Organic Burst

Summer seems to be fast approaching and if you are anything like me you are still struggling to achieve that perfect bikini body. No matter how healthy you try to eat or how often you go to the gym, your body is insistent on holding onto those pesky extra pounds. I have constantly struggled to find something that would help me lose that last bit of weight that is always the hardest. Thankfully, my coworkers at The Amazing Blog introduced me to the Organic Burst Acai Berry Capsules.

Organic Burst Acai Berry Capsules are a completely organic supplement to one’s diet. I have been using them for a few weeks now and I have certainly noticed a difference in myself. While I had initially hoped they would have an influence on my weight loss programme, I did not realize how many other areas these capsules would benefit. Since I have begun taking two capsules in the morning and two at night I have noticed that my skin has improved and is much more clear and moisturized than ever before. My energy levels have also increased and I am not as lethargic during long work days as I once found myself to be ever since I started with the Acai Berry capsules. What's more, the capsules are filled with antioxidants and contain large amounts of Vitamin E which prevent premature ageing of both skin and organs.

I was interested to learn that the use of Acai berries started in the Brazilians’ diet centuries ago since they are high in dietary fibre and are a natural source of Omega-3. Organic Burst picks all their acai berries locally  and the vegan capsules are 100% pure and not an extract. In addition, there are never any harmful pesticides or chemicals used during their farming or production which ensures that they are organic and very healthy (this is what made the Organic Burst brand of acai berry capsules more appealing to us at The Amazing Blog compared to others on the market). All in all, I have been thrilled with the results of the capsules and do not plan to stop using them any time soon. For £18.90, you can purchase a 90 capsule bottle on their website here and be on your way to not only the perfect swimsuit shape but also a much healthier body inside and out!