Elements - Skincare Range

Every man in this day in age needs a beauty skincare regime, so when I received Elements Skincare's range here at The Amazing Blog I didn’t hesitate to use each and every one of the products.

I began my beauty regime first thing in the morning with the face scrub, which is chemical free and is not too perfumed as I personally prefer. The scrub deeply exfoliated my skin. I could genuinely see and feel the difference in my face. It felt and looked smooth and clear.

Next, I decided to use the shaving cream which surprisingly didn’t sting at all after using the scrub. I usually use a foam product for shaving, but I must say this product has converted me. Plus, for an added bonus, all of the products are cruelty free and approved by the vegetarian society.

Next up in my routine was the Elements Face Wash which restores and hydrates skin improving skin fatigue and dryness.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Elements Moisturiser which is approved by the Soil Association. This product helps to boost the skin’s moisture barrier to get rid of dry skin for good. This product also has medicinal values and can act as an anti-inflammatory, so it is great for people with acne and those who need help reducing fine lines. This product will protect your skin without making it look shiny or oily.

Prices for products in this line start at just £18.00 and you can buy them here. The Elements skincare range would also make a great present for you father, brother or friends as it suits all skin types.