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Winterland evenings in London

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If the February weather has you feeling down, look no further than an evening at Winterland in Fulham to lift your spirits! We here at The Amazing Blog are always on the hunt for a fun and unique way to spend a night out with friends and loved ones, so when we heard that Winterland was re-opening their doors due to popular demand, we knew we had to book our tickets straight away.

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This event is the perfect way to impress someone on a date night by dining in an igloo that overlooks the river or even just another way to gather up all your friends for an unforgettable night out. Step into the enchanted forest and explore a world full of delicious wood-fired pizzas and fondues, while you warm-up with hot toddies or mulled wine. Of course, there is a full bar so you can be sure to find a drink to suit your tastes. 

Once you’ve satisfied your cravings, you can then head on down for a round of mini-golf. If that isn’t your cup of tea, gather up a team for a game of curling or even try out a game of ping-pong and then beer (or Prosecco) pong; perfect for a duo. And what better way to end a night out than singing along to your favorite songs in their new Karaoke booth.


Winterland is open February 2nd – March 10th from 6pm-11pm on Thursday and Friday and 2pm-11pm on Saturday. General entry tickets are available in limited amounts at the door for £5 per person, but we think it’s best to book entry tickets as well as seating and activities, which vary in price, online here in advance to guarantee the best spot!


Fusion range by Repechage

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At The The Amazing Blog, Repechage is one of our professional skincare discoveries. We particularly like their brand ethos and values of creating natural, organic and high-quality products. Launched in USA during 1980, the founder Lydia Sarfati's commitment has been to provide innovative and effective skincare products and treatments that actually work. The brand's latest range is the Fusion collection. These are formulated with freshly-harvested seaweed combined with matcha green tea, chocolate, pumpkin/vanilla, mixed berry, aloe and coconut oil. We were excited to receive the trio set from this range with their Chocofina Moisturizing Mask, the All Natural Face and Body Wash and the All Natural Face Moisturiser.

The Chocofina Moisturizing Mask has a delicious chocolatey fragrance which smells almost good enough to eat! This creamy chocolate mask helps to give the skin silky soft feel. Enriched with cocoa oil, coconut oil, seaweed, kaolin clay, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid this mask works to promote moisturise. The cocoa and coconut oil are well-known for their nourishing properties while hyaluronic acid and seaweed boost collagen production and enhance the skin with essential vitamins and minerals. Together these  ingredients make a highly nutritious mask that leaves the skin looking luminous.

The Fusion All Natural Face and Body Wash is a gentle foaming wash which helps to create a relaxing spa at home experience. The face and body wash is infused with olive, coconut and palm oils and has highly hydrating ingredients which are infused with the brands exclusive Laminaria complex. This cleanses the skin and body from all impurities and leaves it beautifully scented. The face and body wash is suitable for all skin types and is available in two different sizes.

As our readers will know, we at The Amazing Blog are firm believers in the benefits of natural and organic ingredients in beauty products. We were therefore only too happy to experience the Repechage Fusion All Natural Face Moisturiser. This moisturiser is formulated with only natural ingredients, including coconut oil, aloe vera, chamomile, vanilla and rooibos tea extract. The rich soufflé formula delivers velvety soft skin, while coconut oil and aloe vera feed and repair skin, while the chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory and protects skin from irritation. All Repechage products are paraben free and not tested on animals.

You can purchase the mask here for £24, the full size face and body wash is available here for £24.50, the travel size here for £8.25   and the moisturiser can be purchased here for £22.25.  


Health Supplements - Friday Favourites

At The Amazing Blog we know that beauty is not actually skin-deep and also comes from deep within. So it is important to look after your whole body in order to feel healthier, happier and more beautiful. With this in mind we have compiled a few of our favourite health supplements that will have you feeling, looking and being the best that you can be in no time.What is more, all of these products are so easy to add to your everyday routine that soon you won’t be able to live without them.


First on our list is the ever brilliant Kiki Health. We love this brand and actually featured them a few months ago in a blog post about healthy snacks. Today, however, we will be telling you about their superb supplement, called Natures Living Superfood. This product is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine and once you read more about it, we’re sure you will be as obsessed with it as we are!

Designed to support your daily nutritional needs, Nature’s Living Superfood is made from 34 carefully selected ingredients, consisting of plant juices, algaes, enzymes, sea vegetables and bacterial cultures. Not only is this made of entirely natural whole food ingredients but it is absolutely full of probiotics, all of which help aid the body in absorbing the nutrients it needs for digestive support.

You simply need to take ½ a teaspoon a day, which can increase to 1 teaspoon over time, and that’s it. The supplement can be added to a smoothie for an extra boost, or added to a glass of water and enjoyed by itself. We think it's a delicious addition on top of a salad. Suitable for vegans and wholly organic there is nothing we don’t love about this product.

You can buy Kiki Health's Nature's Living Superfood supplement here from only £7.00.

The next product to get you feeling beautiful on the inside and out comes from Terranova. Terranova has designed a wonderful Living Multinutrient Complex capsule. These capsules are a holistic innovation as the product uses whole, unadulterated, phytonutrient-rich foods and botanicals. With each ingredient having been carefully selected for its potential to fulfil particular functions the product has been designed to give you the best multipurpose protection.

Terranova have come up with the idea of synergistic nutrition which, simply put, means that each supplement and blend is holistically and synergistically designed for maximum absorption capacity in the body – so you will be able to absorb more of the important nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

These little capsules are perfect for those who feel tired in the day time or for those who have a tendency to catch colds. The ingredients help boost your immune system and are packed with antioxidants. All you have to do is take three a day, one with each meal, and you should begin to feel incredible effects within a few weeks. For more information, have a look at Living Nutrition's blog entry on the product - It's amazing what feremented turmeric can achieve!

You can purchase Living Multinutrient Complex capsules here for £27.25

Lastly, but by absolutely no means least, Living Nutrition’s Turmeric capsules. Turmeric Alive is known as ‘the king of herbs’ because of its powerful medicinal properties. The main component of the herb is curcumin, and it’s this that causes the wonderful health effects that taking turmeric daily will give you.

Turmeric Alive is an excellent supplement for many reasons, but particularly if you suffer from arthritis or joint problems as it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. It has also been shown to reduce your risk of heart and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. If these aren’t reasons enough to encourage you to begin taking turmeric, then you should also know that it has been shown to help the body in preventing cancer.

This particular brand of supplement is truly remarkable because Living Nutrition uses fermentation to help activate the properties in their herbs. The process of fermentation helps the body absorb and digest more of the beneficial nutrients in the food. By fermenting their turmeric Living Nutrition have produced a product that not only helps the body absorb more of the turmeric, but also lets this happen in a natural way. The problem with most other turmeric supplements is that they try to unnaturally increase its effect and the digestive system and body is unable to handle this. Living Nutrition’s product on the other hand is completely safe but still has enhanced effects. If you are interested in the product and want more information, have a look at Living Nutrition's blog entry on the product - It's amazing what feremented turmeric can achieve!

You can purchase Living Nutrition’s Turmeric capsules here for £24.99