Khadi's Face Masks

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The best way to start a relaxing self-care routine is with the perfect face mask. We at The Amazing Blog are always on the quest to find top quality products that work with the skin’s natural balance, so we were excited to discover Khadi, an skincare company with 100% organic and natural products.

Khadi combines Ayurvedic formulations (developed with Ayurvedic doctors), to create a strong unity of body and mind. The concept of the company was formed after one of the co-founders took a trip to India. H had always suffered with a dry and itchy scalp, a problem that was solved by using a Ayurvedic shampoo. So effective at ridding him of dandruff, he brought his findings back from India. He subsequently helped to set up the brand Khadi developing handmade herbal products like Ayurvedic shampoo, handmade soaps and skincare. Although these products are from India they are also German organically certified. All their ingredients are 100% natural made with herbal ingredients which are vegan, free of parabens and artificial ingredients. These products work with the power of India’s nature, using exotic ingredients and age old wisdom.

We tried three of their herbal face masks and were very happy with the results. Starting with our favourite one the Sandalwood, which is suitable for all skin types. We found that when using this, that our pores significantly reduced. Those of us with sensitive skin were also pleased to discover that it was particularly effective at cooling and calming the skin, even protecting against sunburn. It provides a fresh and healthy complexion, moisturising the skin and subsequently smoothing any small imperfections and wrinkles. The Orange mask is slightly sweet-scented - it immediately brightened our mood when applied. Perfect for combination skin, this mask works as a natural cleanser, helping to create a smoother complexion. It can also be used on the body, by stimulating blood circulation, helping to prevent both cellulite and bloating. Finally, the Neem mask is primarily suitable for normal to greasy skin, as it works as a natural antiseptic, preventing infections, removing toxins and restoring a natural and healthy glow. It really detoxifies your skin, freeing it from impurities, as well as refining pores. It also works to fight bacteria, leaving your skin feeling fresh, without a tight sensation.

All three herbal masks use clay as a base, which clarifies and prevents inflammation. No matter which skin-type, you will find the perfect mask to leave you feeling relaxed and fresh. By cleansing, hydrating and supporting regeneration, all three masks promote more harmonious complexion. To use, mix one teaspoon of the powdery mask with water (you can add milk for dry skin, or yoghurt for greasy skin), and apply a thin layer on face and neck (or even the body if you wish). Rinse after 15 to 20 minutes, and you’ll be greeted with a hydrated and fresher skin.

To purchase one (or all) of these face masks for yourself, click here, where you will find each Khadi Herbal Face Mask for £12.90.

PLENISH - Cleanse Juice


Do you ever find yourself searching for an easier alternative to fresh juice drinks? Our busy lifestyles here at The Amazing Blog  make it difficult to take the time to make our own, but we've found a solution!

PLENISH is a new organic raw cold pressed juice company designed to detoxify and energize the body with nutritious and delicious cold pressed juices. The juices are made using a “two step” method production process. The first step of the process is when the certified organic produce is cold pressed, and the second step uses a state of the art advanced process called HPP, high pressure processing  to keep the juice nutrient packed. The juice includes all of the natural enzymes, phytonutrients and vitamins necessary, and retains all of the product’s raw nutritional density. Because of this, it has an extended shelf life of up to 20 days! Also, PLENISH is free from wheat, gluten and all processed sugars and stabilizers. There are seven organic and unique flavors of juices and nut milks, depending on what function you want it to serve. The juices aim to bridge the gap between the fresh juice bar and functional drinks. Aside from drinking the juices as a stand alone beverage, PLENISH also offers 3 different levels of cleanses.

Purchase your PLENISH juices today from the low price of £5.99 here, and the cleanses starting from £80 per day here  with free delivery on all UK orders!

Honestly Healthy


Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to have a healthier lifestyle? You can start by cooking and even eating healthier. We at The Amazing Blog came across a cookbook that would be perfect for you. Honestly Healthy: Eat With Your Body In Mind, The Alkaline Way by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson gives a clear explanation of alkalizing foods and their healing and preventative properties by a gourmet chef and nutritional therapist. It is the best of both worlds, combining the advice of both a chef and nutritionist. The book features 100 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes that help you rebalance and rejuvenate from breakfast to dinner. The book not only has great recipes, but also fantastic photographs of some of the finished meals to go along with them.

This book is filled with interesting facts and advice such as how to enjoy a glass of hot water and lemon in place of coffee in the morning. The book is divided into two sections. The first section deals with the basics, such as the principles of healthy eating and information on the different food groups. The second section features mouth-watering recipes from smoothies in the morning through to delicious pizzas and desserts. There is a variety of foods to choose from that will satisfy anyone’s daily cravings. Each recipe in this section takes you step-by-step through how to prepare one of these delicious meals that will leave you feeling ‘honestly healthy.’

Honestly Healthy is a refreshing cookbook and lifestyle guide promoting balanced and healthy living. The book retails for £20 and can be bought on their website here. This book will literally change your life, not just your eating habits, but your mindset about living a healthy lifestyle. Honestly Healthy also has a detox program called Cleanse. These ‘fridge fills’ are delicious energy-boosting alkaline vegetarian foods that are delivered to your home weekly. Cleanse will help you naturally get rid of toxins leaving you in a balanced state to lose weight in a healthy way. There are two levels of intensity: Cleanse and Cleanse Lifestyle. Both levels include tasty dishes, snacks, and drinks that will leave you feeling good all day! For more information about this phenomenal detox program visit their website here. These Honestly Healthy products are by far some of The Amazing Blog’s favourite finds!

A Bit of Rough

There is nothing as satisfying after a week of hard work than a good pampering session - something that I always look forward to every Sunday. I prepare my bath with the best smelling essential oils, apply a purifying face mask, use a clarifying shampoo and a deep repairing mask, exfoliate my skin, do my nails... the usual. However, I've recently added a new product to my routine which has replaced my beloved salt and sugar body scrub - A Bit of Rough exfoliating wash cloths have helped me achieving perfectly polished skin, saving a few pennies as no exfoliating creams are needed at all. At The Amazing Blog we think these cloths should be part of every pampering session lover's routine. A Bit of Rough cloths are made of a mix of fibres that are gentle enough to use on our face and effective enough to exfoliate our whole body. These exfoliating cloths get rid of dead skin cells leaving your skin appearing brighter and feeling so much softer - just use your favourite shower cream or face cleanser of choice, and after lathering it, remove the excess product and polish the skin with A Bit of Rough.

These cloths have many uses too; if you're on holiday, use them to get rid of dry skin patches to get a perfect and even tan. And if you see that your fake tan is fading or getting patchy and want to clear it completely, pop some baby oil on the cloth and give your skin a good scrub lathering up afterwards some shower cream, and you'll be good to go. A Bit of Rough exfoliating cloths are machine washable, so pop them into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry after every use. At The Amazing Blog, we can't believe how easy these cloths are to use and to clean!

A Bit of Rough can be purchased from their website - each exfoliating wash cloth is £8.00 and will be posted first class. Postage charge is £2.00 per oder for all UK orders. Buy 3 cloths and only pay for 2, £16.00. For delivery charges outside the UK email A Bit of Rough.



Both in the lead up to and in the midst of the Olympics, London has been enthralled by fitness fever hitting the capital. It's fair to say my gym has never been so packed, and there are certainly more runners on Clapham Common than ever before. Even we at The Amazing Blog, whose afternoon snacks usually consist of Haribo and Diet Coke, have been opting for healthier alternatives that give optimum energy until home-time. And with all the sinewy limbs, wash-board stomachs and athletic prowess dominating every platform available, there's never been a more inspiring time to look after ourselves.

With fitness boot-camps and juice cleanses-a-plenty, there are answers to all our fitness dilemmas everywhere we look. But sometimes, fad diets and early morning military training can leave us more tired and lethargic than a sleepless weekend, and this is where the experts at Aqualibria can help. With a new and totally fresh approach to the ancient practise of colon hydrotherapy, they offer a natural, cleansing detox using the most advanced technology.

As the office guinea pig, I volunteered to go along to Aqualibria's HQ on London's Harley Street and, not knowing entirely what to expect, was pleased to find a very holistic, serene practise. I was greeted by founder and clinical director of Aqualibria, Velile Ndebele who immediately put me at ease as she lead me into her office for my initial consultation. Having already completed a questionnaire prior to my visit, we went through my diet and lifestyle as Velile gently pointed out various changes I could make in order to benefit my digestion and consequentially my health and fitness.

Following the consultation I was shown to the treatment room where the colonic hydrotherapy is carried out. Aqualibria is the first centre in the UK to use the Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy Open System which differs from the traditional system in that it offers a greater degree of comfort and dignity, often with more effective results. Natural mood enhancing scents, an electronic massager and theraputic music make the treatment, while not quite as pleasurable as my post-race massage, certainly a lot more relaxing that I had initially anticipated.

I left with a print out of guidelines to follow and nutritional advice that would aid me in my quest for a greater level of well-being and certainly felt a lot 'cleaner' on the inside. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a brilliant alternative therapy that is perfect for anyone suffering from IBS or constipation, but it is equally great for those who want a thorough detox and a kick start on their way to a healthier way of life. And with an ambient interior and a reassuring and experienced team of staff, Aqualibria certainly get my vote!