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Real Kombucha

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Have you noticed that increasingly at events or in restaurants, where once there would be a choice of either red or white, or perhaps champagne with the non-alcoholic options of water or maybe juice sitting forlorn alongside? Well things have taken a welcome turn with some very exciting new offerings to tickle our taste buds whilst giving our livers the night off, welcome Real Kombucha.

This company has taken the concept and is firing it up to new heights. Real Kombucha was established in 2016 by David Begg, a self-proclaimed foodie who having given up the sauce, found that he missed the opportunity to pair various foods with something decent to drink. A family holiday to India provided the real impetus for developing a tea which would offer up similar depths of flavour that we enjoy in wine, but without the alcohol, that then could sit alongside different dishes. Working alongside Adrian Hodgson, an expert in nutrition, and Will Battle, a tea expert, this entrepreneurial team came up with three delicious choices: Dry Dragon, Royal Flush and Smoke House all who’s flavours are derived from the fermentation of high-end teas. Our favourite at The Amazing Blog, came in as Royal Flush, but that is probably because we are huge fans of Darjeeling, which is the primary ingredient here. But where this range stands out from the crowd is its versatility, not simply with any type of food, but also in opening up new avenues for cocktails, aperitifs and even desert wines, all alcohol free.

Got your interest? Then click here, if you order by 3pm, you’re promised our Real Kombucha will be with you the next day. The choice of a case of 6 or 12 bottles. As a starter, why not try the half-mixed case at £12.69 (6 bottles) so you can thoroughly enjoy each option? A case of 12 will cost £24.39 with delivery from £4.99

Friday Favourite - Deodorants

This Friday The Amazing Blog is featuring some of our favourite new deodorants. We know that this is not a particularly 'glamorous' subject; however, we certainly regard it as an essential one. We invest hundreds, if not thousands of pounds a year on creams, perfumes and cosmetics, but most of us still buy the same brand of deodorant that we’ve been using for years! Think about it this way, you’re not still using the same mascara brand that you were at 14, so why are you using the same deodorant? We've compiled this post to show you some new options. Whatever you are looking for in a deodorant, we think that have found the perfect product for you.


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The first on our list is a deodorant for men. 31st State is an amazing brand based in California (hence the name). Their products are inspired by the diverse Californian landscape, such as beaches, forests and mountains, where things seem a little less complex. As such they have created products to help make life as clean and effortless as possible. All of their products are designed for sensitive skin with no stinging or irritation. They are full of active ingredients, inspired by nature, designed to fight bacteria and soothe, with their well thought out ingredients.

Their roll-on deodorant is aluminium free and uses two strong anti-bacterial ingredients. The first is zinc which fights unwanted odours, together with silver, to combat microbes. Silver also acts as an effective anti-inflammatory and natural disinfectant. The product has a delicate masculine musk that is incredibly refreshing and promises not to overpower you like some other brands do. This is the perfect deodorant for the guy on the go and will keep you smelling good all day. Purchase it here for £5.99.


Next we have a spray deodorant specifically for women; The Damascene Rose Deodorant from the very special Spanish organic brand, Irati Organic.  Their ingredients are gathered from the farm of their parent company Josenea, a non-profit organisation who produce organic food and plants for all their healthcare and cosmetics brands. Key organic ingredients include rosa damascena flower water, pelargonium graveolens flower oil, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil and salvia lavandulifolia leaf oil.

This deodorant is 100% free of aluminium, parabens, preservatives, dyes and synthetic perfumes making it ideal for those with sensitive underarms. The product uses essential oils to help neutralise any bad odours. It is extremely effective, with a gentle rose fragrance that isn't in the least bit overwhelming (unlike many others...) and scored as a big hit with our Exec Editor. It comes in an elegant glass bottle which merits display on any perfume shelf or vanity table. Simply spray under your arms and have a beautiful floral and fresh scent all day. You can purchase this deodorant here for roughly 11,95 €, (it is worth noting that while the prices are in Euros, the site uses PayPal).


For those of you who want to use an organic and natural roll-on deodorant, you have to try Deo Sensitiv from Giilnea Bio Organic. It is an innovative unisex product with powerful deodorising and anti-bacterial action. The product is alcohol-free and aluminium free using zinc, as well as rosemary-leaf extract and other active natural ingredients. The product is kind to the skin and will leave you feeling and smelling fresh all day long. It has a light, crisp and floral scent that reminds us of summer breezes. It does have a thicker consistency than you may be used to, but because it is a roll on, it is easily distributed across your skin. Purchase it here for £9.70.



Next on our list is the Deo Roll-on from Benecos which is another natural deodorant. We tried the Apricot and Elderflower fragrance which is very different to any other deodorant scent we have tried. Usually, deodorants are either fragrance-free or have a floral bouquet but they very rarely incorporate fruity scents like this one. What we love about this product is that the bottle is clear so you can see exactly how much is left. We think this would be a great product for a young adult new to the world of deodorant. The product is gentle and lets you perspire naturally while caring for the skin. You can purchase it here for £4.95.  

We hope that we have provided with some 'fragrant inspiration' and helped to save you from ruining any more of your beautiful dresses or shirts!

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Burgundy Spring

We at The Amazing Blog adore trying out unique makeup products, so when Rouge Bunny Rouge sent us their Burgundy Spring gift set, we were excited. The set includes a blush wand, a shimmery quartz eyeliner and, most excitingly, a deep wine-red mascara.

Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS is the perfect mascara for anyone looking for long, curvy and voluminous lashes, with a twist. The mascara with its unique colour gives you a natural yet intense look. The colour adds a little touch of originality to your everyday makeup. The colour will suit every skin colour and really make eyes pop. The UBIQUITOUS mascara is much more than it's burgundy colour; it is made with a unique formulation including paraffin Wax, carnauba wax, beeswax and silk proteins. Together these ingredients give a very soft texture and consistency to the product and help protect lashes. The mascara is long lasting and is also alcohol and fragrance-free, making it ideal for sensitive eyes.

The Blush Wand is our favourite blush that transcends the seasons. The creamy blush gives you a natural and glowy look on a hot summer day, but also gives the cheeks a gorgeous autumnal plummy colour when applied more liberally. The blush is easily blendable and buildable; it glides smoothly onto the cheeks leaving a colourful natural stain. Not only is this product an amazing blush that instantly brightens your face in just a swipe, but it is also infused with high-quality ingredients including jojoba oil and spherical powders. What we love about this product is that it is multi-use; it can also be applied on the lips and eyes. It is the perfect product to put in your daily makeup bag for busy mornings.

The liner is ideal for those of you who like to sport a bolder look. The Quartz Eyeliner is made from particles of artificial quartz giving it an enchanting deep blue colour. The formula is amazing, in that the water based formula makes it easy to apply and it dries quickly for day-long staying power, without smudging. It is also very pigmented and instantly transforms your look into a powerful and mysterious one.

The Burgundy Spring gift set is limited edition, but luckily it is still available here for €60 (approximately £55). Unfortunately, all of Rouge Bunny Rouge's prices are in Euro's, but you can still purchase them if you live in the UK.