Ancienne Ambiance - Goddess Waters

Working in an office can often be quite stressful for both body and soul, especially when the workload piles up and you don’t find the time to step away from the screen. However, here at The Amazing Blog  we have found the perfect solution in the Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Water. A unique product, the Goddess Water's uses range from a make up remover to a irritation soothing spray for pets and children. In soft Rose and calming Lavomile scents, we’ve been spritzing these heavenly waters left, right and centre in order to hydrate our skin and relax our mind.

Although the Goddess Waters are a bit of a multi-purpose product, we have found that they make a wonderful facial mist, with refreshing moisture just a spray away. Adding a glowing sheen to my stressed pallor, the Goddess Rose Water can also be used to reduce redness, acne, and skin irritations. Its antibacterial properties mean that we can use it as much as we like, with no worry of aggravating our skin. The Lavomile Water gets most of its use from us as a soothing room spray. The delicate blend of Lavender and Chamomile means it fills the office with a gentle scent, and is a lot more subtle than its floral rose counterpart, creating a much calmer environment in an often hectic office. So, if you need a rescue remedy, and want to try something a little different, let Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Waters restore inner, and outer peace to your work environment.

Both the Lavomile and the Rose Goddess Waters are available to buy here, both for £20.