Friday Favourites - Lip Feature

Exposing your delicate lips to these chilly winds and unpredictable Spring weather is such a risk. Fortunately, here at The Amazing Blog, we’ve got you covered. We have discovered four new products that will surely be your pocket’s new best friends.



We all know how the brutal north winds are tough on the lips and leaving you susceptible to nasty, painful cold sores. With SoreFix, you will definitely wave goodbye to the cold sores and welcome back your beautiful smile! Their acyclovir-free, zinc-based treatment blocks off the cold sores from appearing with a subtle physical filter, without any known side effects. It both treats and prevents cold sores by reducing and healing the infection. It also moisturises those chapped and dry lips with extra high UV filter, SPF 30, and vitamin E. The Lip Balm comes in two different shapes. It is available in both a convenient squeezable tube and a 10ml jar making them both lasting and cost-effective. You can purchase both products from SoreFix here for £8.99 as a special offer (at the time of publishing) .

balmkind 3.jpg

The second product we discovered is from Balmkind. Winner of an Award in The 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards in Best Lip Balm category. The Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm nourishes, protects and soothes lips with its carefully blended natural ingredients. It contains a comprehensive list of antioxidants and is rich in Alpine Rose, Lysine (which is an essential amino acid), oat lipids with skin active ceramides, licorice root, lipid-rich pomegranate sterols, and vitamin E. We particularly like the non-tacky lightness of this balm, it's definitely a lip balm for those whose partners are adverse to a sticky lip kiss! This soft rose-scented lip balm can be used daily and leaves you with natural shiny looking lips - just gorgeous. The Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm you can purchase here for £12.00.

Living Nature Lush Tinted Lip Hydrator.jpg

If you’re into a more natural tinted lip products then Living Nature has got you covered.  The Tinted Lip Hydrator has everything you could wish for in one single tube. Hailing from New Zealand, this Lip Hydrator contains castor oil, vitamin E, manuka honey, jojoba esters, candelila. With the addition of calendula oil and carnauba waxes (both certified organic). This product is also free of synthetic chemicals or preservatives. The 'Lush' colour that we tried gave a subtle coral tone and a 'luxurious sheen' to the lips. The Tinted Lip Hydrator is available to purchase here for £15.00.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.52.24.png

Last but not least, if you love rocking red, but you’re worried about chapped lips, Benecos is right for you. Their Benecos Natural Lipgloss in Kiss Me is a combination of lip plumping and moisturising. Not only does it care for your sensitive lips, it moisturises, adds colour and gloss, and protects the lips while maintaining a sophisticated look.  All of these benefits come from certified organic and natural ingredients which are castor seed oil, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, calcium aluminium and borosilicate alongside a natural fragrance. Finally, if you wish to buy Benecos in the UK you need to go here and it will be £6.95. With our selection here, you now have no excuse not to have soft, lush and kissable lips!



Lipgloss, Eyeshadow and Face Scrub - Uoga Uoga

This winter at The Amazing Blog, we are loving the deep, dark colours that we’re seeing all over the makeup scene. The brand Uoga Uoga are known for their natural, mineral based cosmetics, so we decided to try their dark Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss and Face Scrub.

One of their best-selling products is the Eye-shadow in the shade Just One Sip. It is made from pure natural minerals, with a burgundy warm matte finish that is soft and well-pigmented. This eye-shadow is long-lasting with great coverage all day and night, and we recommend using a primer to the eye lids before applying the shadow for a perfect finish. It also does not contain any synthetic colouring, so it is suitable for sensitive eyes as well. 

The second product from this brand is a natural Lip Gloss called Star On My Face, this lip gloss has a glossy, cherry tone which compliments all skin tones well. There are six lip glosses in their collection to choose from. Star On My Face is the darkest colour from their range, and is enriched with cherry extract and natural oils that will moisturise the lips with a non-sticky finish. Not only does this brand do make-up, they also do skincare products, including a natural face scrub called Go Nuts. This is one of their best sellers. This loose powder scrub can be mixed with either water or milk to create a facial cleanser, you can apply to the face by gently massaging and then rinse with cool water. The facial scrub is a mixed combination of almond and sunflower seeds which cleanses skin and remove any dirt from the face. The ingredients within the nuts will help protect your skin and nourish the face thanks to the protein and fatty acids and will help reveal the natural glow from your face.

You can purchase the Just One Sip Eye-shadow here for £11.19, the Star On My Face lip gloss here for £11.19 and the Go Nuts face srub here for £7.90.

Pop Up Your Lips with Miners Cosmetics

  Luxe Lips Creme Gloss


Everyone knows that most girls love a good healthy dose of lip gloss. Whether it is packed full of colour or glitter, we just love it; especially here at The Amazing Blog. We take a jump for it every time we are able to try a new lip gloss, and it was no different when we found out about Miners Cosmetics new LuXe Lips collection.


The new collection is a ‘luxurious crème gloss’ formula, so it is super smooth and shiny. Best part? They are absolutely packed full of colour. There are five shades to choose from, and they are all absolutely beautiful colours. First on the list is Uptown Girl, which is a delicious looking peach colour; perfect for summer. Next, Beauty Queen, is a sophisticated mauve nude, perfect for the working woman during the day. Duchess packs a punch of rich coral, which will suit just about any skin tone. Material Girl is a beautiful red/pink, which is going to look perfect for a night out. Finally, It Girl is a rich bubblegum, Barbie pink.


These glosses are wonderful as far as texture is concerned, as they lack the stickiness found in most lip gloss. They go on smooth and shiny, and feel quite moisturising. The only questionable factor is the fact that the first ingredient in the gloss is mineral oil.


If you are looking for a non-sticky, highly pigmented gloss than these are going to be perfect for you! Retailing at only £3.99 each, you will absolutely want to purchase every colour! LuXe Lips Crème Gloss can be bought at the Miners Cosmetics website as well as at many quality pharmacies. Now go on, get your shine on!

Miners Cosmetics - Cocktail Kiss

laras tuesdayOne of the make-up items that I’ve always found to be a bit of a mission, is finding the perfect non-sticky lipgloss. Living in the ever-windy London, makes it impossible for me to even bother thinking about wearing it. I know that when the wind blows my hair will stick to it and I'll end up smearing the residue lip gloss halfway across my face - a very attractive look, not! So after many years of wearing lip balm or lipstick, I decided to give these cute Miners Cocktail Kiss Lipglosses a try. The Cocktail Kiss range is inspired by England’s favourite cocktails – there are three beautiful shades: Manhattan, Mudslide and Flirtini. My personal favourite is Manhattan  - I also love the cocktail… ◕‿-   it's a mixture of two pinks vibrantly intertwined with a coral. It also smells quite delicious like cherries. Mudslide is a combination of browns and beautiful caramel and vanilla shades,  It also smells rather yummy but this time like chocolate. Flirtini is the girliest of them – it tastes sweet and it’s a blend of light pink and peach shades.

The joy is that Miners Cocktail Kiss don’t feel heavy or sticky at all on the lips; they're quite moisturising and the packaging is perfect to slip into the side pocket of your handbag. They retail at £2.99 each. Bargain!

Happy Mother's Day!

With Mother's Day on Sunday comes the ideal opportunity to spoil the woman who deserves it most. And while there are many people who have already bought the perfect present and organised the most decadent of treats, there remain many mere mortals among us (myself included!) who are yet to spare a moment of thought towards what to buy their mum this Mothering Sunday. And as always, help is hand as The Amazing Blog has sourced some of the very best pressies for mum's nationwide.  

If you're after something longer lasting than chocolates or an elaborate bouquet of flowers, Senti, a Wimbledon-based shop from whom you can order online, is the home of all things fragrant. Truly beleieveing in the evocative power of smell, Senti are experts at creating moods and memories through their hand-picked range of products. From scented candles, perfumes and diffusers, there's a wide variety of fragrant products on offer, any of which would make a fabulous present. Our favourite is the Rose Fragrance Reed Diffuser from Dr Vranjes, a unique take on room fragrance that makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

If, however, your mum would appreciate a bit of pampering, why not treat her to a manicure in the comfort of her own home? Deborah Lippmann's range of nail polishes are hugely popular and having tested them out ourselves we can see why. They use no animal testing and their products contain no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP and with such a wide range on offer, you're sure to find the perfect shade for your mum.

If nail polish isn't her thing, why not buy her a Lip Gloss from Cargo? Their unique formula plumps and hydrates lips, filling fine lines and leaving a brilliant shine. Perfect pay off, great wear and high-shine without being sticky, this gloss is packed with a lip-nourishing botanical cocktail. Shades include a sparkling nude plum, powder pink, tropical melon, iridescent coral-pink and a dazzling nude beige.

Rituals is another brand we've come across that's perfect for Mother's Day. Founded in 2000 they're pioneers in the combination of luxury home and body cosmetics. Rituals develop high quality products to enrich body and soul: luxury goods ranging from body and facial care, to organic cotton ware, scented candles, perfumes, gemstone make-up and tea. The Rituals philosophy is simple: happiness can be found in the smallest of things. We tried the Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel in fresh eucalyptus and rosemary and loved it. This unique foaming shower gel gently cleanses your skin and leaves it silky soft & smooth, and is certainly a womderful treat for Mother's Day.

Finally, if you fancy treating your mum to a unique twist on the traditional afternoon tea. Niko B's East London workspace, Chocolate Lab, is offering the perfect present for any chocolate-loving Mums this Sunday. Bringing together an adventurous collection of desserts created with seasonal ingredients and exotic flavour combinations, Chocolate Tea is a fresh take on afternoon tea and includes playful chocolate interpretations of classic international cakes and desserts, handmade ice cream and fresh chocolates created by an Award winning chocolatier, Anthony Ferguson, on site at the Chocolate Lab. Chocolate Tea is served with tasty cups of Niko B's hot chocolates, fresh chocolates, deserts, cakes, baked bread and champagne. The perfect feast for a special mum!