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Udo's Choice - Ultimate Oil Blend

blog template Udo's Choice - Ultimate Oil Blend is a  product that I’ve been a fan of for quite a few years. And I’ve been trying to convince my fellow Amazing Blog-gers to take their daily teaspoons of Udos too. Alas, (until now) it has fallen on deaf ears…  they are fed up with me being a terrible bore banging the drum about putting more good oils into their bodies. Flax seed oil is my No 1 hero oil (Udo's key ingredient) and I’ll tell you why.  Having had a childhood in the wilds of Northamptonshire riding (and falling off) crazy horses I’ve sustained a whole host of injuries that keep coming back to haunt me. I’d roll out of bed each morning unable to move – hips hurting and legs not working. Then a nutritionist friend recommended taking regular amounts of Udo's Oil. And I kid you not, within 10 days I noticed a remarkable difference… and I now positively glide out of bed!

However, I want to point out that Udo's Choice is not just good for oiling damaged joints, it has a phenomenal combination of cold pressed organic oils containing Omega 3, 6, & 9 Fatty acids. These all help to make your hair and nails grow as well as keeping your skin supple and rehydrated.  I actually love drizzling it over rice or steamed veg, it tastes really nutty and delicious – in fact I’ve even made mayonnaise combining it with lemon too. To me the Omega 3’s are magical. Not only do they play an integral part in repairing our cell membranes, they also moisturise the skin from within. There are quite a few celebrity fans including top make-up artist Jemma Kidd, broadcaster Janey Lee Grace and nutritionists Amanda Hamilton. Still not convinced?

Then you should consider doing the Udos Choice 6 Week Challenge. This is when you buy two bottles of Udo's Choice online to use, and then each week they will email you with a selection of recipes ideas to give you lots of inspiration. After the 6 weeks, Udos will send you a gentle reminder to share your views and to let them know how you got on. The best bit is that as a thank you they will send you a gift voucher for £3 off your next 500ml bottle. Now that can’t be bad!  Priced at 500ml bottle £19.99, 250ml bottle £10.99 or  90 x 1000ml capsules £18.99 it is available with FREE delivery online.

The Groovy Food Company's Omega High Five Cooking Oil

At The Amazing Blog we love cooking  and everyday we gather around the dining table to have lunch, and we can't help but to try each other's food and judge our colleagues' cooking skills. In my attempt to eat healthily, I realized that not only the ingredients of the final dish should be of a good quality, but the base ingredients aswell. Using the right oil or butter is essential, not only for the taste but for your own health too. When I came across with The Groove Food Company's Omega High Five Cooking Oil, I felt that my mission of leading a healthy lifestyle was being accomplished little by little.

Tagged as a "nutritious oil", the Omega High Five Cooking Oil is the perfect blend of five virgin fruit and seed oils rich in omega acids 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E: camelina, avocado, virgin olive, oleic sunflower and toasted sesame seeds oil. The final result is a luxurious cooking oil that keeps its flavour and goodness even at high temperatures. We've tried the Omega High Five Cooking Oil with nearly everything: pasta, rice, salads, fries, meat dishes... and even though its taste isn't the one you'd expect from a cooking oil (you can definitely tell it contains sesame seed oil even though the taste is subtle), the final dish is tasty and contains no processed or bad quality added oils.

The Groovy Food Company's Omega High Five Cooking Oil is suitable for everyone but it does however, contain sesame seeds. This fabulous and nutritious cooking oil is widely available at Tesco, Sainsbury's and at select healthfood retailers for £6.99 the 500 ml bottle.