Morris & Co Travel Wallet

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Amid all the political hoohaa that we are currently having to wade through on a daily basis, one issue that seems to be taking on an increasing amount of importance is … of course, what colour are our passports going to be post-Brexit? The burgundy red leather will clearly be phased out, and the suggestion is we will have to start co-ordinating our kit with something blue - but what kind of blue? Have these choices been made already? Perhaps the powers that be, have one or two more issues higher on the national interest list, but for those of us wanting to be prepared, it is important.

Which is where we at The Amazing Blog think that this rather glorious wallet from Morris & Co. comes in, which by-passes all the potential shades of blue/red/pink or even purple hues that may in fact be ultimately chosen for our pocket books of identity verification. As with all things Morris, the trademark printed packaging perfectly presents this travelling must-have - we have the ‘Acanthus’ version here which is then replicated in the lining of the wallet allowing the essence of design to flow through this product from beginning to end.

This William and Morris design wallet is just one of many gift sets that are available from Heathcote & Ivory who’s style embraces the world of interior design and the great British outdoors, simply making it part of everyday life. Every product is designed or formulated in London, and their collections are a confident mix of bright colours, floral patterns in both vintage and modern styles; with attention given to every detail - which is the distinctive hallmark of this brand. With spaces for your credit cards as well as the all-important passport, we can edit down those bulky travel companions of days gone by which end up needing extra overhead locker space once we have squeezed all the essentials in. This version is streamlined elegance which can happily nestle in your bag or suit pocket without screaming to the world ‘it’s in here somewhere!’

William Morris of course was one of the greatest figures of the Arts & Craft Movement and, should we choose to, we can be greeted with exceptional examples of his work and design philosophy at every turn, from houses that he designed, to the vast archive of wall coverings and fabrics which went inside them. Synonymous with a game changing time period in Victorian Britain, the work and values, which he pushed forward. All of which can be seen being reinvented and adapted to our modern way of life, thanks to the exciting path the Morris & Company team are following.

This little wallet represents so much more than just a pretty cover for our passport - it is a symbol of some of the best creativity in our design heritage. And whoever said that good design must cost the earth needs to eat their words, as at £24 or thereabouts, this is a steal! Available from here at Heathcote Ivory, or from stockists like John Lewis & Partners.

LOLA - Ultra Shine Nail Varnish


Nail polish is the quickest (and chicest) way to change up your look from day to night, and from season to season. As we at The Amazing Blog make our way through these colourful autumnal days, we have handpicked a select few nail polish shades from LOLA Make Up by Perse to share with you. This isn’t the first time we have come across this Luxembourg cosmetics brand, we previously tried a range of their face and lip products (see here). We were therefore excited to try their nail polishes, which like their other products, are both professional and cruelty free. With numerous shades and an incredible formula, their nail polishes are affordable, and we found that they delivered a great manicured look.

The go-to classic shades we chose were: Plum Pudding and Nude. Both are from the #10 Free Formula range (a range free from chemicals like Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toulene, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene and TPHP). The Plum Pudding is a stunning medium berry shade that is perfect for a classic pop of colour, especially complementing our autumnal wardrobe. Nude is a light and delicate ballet-slipper pink shade. It leaves a subtle colour on the nails that is incredibly chic and with a couple of coats make a opaque base for the ever-so classic French tip.

We also received the Infinite Nail Gloss; a multipurpose base and top coat that helps to nourish and add a high gloss, ensuring that your LOLA colour will last. We used it on its own for a simple clear glossy look. However, it is specifically formulated to be applied with the LOLA nail polishes to help give a perfect home manicure.

These nail polishes apply with ease and the colours apply as a block and not streaky. We particularly liked that you only need apply one coat of polish (the Nude is an exception) as it gives a higher luminosity and intensity. Due to their special formula, with Gloss Seal’R, a patented technology - LOLA nail polish is an economical choice. The formula gives instant gloss from the moment of application, concealing it and preserving it up to 11 days as a glossy manicure. It also has a permeable film - a formula with a porous film that allows water and air permeability for your nails, engineered for a fluid and high gloss look that lasts. We mustn’t forget to mention that their entire nail polish range is 100% vegan. The LOLA Make Up by Perse #10 Free Formula Polishes in Plum Pudding is available here and the Nude is available here, both for £6.95, while the Infinite Nail Gloss is available here for £7.95.

Devon Distillery - Gin and Dappa


When the chance of a trip to Devon is on the cards, we at The Amazing Blog never need to be asked twice … our bags are packed and our walking boots are in place to explore the not so little piece of heaven we have here on the South Coast. When such a trip is centred around the world of Gin and Dappa, then we are there in a heartbeat.

Yes, you did read that correctly - Gin and Dappa, which like the inspiredly named Devoncello, sit proudly as the creations of The Devon Distillery, the first and only micro-distillery based here on our very own English Riviera. How refreshing to discover a company which extols the virtues of their British heritage, and celebrates the grapes grown from our own soil, in vineyards such as Sharpham, Bolney and Three Choirs? Although the original tipples may be from the Veneto area of Italy - notably Grappa and Lemoncello, our friends at The Devon Distillery have created something uniquely British and are offering their wares up as a new take on the after-dinner drink or cocktail. They also slipped us a limited edition Sloe Gin to try, which at this time of year certainly helps to ‘warm the cockles of one’s heart’.

Perhaps the only part which isn’t British made is the original and handcrafted Italian copper pot still which is placed firmly at the centre of this industrious team. At a time when we Brits are getting a bit of a bashing (which we can take btw) on many fronts, The Amazing Blog reckons a bit of unashamed boasting about a real success story for our country is certainly in order.

Cosmo Caddy founded the company in December 2012, and their first vintage of Dappa was completed the following October, and as with any venture of this kind, a huge amount of development and research has gone down in bringing each product to the marketplace. They should all be justly proud as punch in fact, for taking what is essentially a waste product of the winemaking process and turning it into something rather glorious for us all to enjoy. They also have a Devon Gin School Session that peaked our interest! Here you can make your own delectable concoctions they have 2 Sessions Per Day 7 Days a Week. All Sessions Start at 11am & 3pm, 4 Still Slots for up to 2 people per still per session. From £65 a session we think that this is the perfect gift for all aspiring distillers.

The Dappa is a particular favourite, and fits so effortlessly into the range, being offered up to us at various food festivals. You can, of course, find it through the Devon Distillery website here, where various sizes and gift sets are available. These range in price from £6.50 to £40, for which you're guaranteed something truly special.

Body Hydrator - Noble Isle

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At the Amazing Blog, it’s no secret that we are always on the hunt for the the best products that are right for our reader's skin. We recently discovered a wonderful luxury brand that we all adore in the office: Noble Isle. We particularly enjoyed thair Body Hydrator which refreshed and moisturised our skin.

The Body Hydrator is truly marvellous! It is a light gel based moisturiser that cools and tones when applied, helping to nourish and refresh your skin. With a delectable scent, the product quickly absorbs into the skin, smoothing it while leaving the light and divine fragrance of bittersweet rhubarb. This product has a unique twist as it's extracted from a rhubarb farm in the Yorkshire Triangle, giving it all the goodness of Britain in the bottle.

Noble Isle has a broad and diverse range of beauty products, including bath and shower gels and their own exclusive range of home fragrances that we highly reccomend exploring!

Purchase this product here for £25.

Laboratory Perfumes


As regular readers of The Amazing Blog will know we love to patronise all things British. So what better find than a ‘Made in England’ perfume. Imagine our joy having searched far and wide to find a new and usual British fragrance only to find that this one was quite literally right under our noses (excuse the pun). Enter Laboratory Perfumes whose aim has been to create a range of perfumes which evoke a strong sense of place. They have produced two fragrances No001 Gorse and No 002 Amber both of which they say are “Inspired by the flora of the countryside, these are both two clean, pure and modern fragrances, evocative of nature”.

My favourite is No001 Gorse – it is a heady fragrance that is quite understated and a little hard to define; even its appearance is minimalist and clean. There’s certainly no generalisations or classification with this Gorse fragrance so forget trying to put it in a generic a box. It is a standalone fragrance – individual to the last, which is why I love it! Floral and fruity but not sweet, it's very mood enhancing and reminds me of a very fresh and breezy sunny day. As we all know every fragrance smells completely different on each person. When I spray it on me it has a complex combination with a hint of coconut, the tiniest trace of cardamom with a large dash of citrus. The elegant clear glass bottles and candle beakers echo the origins of the traditional perfumer’s laboratory together with the packaging in its understated brown cylindrical box.

So why not sit back and spray your Laboratory Perfume of choice and imagine a heathland walk, a stroll along a tidal estuary or summer’s day with friends on a quiet pebble beach. Because if these perfumes were a place, they’d probably be a heritage coast of East Anglia or Pembrokeshire. What better way to cheer yourself up in preparation for the grey skies and forthcoming inclement autumnal weather. Laboratory Perfume are priced at £48 are available online and from nationwide outlets including Liberty’s.