Sleeping Cure - Germaine de Capuccini

Sick of tired skin? At The Amazing Blog, we certainly are! If you’ve noticed that your skin is looking dull and has an uneven tone, then Sleeping-Cure by Germaine de Capuccini will feel like a dream for your face.

The dermatologist-tested, anti-aging serum refreshes your skin whilst you sleep. It hydrates, soothes, detoxifies and anti-oxidizes your skin to reduce signs of tiredness, stress and even a bad diet or smoking. It is to be used consecutively for 10 nights in order to get the best results, on your face and neck, for a fresh feel in the morning.

The Sleeping-Cure includes eight types of plant extract from Camomile to Liquorice, which are all excellent agents for aiding sensitive and irritated skin. The serum has proven to reduce the signs of redness by 100%. In addition, the product’s stand out ingredient is the Zinc-Glycine complex that will noticeably revitalise your skin, leaving your face looking luminous.

Sleep soundly and wake up more beautiful here for £50.80.