Virgin Olive

LOVO Coconut Vodka

We’re about to tell you something that’s hard to believe. The Amazing Blog is just going crazy with healthy vodka! All possible if the drink is from LOVO.

Everybody knows that vodka is the lowest calorie spirit and this already sounds just right; but what happens when vodka and coconut water meet? Starting from this idea, Lovo launched a new, health conscious way of drinking.

How many times have you given up that extra drink because the sugar intake would have been too much? You won’t need to worry about that anymore, as the Lovo coconut vodka contains the right amount of spirit along with all the natural elements from Thai coconut water.
Once we’ve opened the bottle, we’ve been hugged by a sweet and sparkling wave. Bubbles everywhere, it looked like a party! And we are so glad that all the sugary taste only comes from natural grape sugar.
Creating a sparkling mix of ingredients good for your body, leaving space for a little indulgent moment, we think this is the best idea ever.

To drink Lovo vodka at its best, serve in a glass full of ice and Lovo right out of the freezer and garnish with a wedge of lime. Gain your happy life; buy Lovo Coconut Vodka here for £2.95.

The Groovy Food Company's Omega High Five Cooking Oil

At The Amazing Blog we love cooking  and everyday we gather around the dining table to have lunch, and we can't help but to try each other's food and judge our colleagues' cooking skills. In my attempt to eat healthily, I realized that not only the ingredients of the final dish should be of a good quality, but the base ingredients aswell. Using the right oil or butter is essential, not only for the taste but for your own health too. When I came across with The Groove Food Company's Omega High Five Cooking Oil, I felt that my mission of leading a healthy lifestyle was being accomplished little by little.

Tagged as a "nutritious oil", the Omega High Five Cooking Oil is the perfect blend of five virgin fruit and seed oils rich in omega acids 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E: camelina, avocado, virgin olive, oleic sunflower and toasted sesame seeds oil. The final result is a luxurious cooking oil that keeps its flavour and goodness even at high temperatures. We've tried the Omega High Five Cooking Oil with nearly everything: pasta, rice, salads, fries, meat dishes... and even though its taste isn't the one you'd expect from a cooking oil (you can definitely tell it contains sesame seed oil even though the taste is subtle), the final dish is tasty and contains no processed or bad quality added oils.

The Groovy Food Company's Omega High Five Cooking Oil is suitable for everyone but it does however, contain sesame seeds. This fabulous and nutritious cooking oil is widely available at Tesco, Sainsbury's and at select healthfood retailers for £6.99 the 500 ml bottle.