Les huilettes - Mon huilette night

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After a long and tiring day, we at The Amazing Blog can’t think of anything better than taking off our makeup and applying a soothing night serum. What makes  a night serum stand out for us from other skin care products is that they’re jam-packed with ingredients that nourish and brighten your skin while you sleep. We can never get enough of serums, as each one has specific properties to enhance the skin, such as anti-ageing from les huilettes we are referring to, of course, their very special mon huilette night serum. 

The brand was started in France in 2015 by two long-time friends, Pascale Gal and Claire Auzouy. Gal was a pharmacist with a degree in Aromatherapy while Auzouy had a background in luxury gastronomy. Gal desired to ‘return to a simpler beauty, essential and without sacrifice, summed up in a few principles and gestures’. The pair combined their unique experiences to start a cosmetics company that is 100 per cent natural, vegan, and botanical. Les huilettes is also committed to the environment and partnered with Up2green Reforestation, a French nonprofit organisation that helps replant fruit trees in communities affected by deforestation. 

The Mon huilette night serum is made for all skin types to smooth and enhance your skin’s suppleness. Overnight, it leaves your skin looking more radiant overnight and repairs any signs of anti-ageing such as wrinkles and skin dullness. The formula of a ‘plant synergy of essential and vegetable oils to be effective without fluff’makes the night serum stand out. Essential oils like Italian helichrysum have an anti-inflammatory benefit while myrtle and bourbon geranium have therapeutic aromatherapy effects to enhance positive well-being. Argan and avocado oils deeply moisturise and plump your skin while prickly pear cactus prevents the formation of premature wrinkles and lightens dark circles. These elements result in a light-feeling oil serum that melts evenly into your face and neck and doesn’t make you feel greasy. 

A little goes a long way, and you only need 3-5 drops per use. You should purposely but gently massage the serum into your freshly cleansed face for optimal results. However, for extra pampering and an at-home massage, we suggest you watch their serum application video here . On top of it all, rose and white flower leave a tangy and therapeutic scent on your face to relax you before bed. You can join ‘tribe of huilettes’ and amp up your night skin care routine by purchasing the mon huilette night (15ml) here for 45€

Utopia Skincare


As our readers of The Amazing Blog will know we're always striving for perfection - well, perhaps only in our dreams! So when we heard about ‘Utopia Skincare’ we wanted to see if the products really lived up to their name... Made in the UK, Utopia Skincare was created by Chris Smith, an award-winning skincare formulation scientist who invented the patented anti-ageing antioxidant complex used in the renowned Boots’ No7 Protect and Perfect Serum. It has been specifically designed for women with mature skin, to help prevent signs of premature ageing before, during and after menopause. What make this range unique is cutting edge 'Adaptive Skincare Technology' which uses ingredients that literally adapt to the skin’s particular needs. The range also contain a pollution defence formula which claims to protect the skin from 'harmful environmental aggressors' that speed up the ageing process.  What makes Utopia’s product line stand out for us, is their Derma Complex which is a combination of eight ingredients that work together to create a more youthful looking complexion. This complex is able to penetrate down to the lower levels of the dermis and restore collagen and elastin fibres, thus reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. All of Utopia’s products are collagen boosting, pore refining, paraben free, and silicone free. They are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians

The first of the three products that we were sent was their Hydrating Day Cream. This advanced formula  contains retinol, SPF 30 and UVA protection to help prevent sun damage and other pollutants. Our skin definitely felt more hydrated throughout the day, but what really appealed to us was that it contains a lot of ceramides, sterols and other skin lipids; also the SPF in the cream which gives extra protection under make-up. It is easy to use, simply apply a pea-sized amount to your face and neck each morning. It also works well as a primer and lets the foundation just glide smoothly on.

The second product was their Nourishing Night Cream; this cream works to restore the skin to its optimum hydration level overnight and also removes dead skin cells. When applied to the face, the cream is instantly soothing, giving improve firmness and elasticity, we also liked the texture and smell. It works deep down at the dermal-epidermal and has three star ingredients; these are exopolysaccharide, vitamin E and ceramide-rich oat oil. Exopolysaccharide helps to rebuild skin, vitamin E absorbs toxic free radicals, and ceramide-rich oil brings hydrates the skin.

The final one of our trio is the Instant Firming Eye Serum it treats the under eye area, which is probably one of the most challenging areas of the face to repair. Utopia Skincare has formulated this Serum to help reduce dark circles, crows feet and puffiness. It contains pepha-tight to immediately reduce under eye bagsneodermyl which combined offers the best of the latest anti-ageing technologies. Utopia claims that when used over the course of two weeks, it has the same wrinkle reducing effect as that of a collagen injection! We can't vouch for this, but it did leave the eye area of our Exec Ed's plumped up and smoother.

You can purchase a 50ml tub of Utopia’s Hydrating Day Cream here for £34. A 50 ml tub of Utopia’s Nourishing Night Cream here for £34, and a 15 ml tube of Utopi­­­a’s Inst­­­­ant Firming Eye Serum here for £27.

AQ Skin Solutions

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Here at The Amazing Blog, we know how over time our skin can suffer, so we are always looking for new products that help bring back that youthful glow. So when we received the  Eye Serum and Active Serum from the award-winning Californian skincare brand AQ Skin Solutionswe couldn’t wait to try them out. AQ Skin Solutions was created by Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani who formulated this range by using cutting-edge technology (detailed here). He was inspired to start AQ Skin Solutions from conducting extensive work in medical applications of Growth Factors (GF) for healing wounded tissue and creating artificial skin grafts.

We first tried out the Eye Serum, the benefits of this product include smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, brighten the appearance of dark circles and reduce signs of puffiness around the eye area. What we particularly like about this moisturising formula, is that it feels gentle on the skin, they say that it also won't irritate even the most sensitive eyes. The concentrated GF technology blend stimulates collagen production for increased firmness, while several smoothing peptides help tighten and lift the skin. Through activation of the skin’s own damage repair processes, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. It increases micro-circulation and lightens the under-eye area and helps to clear up eye bags and dark circles. The product is non-greasy, which means it won't clog the pores. We also like the handy 15ml bottle and the sleek packaging.

We were also lucky enough to receive the Active Serum. The serum also contains stem-cell derived growth factors to renew and accelerate skin cell regeneration. This helps erase the signs of ageing and environmental damage for a firmer, smoother complexion. Daily use of the serum helps minimise the look of fine lines and wrinkles. We used it not only on our face but also on the neck and decolletage areas too. The GF technology contained in both of these products is also being used successfully for encouraging healthy hair growth, reducing the appearance of scars and shortening the healing time of burn wounds. They say about using this serum: "Optimal improvement to your skin is generally not reached until six weeks of daily use." We only managed three weeks, but were pleased with the results.

We're happy to say, that by using both these products our skin felt softer, eyes looked brighter and it helped to give us back a more glowing complexion. All AQ Skin Solutions products are paraben, sulfate and phthalate free as well as cruelty free. You can purchase the Eye Serum here for £99 and the Active Serum here for £157.


Soley 'birta Lift & Glow Serum'

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Overlooking serums in your beauty regime should be a thing of the past. If you keep up with us here at The Amazing Blog, you might remember we previously shared an amazing face mask from Soley Organics in our Friday Favourites, so we are thrilled to tell you about their birta Lift & Glow Serum. We also love a good story and Soley Organics has a wonderful history behind its creation. It was founded by the Icelandic actress Sóley Elíasdóttir, who was inspired by her great-great-grandmother's work as a healer. She then knew she wanted to take her family history and create skincare products that focus on using ingredients found in nature to heal the skin as her ancestors used to. 

This is why Soley uses Icelandic sourced ingredients in all of their skincare because they are known to work wonders on the skin. This serum contains Arctic sea buckthorn oil, which has been used for centuries for its medicinal and topical benefits. It is a miracle worker on the skin because it deeply nourishes every skin cell to prevent ageing and helps heal skin damage. It is also infused with Icelandic birch and yarrow, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to heal the skin as well as give it a beautiful radiant glow. We also really enjoy the subtle earthy and sweet citrus aromas this emits as we massage it into our skin.

The berta Lift & Glow Serum has the best results if used both morning and night or it can simply be added into your daily lotion to pack in as much moisture and vitamins at once. You can purchase this serum here for £54.

AG Skin Repair: Regenerative Serum & Anti-Ageing Collagen Serum


As our readers will know, we at The Amazing Blog are always on the lookout for new skincare brands. Having recently gone from freezing snow to milder conditions, in a matter of a few days, we need skincare products that offer both protection and healing for our delicate complexions. So when we found AG Skin Repair from California, whose products contain patented Silver chitosan and moisturising formulations, we knew we were in safe hands. AG Skin Repair currently produces five targeted skincare products: After Sun Lotion, Anti-Fatigue Serum, Tattoo Serum, Regenerative Serum and Anti-Ageing Collagen Serum; the latter two we have reviewed for you here today.

The Regenerative Serum is a moisturising formulation to help firm, heal and soothe skin. The product creates a protective barrier on the skin and promotes healing for UV damage. This serum helps to reverse environmental damage to skin and soften the appearance of scars old and new. The product contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) Chitosan (Poly-D-Glucosamine) which promotes rehydration of the skin and helps achieve a more youthful appearance. The patented technology incorporated in all the AG Skin Repair products is a technique whereby silver in the atomic form is bonded directly to a chitosan polymer chain. This produces a chitosan polymer film with a layer of silver literally a single atom thick, which helps prevent bacterial skin infections and creates a protective barrier on the skin. It’s safe to say that were obsessed with this product and can’t wait for the results progress!

We were also lucky enough to receive the Anti-Ageing Collagen Serum. The benefits of this product echo the Regenerative Serum, but with added collagen for a beautiful anti-ageing effect. The serum regenerates surface skin cells to create a smoother, firmer and more youthful skin. What we particularly liked about this serum as primer for our foundation, it gave our skin texture as smooth as silk. Our Executive Editor took this product with her on her travels to hot and dusty climes. She was impressed with how it performed not only protecting her skin from the harsh environment but also rapidly rehydrated her skin at the end of the day.

Both serums are designed and formulated to naturally accelerate the skin renewal process. They provide the damaged skin cells with a structure upon which new skin cells can grow onto and form healthy, regenerated skin. Tempted? You can purchase the Regenerative Serum here for £25 and the Anti-Ageing Collagen Serum here for £40.