Face and Body Salvation by Dr Bragi

There are many different skin care routines out there, but no matter which you subscribe to The Amazing Blog believes you should always include the necessary three; cleanse, tone and moisturise. As such we are always looking for innovative new brands that can join this trio and act as a base for our routines. While searching for a new product we came across Dr Bragi and their Face and Body Salvation. The brilliant toning effects of this mist means it works brilliantly as a toner as part of a routine or on its own as a quick pick me up, as it left our skin looking hydrated and healthy all day long.

The Icelandic brand is inspired by the countries unique marine life and the enzymes that inhabit the islands surrounding ocean.  Dr Bragi discovered the benefits of marine enzymes when researching their effects at healing wounds, and decided their healing abilities would be incredibly efficient when applied to skincare.  In the case of the mist, the enzymes help to leave skin looking supple and bright all day. The enzyme’s exfoliating action works to target any pesky patches of dry skin, it targets any hyper-pigmentation and leaves skin deeply hydrated.

It couldn’t be simpler to use, just spray the mist evenly over the face and body and massage in. We can’t imagine our mornings without this mist; it has left us looking younger, brighter and suppler.

This is a must have mist and can be purchased here for £80.00

Body Hydrator - Noble Isle

noble isle.jpg

At the Amazing Blog, it’s no secret that we are always on the hunt for the the best products that are right for our reader's skin. We recently discovered a wonderful luxury brand that we all adore in the office: Noble Isle. We particularly enjoyed thair Body Hydrator which refreshed and moisturised our skin.

The Body Hydrator is truly marvellous! It is a light gel based moisturiser that cools and tones when applied, helping to nourish and refresh your skin. With a delectable scent, the product quickly absorbs into the skin, smoothing it while leaving the light and divine fragrance of bittersweet rhubarb. This product has a unique twist as it's extracted from a rhubarb farm in the Yorkshire Triangle, giving it all the goodness of Britain in the bottle.

Noble Isle has a broad and diverse range of beauty products, including bath and shower gels and their own exclusive range of home fragrances that we highly reccomend exploring!

Purchase this product here for £25.

CoolHerbals - CoolSlim Body Wrap

Although we always have the best intention of toning up our bikini bodies, summer often comes and goes without a jot of difference to our physiques. Obviously, here at The Amazing Blog, we feel that it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin, whatever your size, but we do often wish we looked a little less wobbly in a swimming costume! So when CoolHerbals sent the CoolSlim Body Wrap to the office, we were all keen to see if it had the toning effect we so long for.

Promising a firm, slimmer look, the Body Wrap kit contains Wrap Paste, Skin Firming Lotion, as well as Arm, Thigh and Stomach Belts. Packed with Gophichand Clay, which helps to draw out toxins, as well as mineral enriched Marine Extracts, ideal for stimulating circulation, the kit was surprisingly easy to use. Applying the paste to our wobbly areas, we then wrapped ourselves in the fabric belts, and waited for a mere 30 minutes. After feeling the heating effect, and washing off the excess paste, we applied the Skin Firming Lotion, and were pleasantly surprised by how much firmer our skin looked. Although we’re not too sure this would work as a long-term solution, the kit was perfect for those one off days where you wanted to look your best.

Tone up and feel great with the CoolHerbals Body Wrap Kit. You can buy it here for £44.95.