Lipgloss, Eyeshadow and Face Scrub - Uoga Uoga

This winter at The Amazing Blog, we are loving the deep, dark colours that we’re seeing all over the makeup scene. The brand Uoga Uoga are known for their natural, mineral based cosmetics, so we decided to try their dark Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss and Face Scrub.

One of their best-selling products is the Eye-shadow in the shade Just One Sip. It is made from pure natural minerals, with a burgundy warm matte finish that is soft and well-pigmented. This eye-shadow is long-lasting with great coverage all day and night, and we recommend using a primer to the eye lids before applying the shadow for a perfect finish. It also does not contain any synthetic colouring, so it is suitable for sensitive eyes as well. 

The second product from this brand is a natural Lip Gloss called Star On My Face, this lip gloss has a glossy, cherry tone which compliments all skin tones well. There are six lip glosses in their collection to choose from. Star On My Face is the darkest colour from their range, and is enriched with cherry extract and natural oils that will moisturise the lips with a non-sticky finish. Not only does this brand do make-up, they also do skincare products, including a natural face scrub called Go Nuts. This is one of their best sellers. This loose powder scrub can be mixed with either water or milk to create a facial cleanser, you can apply to the face by gently massaging and then rinse with cool water. The facial scrub is a mixed combination of almond and sunflower seeds which cleanses skin and remove any dirt from the face. The ingredients within the nuts will help protect your skin and nourish the face thanks to the protein and fatty acids and will help reveal the natural glow from your face.

You can purchase the Just One Sip Eye-shadow here for £11.19, the Star On My Face lip gloss here for £11.19 and the Go Nuts face srub here for £7.90.