SPAtopia London Argan Oil Bodycare

If you ask me, there is nothing better than to find good quality and affordable beauty products - many times we just forget or don't want to realise the amount of money we spend on just one face cleanser because of the rave reviews it gets. That's why at The Amazing Blog we're thrilled by this A-list beauty discovery - SPAtopia London has launched a fabulous Argan Oil Bodycare range. Their products are affordable and work wonders.

The SPAtopia London Argan Oil Bodycare consists of 5 products: Bath Relaxer, Body Butter, Body Oil, Body Wash and Body Scrub. At The Amazing Blog we've had the chance to try the latter two out. The Argan Oil Body Wash is very creamy and feels luxurious on the skin, it lathers easily and it's very moisturizing - a definite winner for those of you with dry or flaky skin. The Argan Oil Body Scrub is a rich cream with very small and rounded scrubbing bits that don't feel harsh on the skin at all. This scrub polishes and nourishes the skin effectively, leaving it smooth and silky soft.

Both products smell absolutely amazing, the whole range is enriched with essential oils of Lemon, Patchouli and Petitgrain. Argan Oil has been on trend for a while now in the beauty industry - it has great skincare benefits and it's exceptionally rich in Vitamin E and Omega Essential Fatty Acids, and therefore well known for its anti-ageing, moisturising and anti-oxidant properties.

At The Amazing Blog we love featuring good quality and affordable products, and the SPAtopia London Argan Oil Bodycare Range has fulfilled our high hopes. This fabulous and luxurious feeling range is widely available from Sainsbury's - the Body Scrub retails at £4.49 and the Body Wash at £3.49. You can't really go wrong.




On hot summer days, there's nothing better than sipping on a nice cold drink. Now, I know it's bad form to make generalisations, but I think I've found an exception to that rule. Fentimans has the most delicious range of (non-alcoholic) summer beverages. The Amazing Blog just can not get enough of their products, it's a mild obsession. These botanically brewed beverages (say that five times fast) are such a great alternative to the fizzy drinks from the corner shop. Even the bespoke bottles they come in are stylish. The method of botanically brewing is one of the things that sets Fentimans beverages apart from the rest. Through a mixture of roots and herbs, the beverages keep their natural and and tasty - the sedimentation which occurs from this process only serves to enhance all the flavours in the drinks and make sure that all the raw materials used in the process end up in the bottle. Fentimans have a great range of concoctions, including Curiosity Cola, Seville Orange Jigger, Ginger Beer, and Dandelion & Burdock. My personal favourite (it was a hard choice) is their Pink Lemonade, it's so cool and refreshing and absolutely perfect for a hot day. Fentimans have been making their carbonated beverages since 1905 and are still going strong to this day, once your try one of their drinks you'll understand why.

So grab yourself a few cool Fentimans this summer, you won't regret it! Fentimans is available online or at Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

Black Garlic

Like most 20-somethings, I am borderline hopeless in the kitchen, so I'm always on the look out for ingredients that save me a job or make things that bit more painless. And The Amazing Blog has delivered a tasty little treat for you: Black Garlic. Now don't be frightened, even though it looks like one of your kitchen experiments gone wrong, it couldn't taste any farther from it. Everyone knows popping a bit of garlic onto chicken, into a sauce or with some vegetables makes everything taste better, but if you thought that before then Black Garlic will be your new kitchen holy grail. It's not supposed to replace regular garlic, as it's a completely different flavour sensation, it's soft and velvety and adds an amazing layer of flavour to whatever you put it in. In order to make Black Garlic,  a bulb is put through a heating and moisture process for several weeks, creating the intense flavour and colour. Black Garlic has almost twice the antioxidants of regular garlic and is low in fat and is first date safe, no garlic breath here! The great thing about Black Garlic is its versatility, their website even has recipes for you to try out and modify with your new favourite ingredient. So whether you're using it for a more traditional dish, or trying a more daring approach, some Black Garlic is the perfect complement to your meal.

Black Garlic is available for £1.40 in Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco and a variety of independent food stores.

Byron Bay Cookies

Yesterday was, according to reports, the day that three-quarters of people broke their New Year’s Resolutions. So in addition to having to face the fact that it was a Monday, and indeed another gloomy start to another long week at work, it was also the day that greatest amount of resoluters were most likely to skip the gym, have a crafty fag or indulge in some forbidden chocolate. And while I may not have been a direct casualty of the curse of January 9th, having made specifically ‘vague’ resolutions, my ‘healthy eaten plan’ had certainly seen better days, particularly with the arrival of the deliciously decadent Byron Bay Cookies.

With a variety of flavours, including the mouth-watering White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut, Museli and Triple Choc Fudge they are the ultimate in indulgent treats and certainly not to be missed - diet or no diet!

In 1990, founders Maggi Miles and Gary Lines, inspired by the picturesque Byron Bay in Australia played around with ingredients to create the cookies that nowadays are sold all over the world. Since they found worldwide fame with their fabulous flavours, the company name officially changed to Byron Bay Cookie Company. They now bake over 50 million cookies a year that are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. In 2007 Byron Bay Cookie Company signed a deal with one of the UK most prestigious bakeries to produce the cookies in this country, which also meant they could be certified by The Vegetarian Society as they now contain only free range eggs. On their website you can also find their green creed: they now ship orders by sea rather than air and their packaging is bleach free and 100% recyclable, so all the more reason to treat yourself!

If your mouth is watering at the thought alone, you can find Byron Bay Cookies in a number of stores, including both Sainsbury’s and Selfridges. They are also available to buy at And you can follow them on both twitter and facebook, where you can find out more about this fabulous baker company including all their product flavours.

Oh What a Bean Feast!

  Now the clocks have gone back and the evenings are drawing in, winter is officially upon us. And if you’re anything like me the dark nights and dismal days leave me craving all things cosy; endless mugs of tea, buttery toast, open fires and copious amounts of comfort food. Thus the season of over-indulging in stodge is here, leaving our waist-lines with little choice but to expand. While balmy summer days leave me wanting salads and great hunks of fruit, winter is most definitely a time for real, hearty, satisfying foods.

Thankfully, help is at hand from the lovely people at Easy Bean – creators of the delicious and healthy One-Pot Bean Meals. Inspired by authentic recipes from around the world, many of which use beans as the foundation, Easy Bean are committed to providing healthy, nutritious and filling meals that can be enjoyed alone or as a filling to a fluffy jacket potato or a spicy tortilla wrap. Combining a range pulses with a whole host of natural and wholesome ingredients, each pot is high in fibre, low in fat and both gluten and dairy free – so perfect for anyone with food intolerances. In addition each meal will count as at least two portions of veg and have no hidden nasties – so absolutely no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

And as a socially responsible business, you can enjoy the One-Pot Bean Meals, knowing that Easy Bean endeavour to use local suppliers and continually work with the Fairtrade Foundation.

Each pot is infused with exotic ingredients and there are both meat and vegetarian varieties. The Moroccan Tagine is a delicious option for herbivores – with chickpea, aubergine and butternut squash, slow cooked with apricot and aromatic spices, there’s a real taste of Moroccan Medina’s in every pot. But my personal favourite is The African Pavlava – a tasty combination of Fairtrade brown bean with free range chicken, sweet potato and spinach in a spicy peanut sauce. So if you’re stuck for dinner ideas, and want something both hearty and healthy, look no further than Easy Bean One- Pot Meals.

Available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and a number of independent retailers.