Hope's Relief - Goats Milk Body Wash

blog Since I can remember I’ve always struggled with my skin due to its sensitivity towards almost everything that touches it. When I was a very little girl, I would go to the beach with my parents and take a dip; my mum would then wrap me with my soft and cute towel and five minutes later... my skin would be bright red, itchy and my 5-year-old-self would scratch it with no mercy.

When I got a bit older, my skin’s sensitivity grew even bigger and I suffered from dermatitis on my forearms constantly. I visited my dermatologist regularly and he would always recommend me a specific oat based and soap-free body wash and body lotion. Things changed when I hit 16, my skin grew thicker and stronger and for a few years my dermatitis disappeared. Nowadays, dermatitis shows up very rarely on my forearms, it would itch like hell, but after two days it would stop – leaving my forearms dry and flaky. I blame genetics – thanks dad for giving me this delicate and thin skin, I blame you.

Two weeks ago dermatitis decided to bother me again for a whole week – my forearms would itch like nothing else. With the years, I’ve learnt not to scratch (or even touch) my skin when it’s this angry. The Amazing Blog came across with the chance of reviewing Hope's Relief’s Goats Milk Body Wash – my Managing Editor Edwina, left this gem of a body wash in my desk for me to try. Perfect timing… and product.

Hope's Relief’s Goats Milk Body Wash is a pure and natural product that has been proven to be perfect for dry sensitive skins, especially skins prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Skin Relief’s only uses 100% pure Goats Milk to manufacture this product – it’s full of Vitamins, Nutrients and Proteins and naturally occurring Triglycerides. This truly effective Goats Milk Body Wash is also suitable for those with acne prone skin, as the proteins in Goats Milk kill acne producing bacteria too!

Hope's Relief’s Goats Milk Body Wash is free of chemical additives and preservatives and reduces the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Overall, this Body Wash is a true winner for me – it soothes my skin, cleanses very gently and smells clean and a bit sweet – nothing too overpowering, which is perfect. I will definitely repurchase another bottle when I run out of the one I am currently using.

You can purchase this Body Wash on Healthy House for £11.40.