Kaeso Beauty - Eye Believe


We at The Amazing Blog believe in many things. We believe that beauty is within every one of us, that a fresh cup of coffee in the morning makes all of our troubles go away, and that sunscreen is crucial to maintain healthy and young-looking skin. Today however, we’re saying ‘eye believe’ in oil-based make-up removers. Kaeso Beauty's recent launch of Eye Believe is every lazy beauty addicts dream, as a hydrating cleansing oil that removes even waterproof mascara. As a brand, Kaeso Beauty aims to use “naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver effective and luxurious professional products”. This is something we can quantify, having tried their Heel Rescue and Foot Mask products (see here). We were therefore excited to try Eye Believe!

This product cleanses and moisturises at the same time, and thanks to the use of antioxidant and vitamin-rich ingredients, it won’t leave your eyes swollen and red. The use of cranberry, grapefruit and pomegranate creates a unique blend that leaves our skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturised. It is a perfect combination between a tough makeup remover and a gentle skin treatment, and even helps reverse visible signs of ageing. As we know, the eye area can truly reveal our age, so it’s crucial to treat the delicate skin around our eyes with non-stripping products. We found Eye Believe effective at doing just that, as a a gentle product, with a simple, fresh and subtle fragrance. It makes makeup removal feel more like spa time.

This luxurious product is suitable for all skin types and free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oils, making it a naturally fresh and healthy beauty treat. Furthermore, it is entirely cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. To try this eye-makeup remover for yourself, then you’ll find this professional product in many local salons. Alternatively, you can purchase it here for £9.80. Panda eyes no more!

Charlotte Rhys Eau De Toilette - Victor

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Everyone searches for their signature scent, you know the one that says it's you. There is nothing more annoying than your best girlfriend copping a sniff of your favourite fragrance, and then sneakily going out to buy the very same! We at The Amazing Blog are always keen on discovering new and unique fragrances to help us stand out in a sea of perfumes. This is why we were intrigued to receive the luxurious Eau De Toilette in Victor from Charlotte Rhys. This South African brand was founded in 1999 by Janet Rhys and Shaun McDermott. They have since established themselves as a leading luxury brand, recently launching here in the UK. What we love about this company is that their focus is on being environmentally friendly. Their ‘green policy’ is something that they are rightfully proud of, as they strive to ensure all their ingredients are ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

This brand has a fragrance for every personality, mood, or occasion and the one we can’t get enough of is the scent Victor. Each perfume in their Classic line is inspired by their hometown of Cape Town. This ‘aromatic and enticing’ perfume has top notes of Nutmeg, Baie Rose and Grapefruit to give you a sweet and sultry allure to carry along into every room you enter. The heart notes of Lavender, Geranium and Black Pepper gives a well-rounded aroma that lingers all day.  Despite being just an eau de toilette, we found that this scent had staying power; it was as subtly fragrant by the afternoon, as it was when we first spritzed it on in the morning. We think that this enigmatic scent is perfect year-round; ensuring to make you stand out from the crowd on a night out. Charlotte Rhys Eau De Toilette in Victor is available to purchase here for £39.00.


Here at The Amazing Blog, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest products to share with all of you. Sometimes it can be difficult to find new, exciting products that live up to our standards, so that’s why we love subscription beauty boxes so much! Recently we’ve discovered Beautyclickbox, a box that only features principled, natural, and organic beauty and lifestyle products that lives up to our luxurious standards. 

All brands involved in the Beautyclickbox service use natural and essential ingredients to formulate effective beauty, bath, skincare, and body products that are free from harsh chemical ingredients known to have negatively effect health. When we received the box, we ooh-ed and aah-ed over its chic black packaging and silky gold ribbon. We received: The Rose Tree Revitalising Bath Oil with Juniper & Grapefruit, The Rose Tree Apricot Geranium Cleansing Bar, Lime Lip Salve, Mmm Candle to Chill Out, and Simply Skin Food Geranium Moisture Cream. Each product features luxurious organic ingredients like Virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm wax, Rosehip oil, Lime essential oil, and Grapefruit Peel oil. We feel great using these products because we know that they’re made sustainably, and each one smells deliciously fragrant too!

To purchase your own box, you can choose from two options with boxes offering a value of around £100 - £120 or £180.00 - £200.00 at a cost of £75.00 or £125.00. Each box consists of either two to three or four to five full sized products and will be available four times per year. It can also be purchased as a one-off gift box, which makes it the perfect gift for special occasions or for pampering yourself! Visit their website here for more information.

Eve Victoria Reed Diffuser

blog Looking for a new and refreshing way to welcome guests into your house or clients into the office? We have found a new blend of scents provided by Eve Victoria that are sure to bring the lovely essence of spring and summer inside. We particularly love to have a subtle and calming fragrance in the office and so were happy to discover  Eve of Victoria's  Geranium, Grapefruit & Patchouli Reed Diffuser to have here in The Amazing Blog office.  As burning candles in the office is just not an option (especially from a safety perspective)  these clever little reed diffusers are the ideal choice for fragrancing our surroundings.

We were pleasantly surprised with the refreshing and uplifting scent provided by Eve Victoria. These reed diffuser come in a beautifully packaged box and thus making a wonderful gift. Once the reed diffuser was opened and the diffuser sticks soaked in the perfume, it instantly filled our office with their fragrance - subtle and not too overpowering. In fact, it reminded me of my childhood – running around in the fields on a summer day and eating grapefruits as our snack!  Yes indeed these have the perfect scent to get you in the mood for our much long-awaited summer. All of Eve Victoria’s candles and diffusers are naturally made using only botanicals and bees wax, with natural and essential oils. So bring the summer into your home or office for only £28 to get everyone in a happy and joyful mood - we're smiling :)

C&J Candles

Here at The Amazing Blog we seem to have caught a slight bit of spring fever, which is only becoming exaggerated with the increasing temperatures outside. I often take a little longer during my morning walks just to stay outside and soak up the sunshine, or simply stop to smell the blooming flowers. I love everything about spring, from the bright colours of nature that surround me to the smells of grass and the flowers. Since I love the smell of spring so much, I always find myself searching for a scent that can accurately bring the essence of spring into my home. Luckily I recently discovered the C&J Bergamot, May Chang, and Grapefruit Candle and now when I light this candle I can finally feel that spring is present not only outside but also inside my home.

The Bergamot, May Chang, and Grapefruit scents may sound like an unorthodox combination, but trust me when I say that they  complement each other wonderfully! I was instantly captivated by the scents of this candle and pleased at how much it reminded me of the outdoors and spring time. The May Chang lets off a lemon scent which when joined with the smell of grapefruit and pepper of the Bergamot creates a refreshing springtime aroma that fills my home whenever I use it. In addition to it being a great smelling candle, it is also environmentally friendly. The wax used is made from soy beans which is an alternative to the cheaper non-renewable paraffin wax often seen in competitor’s candles. As a result of their natural materials, these candles are good for you because they do not produce any potentially dangerous soot particles. Not only is the wax made from natural ingredients, but so are the wicks and scents! The wicks are made completely from natural cotton and contain no metal. The scents included in all of C&J’s candles are formed out of precious essential oils and you are guaranteed to capture the purest scents. I have become captivated by the C&J Bergamot, May Chang, and Grapefruit candle and cannot wait to try their other scents and I promise you will feel exactly the same way. Be sure to try these candles out for yourself and purchase your own from