Urban Jack - Revolution Shave Serum

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We have often wondered here at The Amazing Blog, why when it comes to shaving the unwanted follicles from our varied skin types, many shaving preparations often obliterate any view of the actual epidermis? When we are about to drag a ferociously sharp razor edge across our chins, would it not make more sense to have a cream which actually keeps visibility as a priority, allowing us to see what we are trying to do? We all have highly individual challenges when it comes to our skin, whether that be problematic acne or moles which obviously need to avoid the unforgiving blade, or indeed the more aesthetic requirements of trimming away only that which we are wanting to get rid of.

The anwer to this conundrum has happily arrived in the stylishly  designed range of products from Urban Jack - and in particular a hero product in the shape of their Revolution Shave Serum which was swiftly transferred onto the beard which needed a bit of attention. Boasting some seriously impressive ingredients -vitis vinifera (grape) fruit meristem cell culture, which are powerful antiioxidants that protect skin from UV stress and maintains the cell characteristics of epidermal stem cells; limanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil which functions as a skin-conditioning agent oryza sativa (rice) bran oil extract for skin soothing enzymes and antioxidant properties. And always one of our favourites, shea butter which not only provides a rich source of vitamin A, but is also rapidly absorbed into the skin and seals in moisture helping to keep those wrinkles at bay. The rice bran oil also brings unsaturated fatty acids to the mix, as well as natural antioxidants and vitamin E to help protect the skin, whereas the alba seed oil helps to form a natural barrier to keep moisture within the skin, avoiding dehydration. As proud as Urban Jack are of this shaving gem that is made up of 96% natural ingredients, they also take great pride in being against animal testing, as well as dermatologically tested, totally vegan-friendly, and of course made in the UK!

Urban Jack offer up a few suggestions to their customers of ‘how to use’ here . It comes  in at a very competitive priced £18 for 30ml, the Revolution ShaveSerum is available through their online shop here where the complete range can also be thoroughly inspected, which is definitely worth checking out for all the other goodies on offer. Standard delivery is free of charge, but we also have the option of next day delivery which is charged at £3.95. 

Matis - Réponse Homme Anti-Ageing Cream

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We all know that to moisturise our skin is a daily requirement, and the earlier we start that process the better it is in the long-term, especially in a world where unseen pollutants constantly assault our epidermis. Yes an assault, whether that be as we go about our regular commute, or as we relax within the confines of a centrally heated or air-conditioned home. We at  The Amazing Blog have discovered the professional skincare brand Matis who have a proven track record in understanding this requirement, and have been bringing us their scientifically researched solutions since 1936… So their pedigree stands up for itself, and this is particularly true with their options for those of us with skin which, well let’s just say is the other side of 40, but still deserves some TLC.

As with all their products, Matis put the greatest emphasis on the provenance of their ingredients, bringing us the science behind how our epidermis changes, along with their thoroughly researched solutions. Particularly their grooming skincare Réponse Homme range with Anti-Ageing Active Cream  is the perfect example of this, whose main ingredient centella asiatica or tiger grass for those of who flunked their Latin, is fundamental to the formula which regenerates our skin cells. A tropical climbing plant which originates from India, it has always been known for its soothing properties - animals roll around in it to heal their wounds. And, along with sweet almond oil biopolymers, messenger peptides, hemp oil and the wax from our trusted favourite bee, we have the perfect antidote to modern day living, literally at our fingertips. With all those goodies, you would expect the cream to be somewhat on the heavy side, but no, this deliciously fragranced balm is light and therefore easily absorbed into freshly cleansed skin in both the morning and the evening.

For those of us who can’t pop over to Paris to purchase our Matis hit, this magnificent moisturiser is of course available online here currently offering 50ml at £37.99. This stockist currently has a special offer when you purchase the Active Cream, customers can get a full size tester of the Matis Reponse Homme Eye Care Eye for free ALSO If you enter the code 'matisgift' at checkout you will also get an additional free gift too!

Dry Matt Clay by Milano Barbers

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Perfect hair isn't just for women, am I right guys? The Amazing Blog believes that no matter what gender you are, gorgeous locks are your right. So let us tell you about a product that we can't live without, which is the Dry Matt Clay from Milano Barbers. The brand has used their expertise as professional barbers to create salon quality grooming products to help you create an enviable everyday look while protecting your hair.

The Dry Matt Clay is a styling product that will help you create any look. Whether style you favour, whether it is a classic, audacious or vintage hairstyle, this clay will make your vision come to life. Formulated with an innovative wax that moisturises and stimulates the hair, the product is designed to give exceptional hold to the hair while improving hair condition.  The clay adds texture, definition and movement and lasts all day long. The light consistency helps make it easier to apply but also leaves hair looking instantly thicker and more defined. It is non-greasy and dries to a natural matte finish. Designed for men the Dry Matt Clay is a grooming essential for the modern man. 

You can purchase the Dry Matt Clay here for £16.00.

Christmas Special - For Him

We don’t know why but all the amazing girls at The Amazing Blog find it tough picking the perfect gift for a man. We might have found the way that can save you from buying your boyfriend just a pair of socks this Christmas due to last minute struggles.

Let’s start from the inner artist that every man masks in his core. If in the past months he’s been bagging you to visit Dismaland, Banksy’s theme park, or his main talent is drawing on walls, L&S Prints Banksy cushions will keep his creativity alive and satisfied.


Signature pictures and Banksy’s quotes replicated on a black, white and red base collection. Young choice on a not too serious sofa, these cushions are the extra touch of folly a stylish house always needs. The fabric is so indulgent and soft it can easily be considered as the best company for sweet dreams. they’re all completely machine washable, the colour won’t fade and will stay bright and vibrant as the day you bought it. Available in two sizes here for £10.99 and £12.99.

From Ross&Ross Food arrives something that – we still cannot believe it – has never seen before: The Homemade Curing Kit. Imagine having for breakfast free range eggs and bacon? Not so difficult, is it; but what if we say that for your bacon you can go better than your local grocery shop?

Bacon kit close up.jpg

Finally awakening the farmer in you, curing and producing your own personal bacon becomes possible with this kit. Everything you need is inside, included gloves, a little hook and mixes for smoked, sweet and original flavour. The instructions are pretty clear but some extra help can be found on their YouTube video. The entire kit is available here for only £20, just improve it with your favourite piece of pork!

Question. What’s men best ally and personal pride? Not his car as many could think but his beard. For Christmas you can show him how much you care about it with Annabel James  Shaving Gift Set.

It contains all the essentials for an impeccable shave. After using the pre-shave treatment, one of the famous Edwin Jagger brushes, made with natural badger hair, not too rigid and soft enough to caress his skin, will evenly spread the shaving cream. Indispensable to avoid redness and dry skin, the aftershave lotion also included. All the products are in a practical sample size and wrapped up with an elegant Edwin Jagger ribbon. Let him feel like the groomed king of the manor every day, this fantastic set is available at £18.50 here.

We all love a man that takes care of himself, however, when they take longer than you to perfect their hair, it becomes a bit of an issue. Which is why Jamie Stevens has created the MR collection designed to combat hair loss, grooming for men couldn’t be easier.

We tried the Thicker, Fuller, Stronger collection and within days, the girls were envy of the men in the office’s new hair locks. The MR Collection features three categories, Thicken, Style and Disguise and can be bought here individually from £10- £18.

We have the right gift if your Mr. Right thinks that a perfect Christmas night means sitting around the fireplace and the taste of great whisky in his hand

Formahouse  selected from SPARQ Home the newest and most unusual whisky rocks; the collections we love the most are the Holiday Set and the Man’s set, of course, keeping your whisky cold enough, for the perfect drink.

They are all made by recycled soapstone and will keep your drink nice and cold without water. They can also be used with hot drinks as they’re microwave-proof. The Holiday Set (snowflake, Christmas tree and ginger-man) is available here  for only £15; same price for the Man’s set available here

Carlsberg Grooming Kit

Beauty and skincare isn’t exclusive to just women, men are becoming more concerned with their appearance and overall health. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have finally found a skincare range that can get our boys excited. Carlsberg have launched a series of limited edition male grooming products made from real Carlsberg beer!

Interestingly, the ingredients used to make beer have also decided to make skincare and haircare benefits, why were we not told before? The Barley, Hop and Yeast are incredibly rich in vitamin B and Silicium, both of which strengthen and shine their hair, and keep skin protected and deeply hydrated. The Beer Beauty Body Lotion and Shampoo had light, fluid textures that left the hair and skin feeling extremely soft. The lotion soaked into the skin with ease and the shampoo transformed into an even lather, leaving the hair feeling as clean as a whistle. I have no doubt the range will intrigue any beer lover; it keeps true to the renowned green and white packaging for a truly masculine pamper session. We loved that the fragrance was soft and pleasant rather than overpowering as beer can be, it has the perfect hint of the yeasty beverage.

If you want to get your hands on this intriguing Beer Beauty range, or feel it would make the perfect gift for the lager lovers out there, get it here for £19.99