Herbal Hair and Scalp oil - Samol

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Bad hair day? Maybe your skin is tried of the constant exposure to sun, chemicals, and everyday styling. We at The Amazing Blog have found the natural, heroic product we all need in the form of Samol, a Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil.

Samol is the re-born brand name for a successful herbal brand called Askarol which stopped trading in 2004 due to the creator’s death, her daughter decided to bring back the power of herbs and with a fresh start rebranded the company to continue its success path. Samol takes a holistic approach to the health and the beauty of your hair as the product combines a variety of over 15 natural, pure ingredients to form a strong, yet subtle mixture to treat your scalp. The formula is handmade, hand blended, hand filled and hand labelled, Samol also take pride in being a British brand.

It’s best to leave the oil overnight and wash in the morning so it can really soak in and work its magic! We used it once and the moisture was noticeable for at least two days, we loved the high quality of the oil and how easy it was to wash out. The oil has soft herbal fragrance thanks to this organic mixture of oils and plant extacts. Moreover, the bottle has a thin neck allowing only a small amount of liquid out which makes it very easy to apply.

Give your hair a treat by using Samol’s Herbal Hair and Scalp oil available here for £7.49 10ml or £29.99 for 50 ml.