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Dream and Glow Bedtime Bath Salts by Kiss The Moon

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January is the time of the year when we're all looking for a way to block out the cold and to warm up and relax. At The Amazing Blog, our little secret to survival during these chilly days is to have long steaming baths when we finally got home. There is nothing we love more than to soak in a deliciously fragranced bath, which is why we were thrilled to receive both Glow Bedtime Bath Salts and Dream Bedtime Bath Salts from Kiss the Moon. Kiss the Moon is an award-winning natural skincare and wellness brand that has created a range of 100% natural products specifically to help you to sleep beautifully and wake up feeling refreshed. 

The Glow Bedtime Bath Salts are enriched with orange and geranium oils; the bath salts help you relax before bedtime by easing muscles and get your beauty sleep. The Glow salts are packed with relaxing essential oils including orange, geranium, myrrh, litsea, coconut oil and white tea oil. Rich minerals such as magnesium and Dead Sea salt are also added to this blend. Magnesium and floral essential oils install a sense of well-being in the body and help chase away anxiety. The unique combination of oils and minerals in the Glow Bath Salts work for a more beautiful skin  and a peaceful sleep.

Made with a blend of detoxifying rich minerals and aromatherapy essential oils the Dream Bedtime Bath Salts are also designed to help you sleep beautifully too. Lavender, the star ingredient of this product is the perfect night time beauty oil as it not only relaxes the mind but balances oil production and boost cells renewal during the sleep. Like Glow, these bath salts are also infused with magnesium, Dead Sea salt; however, these contain coconut oil, white tea oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, chamomile oil and cedarwood oil. To add a little touch of freshness, the brand also added Bergamot to the formula which helps brighten the mind and relax you even more.

These bedtime bath salts are a perfect way to end your day and prepare for sleep. Just add one or two tablespoons of these salts in a warm bath and let their relaxing, soothing and easing effect work on your body and mind. You can Purchase the Glow bath salts here for £20 and the Dream bath salts here for £20.

Christmas Stockings Fillers

For the last post of our Special Christmas Week, we are going to talk about stocking fillers. No matter our age, we're always so excited to find out what Father Christmas put in our beautiful stockings. While we love those little, fun and cute gifts, it can sometimes be difficult to find great stockings ideas for less than £15. We at The Amazing Blog have racked our brains and looked for the best stockings fillers at a reasonable price.


Let’s start with Heathcote and Ivory Gardeners Tree Tidings; this little gift set contains two hand creams and a Relax bath tablet. The shea butter hand cream as its name suggests made with shea butter(obviously) but also with other essential oils including lemon, orange and peppermint. This beautiful mix makes a highly nourishing hand cream. While the shea butter cream has a zesty and fresh scent, the Hedgerow hand cream has more of a fruity smell thanks to the blend of rhubarb, blackberry and elderflower extracts included in the formula. Together these ingredients intensely hydrate hands leaving them softer and smoother. Enriched with chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary the bath tablets is the ideal product to help you relax while bathing. All made without Parabens and Sulphates. You can purchase the Gardeners Tree Tidings here for £6.00.


The festive period is the opportunity for us all to look at our best. With Christmas dinners and New Year events, we all like to shine bright and to have our party looks on point. And what better way to complement a look than a beautiful nail polish. A lovely and shiny nail polish is the little detail that instantly completes a look. Le Mini Macaron’s Mini Petit Bouquets nail polish set with their pretty pastel shades might just be the perfect trio for nail polishes lovers. The set contains three nail polishes including lavender; a pale purple, Rose pale; a pastel pink and wildflower a grey nail lacquer with blue hues. These nude and pastel shades will bring a modern and elegant touch to your look. Le Mini Bouquets nail polish set is available here for £24.99.


Christmas is the time to be merry, eat great food and drink delicious tipples. However, as years pass by, we start getting bored of the usual tastes and flavours. For those who like us want to add a little twist to their tipples, Popaball has created the Popaball Bursting Juice bubbles for Gin, Prosecco and Vodka. The Blueberry and Lemon Bursting Juice Bubbles for Gin, with its sweet and zesty taste instantly add a burst of sweetness and juiciness to your drink. The Apple & Cherry Bubbles for Vodka, (our favourite) taste delightfully good; the sensation of the Popaballs bursting in the mouth is just incredible; it brings drinking Vodka to a whole new level. The Shimmer Blueberry Bubbles for Prosecco is ideal to add a little touch of glam in your prosecco. Just add the blueberry bubbles and the shimmering liquid, watch the sparkle forms and enjoy the fruity taste.  The bubbles are suitable for vegetarians. You can purchase all the Popaballs from Cotswold Trading. See here for the bubbles for Gin £3.79, the bubbles for Vodka here for £3.79 and the shimmer bubbles for prosecco here for £4.49. Guaranteed to add a bit of an extra 'fizz' to your Christmas tipple!




We at The Amazing Blog appreciate a warm and relaxing bath once in a while. And when we do so, we love using the most calming and beautifully scented bath products. Sloane Home excel in the art of making stunning bath salts. Our preferred ones remain the Lady Grey, bath salts with a zesty and fresh perfume, the Topiary Garden, is a more floral and classic scent and the Rose Garden has a sensual and luxurious fragrance. All bath salts are made with Dead Sea salts well known for its therapeutic properties. The bath salts help you relax by easing muscles and uplifting the spirit. There are nothing more agreeable than soaking in a warm and welcoming bath after a long day and these fantastic bath salts from Sloane home are just what you need. Purchase the bath salts here for £16.50 each.

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Hang on a minute you really thought that we would give you some stockings fillers tips without including one treat? Come on you should know better, we here at The Amazing Blog can’t resist the temptation of delicious and savoury candies. Our addiction of this season is The Fudge Kitchen award-winning sliders; the brand specialised in making gourmet handmade fudges, its sliders include six fudges with three different flavours. The Gin Selection pack include two Bitter Orange and Cubeb Gin, two Juniper and Kaffir Lime Dry Gin and two Sloe Gin fudge. This box with its popping and rich flavours will ravish your delicate palate. The Salted Selection include Isle of Sky Salted caramel fudges, Cornish Smoked salted Maple fudges, and Maldon Sea Salted Chocolate fudges. These fudges are at the same time creamy, sweet and smooth. The sea salts included in the recipes add a little touch of zest and crunch that balances perfectly well with the sweetness of the other ingredients. You can purchase Fudge Kitchen's Salted fudges and Gin fudges here for £8.00 each.