The Rugby Fragrance

Everybody ready for the long awaited Rugby World Cup kick off? The Amazing Blog is literally pawing to reach the TV later today to enjoy the first match, but there’s something pretty curious going on among our amazing male team.

As preparing for the date of their life we spotted some of them spraying on the new Rugby Fragrance. We furtively sprayed a dash in the air to understand why they liked it so much and the answer is the mix of notes that work together to create a classy but young and sensual cologne. Warm amber and wood to draw attention, an explosion of citruspepper and peppermint to awaken the senses with a final touch of jasmine and nutmeg.

Although it has been created for men, us girls here in the office love it too - watch out boys as it might easily go missing from your desks! The design is also unique, with a glass rugby ball adorning the top of the bottle, and not only does it smell great, but for each bottle sold The Rugby Fragrance will give a donation to the Wooden Spoon Children’s Charity of Rugby.

The Rugby Fragrance is available here for £24.99

ManCave Shampoo

mancave blog imageBeing the ONLY male in the office of The Amazing Blog has its ups and has its downs at times. Mainly in my time, here it has been filled with plenty of ups. The girls have helped me transform into a dapper young gent (If I might say!) They have nurtured me into knowing how to perfect my daily regimen. I now know the values of a good moisturiser, skin care and  hair care… I never took much pride in my hair before now, until I was introduced to ManCave Shampoo. To kick-start my day, I decided to lather, rinse and repeat with ManCave. I dispensed penny-sized amount into my palm and started the three-step process. The shampoo had a great, clean scent that grasped my attention right from the start. My hair felt extremely soft and silky once washed. I never thought I would use a word like silky to describe my mane! In addition to the softness, my hair felt light, as opposed to it's usual heaviness. The texture the shampoo gave my hair also made it significantly easier to style. With the contribution of Caffeine, L-arginine, Shea Butter, Panthenol and 12 Essential Oils, the shampoo helps men gently cleanse their scalps, whilst strengthening their hair during the process. I have no complaints from this product. It’s worth keeping in my eyes. It has treated my hair with the utmost care.

ManCave Shampoo is available on their website as well at your local Sainsbury’s for £ 5.50. If looking for any other "manly" grooming products like body wash and moisturiser; definitely look towards the direction of ManCave.

ManCave Moisturiser

blog Since I work with a bunch of girls, I often get forced to try different kinds of skincare products for men. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say “forced”, since I will admit,  I have started to take a slight interest in my own skincare routine. All I hear day in and day out are beauty tips, so I’m guessing some of them are beginning to sink in. The one tip that has always been stressed is the importance of a good moisturiser. I just can’t seem to get that tip out of my head, so when ManCave Moisturiser arrived at The Amazing Blog office, I was eager to try it out.

I decided to use ManCave in the morning during usual skincare routine. After shaving and washing my face I used a small amount of the moisturiser on both my face and neck. The texture was nice and did not feel too heavy on my skin, which is one that thing that I absolutely hate. This moisturiser is designed to hydrate your skin, protect you from harmful UV rays and stimulate your skin with the help of caffeine. Although I did not notice the effects of the caffeine, the hydrating qualities were like nothing I had experienced. I found that this moisturiser not only made my skin feel great but it was so different from all the other beauty products that come through our office - I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. From its sports inspired packaging, witty product description as well as the results I received from it, the ManCave Moisturiser is definitely something I will continue to use.

If you are interested in getting your own ManCave Moisturiser, it's avaible on their website as well as your local Sainsbury’s for £9.50. And for all the ladies out there, this is a great gift for the men in your life. You may have to convince him to use it at first but once you do, he won't be able to stop.

The Bluebeards Reverge

I know a lot of men out there will empathise when I say I find the daily rigmarole of  wet shaving a real chore and often opt for an extra 10 mins in bed followed by a hasty run-over with the electric razor instead. Sure, in the short term this is going to get the job done, but the thing about stubble is that it keeps coming in, day out in fact. Guys we have to resign ourselves that, unless we are actively looking to resemble a modern day cave man, shaving is an unavoidable part of life...

So I was intrigued to hear about a range of shaving products called The Bluebeards Revenge that claims to contain a ‘unique and exciting active ingredient – Decelerine’. This has been proven to reduce hair growth as well as nourishing and moisturising the skin, meaning that over time your shaving experience can become less of a hassle. Not only this, but the amount of lather you get from the smallest amount of this product is phenomenal, oh and no parabens which is always a bonus.

I like the old school pot and brush combo, it reminds me of watching my dad shaving as a young boy, and I found the whole experience satisfyingly easy and less of a headache than it usually is...and apparently it is only going to get less so with further use – massive bonus!

With 50p of every sale going to The Fire Fighters Charity it is a feel good experience for all involved. Get it here.

For all your shaving needs go to