Rescue Salve Original - Three Organics

At The Amazing Blog, we care as much about health as we do beauty. This is why we feel it is important to inform you about products such as, Rescue Salve by Three Organics, because healthy is beautiful.

An attractive trait about the company is that they swear by their three principals of being natural, organic, and effective. The brand also believes what you put on your skin really does make a difference, which is why they do not use chemical additives or petroleum products in any of their products (including this one). This salve in particular is their original blend that is made right here in the UK. Its purposes are to improve symptoms of Eczema, Psoriasis, itchy & very dry skin, and other similar skin conditions. The earthy fragrance and colour comes only from the natural oils that the product is made with. Some other ingredients include, organic beeswax and various organic oils such as, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary oil.

Buy this 100ml pot of multi-functional miracle salve here for £26.00.