Friday Favourites LAPADA Arts and Antiques Fair- 2017

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The annual LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair is the leading showcase for art and antiquities on an international level and has grown to become one of the most prestigious events in the London social calendar. The Amazing Blog has been a huge fan of the fair since its inception in 2009, as it brings 100 exhibitors together to present work from across the art, antiques, design, and decorative arts spectrum. The authenticity of all these exhibitors is assured by the 70-member specialist committee who approve each item before the show begin. 

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We love the variety of what is featured at the fair, from ornate furniture, to delicate jewels, to eye-catching pieces of art, the fair has it all. It is an entirely unique London event that brings together a vast collection of sought-after pieces that are bound to appeal to all; whether you are a first-time buyer or a collector, or a hoarder of the finer things. With prices varying from an affordable £500 to a more eyebrow raising £500,000 the fair is filled with goodies certain to please you and have a place in your home. 

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LAPADA will be held at Berkeley Square between the 15th and 20th of September. A ticket will cost you £20 for entry during between the 15th and 20th, whereas a collectors ticket will get you in the day before and only costs £65.00.

Sam Ubhi Workshop - Learn to Make Jewellery

“A girl can never have too many jewels” as the old adage goes... Beauty products aside, there’s nothing more The Amazing Blog team loves, than a chic accessory and we absolutely love the idea of designing our own. so why not take the opportunity to go to the jewellery workshop headed up by the international jewellery designer Sam Ubhi.

Some happy people here designing their own jewellery at Sam's Workshop day

Some happy people here designing their own jewellery at Sam's Workshop day

Sam is one of our favourite designers. We’ve been obsessed with her breath-taking jewellery since she launched her legendary first collection. Her gorgeous designs combine vintage, tribal decoration with a modern twist using eco-friendly and fair trade materials.

                                  A quick example of something you could create!

                                  A quick example of something you could create!

This month you can join Sam at her stylish Balham store, where she’ll share some of her incredible knowledge. At the one day beginner’s course (£100), you will learn the basic techniques in jewellery design using metals, leather and glass beads. The two-day course (£175) is for those who are feeling especially creative. You’ll be able to make your own enchanting pieces using sterling silver and semi-precious metals. Show your creative side and get the right side of your brain working making something stunning in the process.

Classes are on 9th-11th April and 15th-17th April and will be in groups of 6-10. To reserve your place or for any queries about the courses, please give them a call at 0208 673 4558 or email their team at