Shaving Range.
We think whole range is worth trying out; however, the Foaming Shave Gel has been our personal favourite when it comes to soothing and aiding hydration. This enriched moisturising formula contains coconut to deliver a professional close shave that feeds and soothes the skin for reduced irritation. This ozonic fragrance is infused with crisp and citrus notes of lemon. The masculine fragrance leaves the face feeling refreshed and invigorated.

The fragrance is masculine and not too heavy, but the real feeling of protection comes as it hits the skin, giving a gentle buffer between blade and follicle. We tried it both with and without a brush to lather up, and either way worked superbly. So, if you can't make it to the barber shop, this shave gel offers the full experience at home. Purchase your Wahl Foaming Shaving Gel here at £16.99