Hawkins & Brimble Limited Edition Gift Set

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Grooming is just as important for men, as it is for women and here at The Amazing Blog, we are always thrilled to share our brilliant new finds, as more and more male grooming products pop up. That’s why we wanted to share the Hawkins & Brimble Limited Edition Gift Set with all of you. Every man has their regular grooming routine with shaving or just to keep their facial hair in check.  Hawkins & Brimble makes it so easy with this go-to Gift Set, whether you're just getting into serious grooming or are a seasoned professional - it has something for everyone. This UK based brand was founded in 2016 and specialises in breathing new life into long-lost traditional grooming routines. It's all about inspiring men to embrace their 'grooming game' so that they can look and feel more confident and sophisticated; all with a delicious touch of edgy playfulness. They rather aptly say: 'After all, an investment in your appearance will always pay off'

The first essential in the kit is the Pre-Shave Scrub, which buffs away dead skin cells and soothes the skin in preparation for a close shave. As the brand takes a natural approach to grooming, this product thankfully uses walnut shells instead of microbeads (which are now banned in the UK). Combined with sweet almond oil the Pre-Shave Scrub isn't too harsh on the skin and helps to maintain your skin's moisture.

The Gift Set also comes with Hawkins & Brimble's Shaving Cream, which is crucial to getting the smoothest and closest shave possible. We enjoyed the delicate fragrance of Elemi and Ginseng because it rejuvenated our senses and left us feeling refreshed. We felt quite professional applying it with the Shaving Brush that is also included. We found that damping the Shaving Brush with warm water and then lathering on the Shaving Cream with it worked wonders. This way, every facial hair got coated and our skin was perfectly prepared for a close shave.

The Post-Shave Balm is up next with a blend of olive and almond oil and cocoa that ensures the skin is well nourished without any irritation or redness. We've been using it as our daily moisturiser, even if we didn't shave, as it is gentle on the skin and also helps to hydrate it throughout the day.

The Beard Oil is perfect for men sporting the full beard who need to maintain soft and strong facial hair. Formulated with argan oil, olive oil and shea butter it benefits the skin as well as facial hair. The oils work to keep your beloved beard soft, thick and strong while shea butter pampers the skin underneath.

Every product is free from parabens, mineral oils, colourants, and is cruelty-free, so there is no compromise on looking your best! The Hawkins & Brimble Limited Edtion Gift Set is available to purchase here for £49.95.

Mirati Cosmetics Body Lotion

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The Amazing Blog loves finding new hero ingredients that are unique and nourishing for the skin, so while researching various ingredients, we came across Ghee! Yes Ghee, and that's where we discovered the Slovenian skincare brand Mirati Cosmetics. The majority of skincare have a cream base, which is essentially made of oil and water. Ghee, or clarified butter, takes this process two steps further – firstly, the butter is produced from cream, then it is clarified, leaving out all the water and milk, purifying the butter and ensuring that only the qualities essential to caring for your skin remain. As the key ingredient in Mirati Cosmetics' skincare, it moisturises, soothes and is rich in antioxidants.

Given the current plummeting temperatures, we decided to try the body lotion.  As well as using certified organic Ghee from India; the body lotion also contains plants grown in the MediterraneanAmericaAustraliaSouth East Asia (i.e. organic aloe vera and honeysuckle). The honeysuckle gives the lotion a beautiful scent that lasts all day, while the aloe vera stimulates blood circulation, tightens and smoothes skin. The body lotion is suitable for all skin types as its gentle but effective formula works to improve skin texture and appearance over time. Just apply the lotion to skin after washing and gently massage it into skin until it’s fully absorbed. The product is dermatologically approved, paraben, phthalates, SLS and Synthetic fragrance-free and is cruelty-free.  Mirati Cosmetics is also committed to giving at least 10 % of their profit to good causes see here. You can purchase The Body Lotion here for £17.99

Walford-Richards Designs - The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Cleaning brushes such a tedious task that we all tend to put off until there is no way to avoid it. At The Amazing Blog, we were as lazy and reluctant at cleaning brushes as anyone until we discovered Walford-Richards Designs The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner, a real revolution. The brush cleanser was created by James Walford-Richards who used his expertise to create a brush cleaner more efficient than any other in the market. The Best Makeup Brush Cleanser is hand-poured in the UK and contains ethically sourced ingredients; it is also cruelty-free and is produced with Vegan ingredients.

This handcrafted brush cleansing balm not only deeply cleanses make-up brushes and sponges but is also anti-bacterial and conditioning meaning that it enhances the longevity of the brushes leaving them clean and fresh.  This highly effective, beautifully scented brush cleanser is essential to any make-up enthusiast or artist and should be part of a regular routine. Unclean brushes collect dust, dirt and plenty of bacteria which in turn transfers onto your skin creating spots and blemishes. This brush cleaning balm helps you take the best care of your skin.

At The Amazing Blog, we absolutely love this quick and practical solution for cleaning our brushes. It's brilliant in the way it quickly deeply cleanses both brushes and sponges removing all make-up and build up, leaving them softer and fluffier than before. We must all add that this cleansing balm smells amazing and leaves a fresh and clean lemon scent on the brushes. This product impressed us and we'd recommend this without hesitation for cleaning and maintaining your make-up brushes. You can purchase the brush cleaner here for £25.00.

Light Touch Complexion by ZAO


We at The Amazing Blog are delighted to talk about the ZAO Light Touch Complexion. This is a must-have beauty product if you want a radiant and youthful look. ZAO is a beauty brand that creates organic cosmetics with 100% natural ingredients and formulas. All their products contain bamboo both for their casing and formulations. Bamboo is well known for its high level of silica, an essential element that enhances skin elasticity. You can say goodbye to tired complexions as this miracle product will have you instantly looking refreshed and more awake.

The Light Touch Complexion illuminates skin to give you a healthy glow and a revitalised appearance. Like every ZAO product, the Light Complexion Touch is free from parabens. Instead, the brand uses micronised silver powder which is a natural preservative and antiseptic. The product is made from 100% natural ingredients and organic farming ingredients. These include organic bamboo oil and sweet almond oil, which is well known for its nourishing and moisturising properties.

We honestly can't live without the Light Touch Complexion. When applied on the cheekbones it gives a rejuvenated look. It can also be used in the corner of the eyes and on the lip's contour for a luminous appearance. It leaves a velvety touch on the skin and stays in place all day. It is cruelty-free and has a vegan and gluten-free certification as well as being ECOCERT certified. This is a real treasure that will become a firm favourite in your makeup bag. 

Purchase this lovely product here for £16.50.

Shea Butter Body Conditioner – Peini

Peini is where science meets African cultural traditions. Peini is the result of a British skin care brand collaborating with a West African Farmer’s Cooperation. It is an organic and natural skin care range that focuses on incorporating naturally-occurring beauty enhancing ingredients into their beauty products. “PEINI” means gift in Dagbani, and we here at The Amazing Blog were very excited to receive the Shea Butter Body Conditioner.

This brand was created and introduced to the UK market by Sarah Nicholas-Kyei after many visits to her husband, Kwaku Kyei’s, homeland. Peini uses sustainable farming for their ingredients, hiring Ghanaian widows, orphans, women farmers to bring ancient skin care practices to the UK. The products are all toxic free, green and use naturally-sourced shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, palm kernel oil, sunflower seed oil that are indigenous to Ghana. These nourishing ingredients deliver natural, edible vitamins E, A, F and K. The results are beautiful products that are Paraben-free, SLS-free and are cruelty-free, which means that these products can be used on even the most sensitive of skins, including newborn babies.

The Shea Butter Body Conditioner is rich and thick, providing you with a deep and long-lasting moisture. However, we are pleased to report that the skin is not left sticky and coated. The body conditioner is absorbed almost instantly, so after applying you can almost immediately get dressed and begin your day. The conditioner improves skin texture and tone, boosts collagen production and the abundance of vitamins recover and defend the skin.

You can purchase this wonderful body conditioner for £8.50 from the Peini website here, or from Amazon UK here and trust us, this a gift you won't regret buying for yourself.