Friday Favourites - Candles

There are many different ways to go about choosing the perfect fragrance for your home. We at The Amazing Blog adore candles, but sometimes we find it difficult to narrow down all of the choices each candle company in the UK has to offer. In attempt to truly broaden our horizons, we have decided to select candle companies that started in countries outside of the UK and have a special back-story. La Montana, EssentialCandles, PaddyWax and Mila Isla are just the exotic and refreshing companies we have been looking for.

Inspired by a mountain village in Valencia, each candle made by La Montana is sure to provide a special experience. The story behind each candle is based off of the founders’ new experiences after their move from London to Spain. Featured scents include: First Light, Alfredo’s Café, Galan De Noche and Winter Oranges. Each variety resembles either a scent or place that reminds the founders of a special moment in their lives, and we just love this concept. If you would like to read more about this candle company and their story, visit their website.

Mila Candles is a company rich in history and family values, for its founders are a niece and aunt power team who desired to carry on their great-grandfathers legacy. The business is based off of an essential oil company in Vienna, which extended into the UK once the grand-father immigrated prior to WWII. We received one of their newest candles, the Isla candle, which reminded us of a casual and relaxing day at the beach. The company offers other fragrance scents as well, including Chiara and Scuro. To browse around their candle, diffuser and oil selections, visit their website.

Now that we have ventured to companies all throughout Europe, we decided to seek a candle company based out of the USA! When we were sent samples from PaddyWax Candles, we were pleased to find that not only are their candles American, but each candle is truly one of a kind. PaddyWax sent us two candles: Amber & Smoke from the Apothecary collection and Old Fashioned from the Mixology collection. The Mixology collection was our favourite because they honour the craft cocktail movement. Each candle contains a hint of alcohol, which inspired the cocktail glass it is presented in, along with a recipe on the back. After each burn, you can enjoy a room that smells like the drink you will soon indulge in. There are other collections you can browse through on the PaddyWax website.

We believe we saved the most interesting story for last. EssentialCandles was started by a young boy at the age of 12 as merely a hobby, when he would make candles for his family and friends and give them away as Christmas presents. Once he discovered his knack for it, he started his own business of different kinds of seasonal fragrances. The company is based of out Scotland, and he supplies shops in the Borders and Edinburgh with his distinct seasonal scents. We particularly had a soft spot for the scent Christmas Hearth considering the fact that we we received the sample, it was so close to the holidays! To read more about how Aidan Paterson and how he got his company off of the ground, visit the EssentialCandles website.