JAMELA Luxurious Gold Crystal Collagen Facial Masks

While Egyptians believed the healing powers of gold could cure all manners of physical and spiritual affections (Cleopatra wore pure gold for a radiant complexion) and Romans used gold preparations for treatment of sore skin, today gold is used to treat and rejuvenate the skin. Many luxury spas offer 24k gold leaf treatments to calm and soothe the skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles - gold locks in moisture and keeps skin firm by maintaining collagen in the skin holding back the breakdown on elastin. At The Amazing Blog, we've come across the perfect (and luxurious) gold leaf treatment without having to splurge on a spa. The folks at Jamela have developed and exclusive formula for extracting the rejuvenating properties of gold and infused them with organic nutrients and anti-oxidants, into an all natural collagen-based mask. The Luxurious Gold Crystal Collagen Facial Masks claim to aid the promotion of collagen and improve elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I've found that the fabulous Jamela masks leave my skin tighter and definitely brighter.

The application is pretty easy. Cleanse your face and apply carefully the mask to dry skin; to see the effects, the minimum time is 30 minutes, however, it is suggested to wear it for 5 hours overnight to see optimum results. The masks are collagen-based and they dissolve in water above 70° C - so if you fancy a luxurious bath after wearing your mask, we suggest you to throw it into the bath and you'll feel the benefits on the rest of your body too.

At The Amazing Blog we're thrilled with the Jamela Crystal Collagen Facial Masks, they contain 100% high molecular plant collagen with 24k gold and they have this lovely rose scent too.

If you really wish to treat your skin and try the benefits of gold, the 5 mask pack of the Jamela Luxurious Gold Crystal Collagen Face Masks retails at £37.50 and can be purchased through their website.