EE's Cosmetics Carrot and Cranberry Face Cream


Our fellow readers of The Amazing Blog may already know that we love all things organic and packed with goodness. Preservatives and harsh chemicals can be found in approximately 75-90 % of cosmetics such as make-up, lotion, deodorants and shampoos etc... these are absorbed by the skin and dispersed throughout the body by the bloodstream - leading in some cases to a disruption of the body's hormonal balance or even to breast cancer. At The Amazing Blog, we encourage our readers to invest in natural products, as the benefits are noticeable in the long run. Today's post is on EE's Cosmetics' Carrot and Cranberry Face Cream, The Amazing Blog's best kept secret.

EE's Cosmetics products are unique formulations designed to minimise the effects of Age has on our skin as well as repairing existing damage. They are hand made with the utmost attention only using carefully selected natural ingredients in therapeutic quantities and sourced only from the most reputable suppliers, and in limited batches ensuring maximum freshness. The Carrot and Cranberry Face Cream is rich in Macadamia, Argan, Baobab and Watermelon Seed Oils making this cream exceptionally nourishing and restorative - the Carrot and Cranberry extracts stimulate cell growth, improving the complexion and adding tone and elasticity to the skin. With the chilly days and constant weather changes, my skin has been feeling very dry and tight, and EE's Cosmetics Carrot and Cranberry Face Cream has completely changed the appearance and texture of my skin - its rich formula has made wonders for my skin. Besides, it smells delicious and not artificial at all.

At The Amazing Blog, we couldn't be more pleased with EE's Cosmetics products - they're natural, free from harsh and unnecessary chemicals, cruelty free and handmade. In fact we all loved texture and smell of this face cream so much that we had to 'toss for it' (lucky me I got it!) You can purchase this fabulous cosmetics from EE's Cosmetics website - the Carrot and Cranberry Face Cream retails at £22.00 for 25ml.