Foot Expertise – Regenerating Cream and Blister Shield

We at The Amazing Blog  certainly put our feet through their paces whether its hobbling around in 6" heels or giving them a good pounding at the gym in well-worn trainers. This is where a trusty foot care brand like Foot Expertise comes to our rescue.

The secret behind happy feet is to keep them supple and moisturised which why Hydra Recharge Cream can really make a difference. We all know how different the skin of our feet is from the rest of our body. So this cream has been created to be richer and thicker because it needs to penetrate and be effective to the deeper layers of skin. What we liked is the fact that we didn’t have any slippery side effects and noticed that it absorbed immediately into the cracks and desquamation (sorry that doesn't sound very sexy!) It has an emollient complex which is unique and patented to the brand called 'XpertMoist' which supports long lasting hydration and minimises trans epidermal water loss. The other key ingredient Vitamin E contributes to skin softness, elasticity and restructuring. 

The other 'must have' product from the range is the Blister Shield. It can be used as a barrier and a preventive method against developing painful blisters. It is an invisible protective film that when smoothed onto the skin helps to cushion the bruising and prevents the formation of blisters.  How it works is by a little ball on top that smoothly rolls on the skin creating like an invisible film; initially we were a bit doubtful. However, our tester said with a twice daily application it really helped to dampen the burning sensation she had from her new shoes.  The key ingredients are XpertMoist (as per above) and Sodium Hyaluronate, creating powerful humectants attracting and retaining water onto the skins surface giving it the cushioning effect the helps prevent any abrasion. 

NB something worth mentioning is that both products are diabetes friendly. The Hydra Recharge Cream is available here and The Blister Shield here both products are priced at £11.99.