Miracle Noodle

If you're like me you love a nice bowl of pasta, however, you probably don't like all the calories either. Nothing compares to a hearty plateful of carbohydrates, but The Amazing Blog has found something that comes pretty close: Miracle Noodles. These amazing little packages really are quite miraculous. If you've never heard of them, they're noodles which are wheat, soy, and gluten free. They have no carbohydrates, and only 5 calories per serving. Yes, five. If it sounds a bit unbelievable, it's not. Miracle Noodles are made from a naturally water soluble fiber called glucomannan which contains no fat, sugar or starch. These noodles are a perfect substitute for regular noodles, pasta and rice, as they easily absorb the flavours of any soup, dish, or sauce. As they're all natural, this 'miracle' fiber is actually good for you, unlike other low-calorie options. If you have diabetes or high cholesterol and need a healthy alternative to regular carbohydrates Miracle Noodles are perfect for you. If you're just looking to shift a few pounds, these noodles are great for you too. As the glucomannan fiber acts to slow digestion, it makes you feel fuller for longer. This slowing of digesting also helps you absorb more of the nutrients from your food. Miracle Noodles are available in Angel Hair, Rice, Fettucini and more on their website, the meal combinations are pretty much endless with these noodles.

Whether its the health benefits or a weight loss plan, pick up some Miracle Noodles and you definitely won't miss regular carbohydrates.