Nunaïa's Nourishing Radiance Serum

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Spring has sprung, and the year seems to be flying by! This provoked a question in the office, how often do we take the time to switch off completely? It seems we do so very infrequently at The Amazing Blog, a revelation that has pushed us to think more consciously about including wellbeing rituals into our daily routines. When Nunaïa introduced their brand to us, we quickly realised it was the perfect way to do so with our skincare. Sharing our concerns for living in the fast lane, founder Nicola Connolly has created a brand focused on ritual, wellbeing and health – so you can imagine that we were eager to try their philosophy for ourselves. Not only that, but this seedling company are truly a great discovery, as they were recently awarded ‘winners’ in the category of The Best Facial Oil for Dry Skin in the prestigious 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Nicola believes that there are means and ways of bringing greater meaning and balance. Through travels to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuadorian Amazon and Andes Mountains of Peru, she discovered a unique and balanced way of life; one in which nature, wisdom of the land and oneself could live harmoniously. More simply, she realised that her work/life balance was somewhat out of sync, driving her goal to create a skincare brand that would bring intention and meaning into people’s lives (and glowing skin as a result of this). This is where Nunaïa was born – providing raw, living and superfood products from ‘Soil to Skin’.

We couldn’t wait to try their star product: Nourishing Radiance Serum; a vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested serum, containing top-notch ingredients. These include sacha inchi, maracuja, chia and avocado – rich in essential plant actives and sourced uniquely from both the Peruvian Rainforest and Andes Mountains. We particularly love the texture of this oil; it has a perfect juxtaposition of a rich oil with a non-greasy finish, helping to soothe redness and inflammation simultaneously. Thanks to the use of vitamins A, B, C and E, our skin felt smoother and nourished after use, and if that’s not enough, the concoction of ingredients also protects against pollution, and both UV and blue lights. The packaging is also eye-catching, the serum itself is in a delicate glass bottle, encased in a mint green box. Nicole has thought of everything!

To use this oil, we recommend using every night after cleansing. If you have dry skin (or are taking the time to pamper yourself one weekend morning) then it is also a treat for a dehydrated complexion. You can purchase Nunaïa's bottle of goodness for 79 Euros Here. Enjoy!

Emma Gunn's Never Mind The Burdocks

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Do you have a passion for flowers or plants? Or perhaps you dream of having a lovely garden one day? While most people aren’t born with a green thumb, there is an increasing interest in nature, especially amongst us at The Amazing Blog. We love having flowers and plants in every room, but jazzing up a space shouldn’t be limited to putting flowers in a vase. This is something we discovered from the wisdom of Emma Gunn’s Never Mind the Burdocks: A Year Of Foraging in the British Isles’ - three books with the aim to encourage a better understanding of nature and survival, offering advice to protect our everyday spaces. After all, the more we understand, the better equipped we are.

The trio compromises of three books for three seasons: Spring (March-May), Autumn (September-November) and Winter (December-February). Each book is split into the number of days relating to the time frame, providing a different edible item each day. These range from mushrooms, to plants and fish. What we particularly like about the books, is the layout, providing a wide range of information, from scientific names, to origins and common uses. By focussing on a different foraging item each day, you quickly gain a vast amount of knowledge, including where to find the item, the edibility (rated from 1-5) and common lookalikes.

The Spring edition focuses on the common young tender leaves and spring flowers. As with the other books, common anecdotes and recipes are provided, with a vast amount of educational photographs. The Autumn edition includes commonly found funghi, fruits and nut, whereas you’ll find the Winter edition includes many root items. All three books contain a glossary of common (and uncommon) terms, and the Autumn guide has a handy tips and tricks section with visual funghi guides. Emma Gunn has thought of it all!

We have certainly enjoyed learning more about foraging! If this is something of interest to you too, then Emma Gunn’s Never Mind the Burdocks trio is available to purchase via Amazon. You’ll find the Spring and Winter editions available for £12.99, and the slightly thicker Autumn edition for £13.99. You’ll be foraging experts in no time!

Drasanvi - Chia Seeds and Collmar-Cao

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As we make our way further into 2018, it’s easy to forget those resolutions we made back in January. No matter what your goal for the year is, it’s never too late to add a health kick to your list, as it’s usually around this time of year when we need to give our body that little boost from Mother Nature. At The Amazing Blog, our secret to maintaining our health and keeping our energy levels up is the Drasanvi Chia Seeds and the chocolate drink Collmar-CaoDrasanvi is a Spanish brand that has been producing high-quality food supplements for over 20 years and we already know we adore their Collmar Marine Collagen line, so we can say with certainty it's a brand we trust. Their teams are made up of biologists, chemists and nutritionists constantly researching to improve the formulas of their products or to find new ways of extracting natural active ingredients from plants, fruits and minerals.

Collmar-Cao is a food supplement made with pure cacao. This drink powder is enriched with vitamins C, B2, B6, B12 as well as magnesium, calcium, iron and marine collagen. Therefore it's not just super yummy but also benefits your whole body and well-being. The Collmar-Cao is also packed with proteins and minerals, which will boost your metabolism and combat fatigue. The chocolatey flavour makes it an ideal addition to your breakfast; just add to your milk of choice, hot or cold, stir, and enjoy. 

The Chia Seeds are a must have superfood for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to get in some much needed nutrients. Chia Seeds are naturally packed with vitamins, Omega 3, 6, 9 and minerals including iron and magnesium. In addition to being a great source of fibre and protein, these seeds have a delightfully subtle nutty flavour that goes well with a wide range of recipes. Simply add them to your daily oatmeal, smoothie, and even juices or soak them and watch as they expand into a gel that is perfect for baking. The seeds are free from sugar, preservatives and colouring and have earned their superfood title for a reason.

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and getting it in is key to leading a healthy lifestyle, which is why we adore how easy both of these supplements make it for us to achieve our goals. You can purchase the Chia Seeds here for £9.95 and the Collmar-Cao here for £14.95.