Hyaluronic acid

CODE Lip Intense Plumper and CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner


Full lips are one of those make-up trends that never really go out of fashion. So when we at The Amazing Blog received the Lip Intense Plumper and the Soft Smooth Lip Liner from CODE Beautiful, we loved the idea of trying these products to help make our lips look fuller and feel smoother. This boutique brand is all about creating go-to handbag essentials, so it's no surprise that both of these lip essentials were also awarded Editor's Choice for The 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards. 

The first step to a perfect pout is to apply the Lip Intense Plumper. We must admit this treatment slowly becomes addictive each time we apply it. We’ve all tried our fair share of plumping products that actually end up leaving your lips with an irritating burning sensation. However, this treatment gives you a gentle tingly, cooling sensation and of course, fuller and more nourished lips. The blend of coconut, almond and castor oil moisturises your lips, while the magical combination of Hyaluronic acid, Tripeptide-1, Dimethicone and the star ingredient, Hilurlip, to redefine and sculpt your lips. 

Once your lips are feeling plumper, the next step is to define them helping to create a long-lasting, youthful pout with the Soft Smooth Lip Liner. We think that this liner will soon become your essential product for an instantly defined lip. Brilliant to use for preventing our favourite lipsticks from feathering and also applied it on its own for a great natural look. It comes in the perfect Nude Blush shade that will give you an all-round even colour. The added bonus of this lip liner is the self-sharpening tool that automatically leaves the liner sharp for a precise application every time, all with just a quick twist of the cap. Both of these products are paraben-free and not tested on animals. You can purchase the CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner here for £18 and the Lip Intense Plumper here for £20.


The Hyaluronic Complex by Potion London

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At The Amazing Blog, we are delighted to share our most recent discovery: Potion London’s Hyaluronic Complex. Potion London is a British healthcare brand that produces health and beauty supplements that will not only complement and improve your skin but promote a sense of wellbeing too. We first heard about them when they won an award with the prestigious Beauty Shortlist Awards in  2017.

The Hyaluronic Complex we are featuring today is formulated to help make you even more beautiful from within. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and MSM these supplements hydrate skin and fight against signs of ageing. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body, and can be taken as an extra supplement either orally or applied topically. We love products that contain hyaluronic acid as they aid collagen production and works to keep our skin looking softer and younger.  The MSM helps form connective tissue in the skin, and it is necessary for collagen production.  Sagging skin and wrinkles, as well as dry, cracked skin are all developed through a loss of collagen.  MSM works together with vitamin C to build new, healthy tissues. Together all these ingredients work in unison to help deliver a firmer, brighter and better-looking skin

We think that this product is ideal for anyone looking for an anti-ageing complex to help promote healthier and younger looking complexion. Just take one or two capsules during meal times once a day and watch the effects on your skin as it looks more replenished, brighter and radiant. These supplements not only deeply hydrate skin from within but also promote a sense of wellbeing throughout the body. This supplement is free of any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians. Purchase The Hyaluronic Complex here for £30, which is 60 capsules or one month's supply.

Fusion range by Repechage

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At The The Amazing Blog, Repechage is one of our professional skincare discoveries. We particularly like their brand ethos and values of creating natural, organic and high-quality products. Launched in USA during 1980, the founder Lydia Sarfati's commitment has been to provide innovative and effective skincare products and treatments that actually work. The brand's latest range is the Fusion collection. These are formulated with freshly-harvested seaweed combined with matcha green tea, chocolate, pumpkin/vanilla, mixed berry, aloe and coconut oil. We were excited to receive the trio set from this range with their Chocofina Moisturizing Mask, the All Natural Face and Body Wash and the All Natural Face Moisturiser.

The Chocofina Moisturizing Mask has a delicious chocolatey fragrance which smells almost good enough to eat! This creamy chocolate mask helps to give the skin silky soft feel. Enriched with cocoa oil, coconut oil, seaweed, kaolin clay, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid this mask works to promote moisturise. The cocoa and coconut oil are well-known for their nourishing properties while hyaluronic acid and seaweed boost collagen production and enhance the skin with essential vitamins and minerals. Together these  ingredients make a highly nutritious mask that leaves the skin looking luminous.

The Fusion All Natural Face and Body Wash is a gentle foaming wash which helps to create a relaxing spa at home experience. The face and body wash is infused with olive, coconut and palm oils and has highly hydrating ingredients which are infused with the brands exclusive Laminaria complex. This cleanses the skin and body from all impurities and leaves it beautifully scented. The face and body wash is suitable for all skin types and is available in two different sizes.

As our readers will know, we at The Amazing Blog are firm believers in the benefits of natural and organic ingredients in beauty products. We were therefore only too happy to experience the Repechage Fusion All Natural Face Moisturiser. This moisturiser is formulated with only natural ingredients, including coconut oil, aloe vera, chamomile, vanilla and rooibos tea extract. The rich soufflé formula delivers velvety soft skin, while coconut oil and aloe vera feed and repair skin, while the chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory and protects skin from irritation. All Repechage products are paraben free and not tested on animals.

You can purchase the mask here for £24, the full size face and body wash is available here for £24.50, the travel size here for £8.25   and the moisturiser can be purchased here for £22.25.  


EE Express Effect by Karin Herzog

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At The Amazing Blog, we love skin care brands with high ethics and philosophies, especially if these beliefs are founded in hard-hitting scientific facts; this is exactly what you get with the Swiss skincare brand Karin Herzog. After ten years of meticulous research, Dr Paul Herzog, Nobel Honoree, discovered the family’s secret formula for their miracle skin care products. With all this history and science behind the brand we were more than just a little excited to test out some of their products, and they very kindly sent us a sample of their smoothing face cream called EE Express Effect.

Inspired by the anti-sceptic and hydrating properties of oxygen, the Herzog brand developed a unique formula used in all their products that stabilises active oxygen into the cream. The EE Express Effect Cream removes tiredness and gives skin an instant boost of radiance. The use of both rose and orange water with essential oils, work together to leave skin looking instantly smoothed and visibly calm. We found that the product left our skin looking enviously radiant. This was due to the mix of ingredients in the product that work to even out the skin’s tone and texture. The kaolin mattifies the skin while the hyaluronic acid plumps it, leaving skin glowing and youthful. What’s more this amazing little cream helped to de-stress our skin. The Arnica Montana in the cream reduces signs of stress on the skin, while the sodium bicarbonate purifies the appearance of the skin.

With all this, you’d think it would be near impossible to like the brand and their marvellous products any more than you already do. Well, you would be wrong as they have remarkably high and strong ethics which help govern how they operate. As an independent brand they value the importance of quality ingredients, they are paraben free, vegan-friendly, dairy free, gluten free and cruelty-free. Meaning this brand is for everyone, and can be used by anyone. The products are gentle on skin and still provide visible and lasting effects.

If this sounds like the brand for you, then you can purchase your very own EE Express Effect Karin Herzog Face Cream here for £79.


Friday Favourites For Younger Looking Eyes

Taking care of your eyes and the delicate skin around them is The Amazing Blog’s number one rule for a younger looking face. Bags, wrinkles and dark circles can all make us look much older than we are, so it is of the utmost importance that we look after this sensitive and telling area.  As such we have created this little post to show you some quick and easy ways you can turn back the clock and bring some brightness back to your beautiful eyes.


The first on our list of handy tips has to be Nuxe who have released three different products in its Nuxelence range.  The first is the multi-award winning Anti-Ageing Night Care which acts as a Detox. This product recharges the skin by repairing mitochondrial DNA and detoxifies cells at night.  The Second product is the Eclat which has a unique anti-ageing formula, with passion flower and Hyaluronic Acid. This product targets skin cells at their core so that they maintain their optimum energy levels. It made skin seem years younger and helped bring back a radiance, which in turn made our eyes appear brighter and shinier.


Finally, there is the Eye Contour, which has an instant perfecting action. The contour has been specially designed to stimulate the unique curves of the eye area. The distinctive metal alloy applicator enables the exact right amount of product to be deposited onto the skin, as well as immediately help to give a refreshing and decongesting sensation that brightens the eye area The Eye Contour has a unique blur technology and contains light-reflecting golden pearly particles to help illuminate the eye area. The three in one treatment, which has an astounding ten patents, reduced visible signs of fatigue and ageing in only four weeks!

If you don't believe us, then you only have to look at the extensive research that Nuxe has carried out examining the effectiveness of their product. 90% of women found that the luminosity of their eye area was brightened, 84% found that the contour area was smoothed, 77% said they looked younger, and dark regions were reduced for 81% of women using the system. These are products that have been proven by women for women

You can purchase the Nuxellence Detox here for £48, buy the Eclat here for £48 and the Eye Contour is available here for £38.


Unfortunately, as we age our hair begins to thin, and this includes our lashes and brows which can become patchy and grow sparse. It’s such an apparent tell-tale sign of the ageing process, but seems to be one most forgotten. However, by using the Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum by Nouveau Lashes, you can give a fuller appearance to both your eyebrows and your eyelashes.

The product can achieve these amazing results because of its complex blend of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives. The serum also contains strong anti-oxidants which help defend the delicate hairs from damaging factors such as pollution. If immediate effects aren’t enough to persuade you to buy this fantastic product then maybe the fact that it acts as an unrivaled primer before applying mascara will. The conditioning effects help to pre-lengthen the lashes and help exaggerate the impact of everyday mascara.

You can purchase the product here for £19.99


Now, for a temporary fix as well as longer-term benefits to your skin, you have to try Fabulift Fabulous Eyes and their Advanced Serum. The serum helps to soften and eradicate lines around the eyes.  The serum contains two key ingredients that help to plump, smooth and diminish unwanted wrinkles. Peptide complexes, Argireline and Syn-ake, directly target expression lines and help to soften them up. Hyaluronic Acid helps to plump skin and reduce the look of lines due to its moisture retaining properties.

It couldn’t be simpler to use, you just have to apply a small amount onto your finger, roughly the size of a grain of rice, and dab it gently into freshly cleansed and dry skin surrounding the eye. This product is a real miracle worker it provides amazing results in an instant. Try it, your eyes will thank you.

You can purchase the Advanced Serum here for £29.99 and say goodbye to crow’s feet. It’s honestly like botox in a bottle.

With these amazing eyes products in your skincare collection, you are guaranteed to finally have the radiant, younger-looking and healthy eyes you have always wanted. All of the products are easy to use and will definitely perfect your skincare routine.