Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash Mascara, Watts Up! Highlighter & They’re Real! Push-Up Liner

Although we often champion smaller brands here at The Amazing Blog, and love to discover hidden beauty gems, sometimes we feel it’s only right to rave about the well-known brands that are certainly worth the hype. Here in the office, we have a bit of a penchant for all things Benefit, so when they sent over some of their best loved beauty products, we were positively jumping for joy.

First in our bag of goodies was the Roller Lash Mascara. The brand’s latest release, it has been all the rage here in London, and for good reason. Designed to work as a hair roller would, the cute pink wand is equipped with tiny hooks, which lift and curl the lashes, negating the need for eyelash curlers. As well as looking more wide-eyed, we loved how fluttery and soft it made our lashes look. It’s the perfect addition to a girly make-up look.

As much as we loved the mascara, our favourite product was Benefit’s classic highlighter, Watts Up! We adore a glowing complexion, and find this to be perfect for giving a soft focus shimmer to our visage. Nothing says old Hollywood glamour like a screen siren glow. As strobing is the latest craze, what better product is there to invest in than this. 

Last but not least, Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-Up Liner takes a bit of getting used to, but with a bit of practice, it’s a great tool for creating a feline flick. The thing that impressed us most was just how black it is. There’s nothing worse than ‘black’ eyeliners that are actually slightly grey, or have a bit of a translucent pay off. This liner is jet black as can be, and a perfect consistency for staying put all day long.

You’ll surely benefit from one of these fabulous products. Treat yourself to the Roller Lash Mascara here for £19.50, the Watts Up! Highlighter for £24.50 or the They’re Real! Push-Up Liner for £18.50.

Nourish - Gold Glow Body Shimmer

Shimmer Blog image copy.jpg

Need a little sparkle in your life to truly get the week going? Something new and exciting that we have discovered here at The Amazing Blog is the idea of highlighters. Now that we have been educated on how to use them the correct way, they have become a very essential part of our daily make up routine. That being said, we were ecstatic when we found out that the highlighter possibilities extend far beyond the face, and thanks to Nourish Skincare Gold Glow Toning Body Shimmer, we can apply them all over our bodies!

This product is a lovely light mousse cream, designed to be used to accentuate areas of the body such as the collar bone, arms and legs. The cream both defines all of the right places while providing a shimmery glow to the skin, resulting in the perfect evening of skin tone.

Fit to pair with a post holiday tan, the highlighter will increase the skin’s radiance and firm skin tones by using nutrient rich marine extract and ultra hydrating acid. Overall, the product maintains essential moisture levels, highlights your best features, and will keep you glowing inside and out!

Nourish Skincare Gold Glow Toning Body Shimmer is 77% organic, cruelty free and made right here in the UK, making the golden glow it creates even more special!

 Nourish Skincare Gold Glow Toning Body Shimmer can be found here for £25.