Predator Adventures with the Seabreacher Experience


We at the Amazing Blog sent Simon to explore...

So here’s a question - do you ever watch David Attenborough’s latest watery adventure, and from the relative safety of the living room sectional, thinking ‘hell yeah, I wish I could dive like that?’ Now is your chance, thanks to last year's launch of Predator Adventures and the Seabreacher. The Amazing Blog just loves the fact that you can literally become an 18-foot long killer whale - or perhaps a dolphin in our case, gliding majestically along the River Thames. It is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and exciting options for the metropolitan adrenaline junkie. 


To see for yourself how fun this adventure can be, check out this video. Who doesn't want to give this one a go? Whilst protected by the elements with the F-16 Fighter Grade glass cockpit, you get to live out that Top Gun fantasy. With speeds up to 60 mph above the water, or 40mph below the surface, you will also get to jump 18-feet or dive to 6-feet, it’s one hell of a way to get your heartbeat racing.


Tickets cost from £89.00 (book here) for 20 minutes or £104 for 30 minutes. They also currently have an offer of two people for £189, for 30 minutes.  You can choose your preferred level of adventure: Dare To Conquer, Weekday Blast, or The Ultimate Thrill. However, children have to be over the age of 8-years-old. The demand for a fantastic way to spend 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the level, is going to be huge. So get in there fast and be ready to experience something unique. If you see a BBC camera crew jostling for a picture on the embankment - SMILE! You could be fronting Blue Planet’s opening titles on the new series!

For more information about Predator Adventures and the Seabreacher experiences they’re going to be offering in 2018, or for any other information, please visit here or email