Beetox Skincare

blog template If there's something I choose (and love) to spend my money on it's skincare. Make-up is secondary for me and quite different. My colour cosmetics stash is reasonable, I wear the same look almost everyday, and to be honest I like that... even though the amount of lipsticks that I own should be banned - I tend to forget that I only have one pair of lips, not 50. However, skincare is something that I only really discovered and appreciated about a year ago since working at Amazing PR. And right now, I'd rather wear no make-up and have good skin than having average skin and wear the most amazing blue-toned red lipstick (my fave shade of lipstick). We should all take care of our skin, after all it is the largest organ of the body and we only have one face. So in my view taking care of your skin should be a priority.

Working in the Beauty PR industry has given me the chance to try many products.  Although, there are really very few that I can actually see and feel a difference on my skin. At The Amazing Blog we've been fortunate enough to work very closely with UK skincare brand Beetox. UMF20+ Manuka Honey and Bee Venom based - beautiful ingredients and definite winners.

Their range consists of a Moisturiser, a Mask and a Serum. The Moisturiser's consistency is thick and smells heavenly. It's probably one of the most luxurious moisturisers that I've ever used,  it's instantly absorbed by my perpetually dehydrated skin  plumping it up and making it feel very soft.  It moisturises my skin beautifully and leaves it feeling very comfortable and ready for applying my foundation. The Serum's consistency is somewhere between a gel and a liquid. When applied to the skin it gently tingles and I can feel my skin tighten instantly (not that I need it, I'm in my middle twenties...) don't get me wrong this feeling is a very pleasant one indeed. And the Mask... is my favourite product of all, it  really purifies and delivers moisture back into my skin making it the perfect combination with the Serum for my particular tricky (and temperamental) skin type.

I must mention with a word of caution that  Beetox does warn all their potential customers about possible adverse reaction to their products. So do bear in mind that one of the main ingredients about this range is Bee Venom (along with their powerful UMF20+ Manuka Honey); so if you're unluckily enough to have an allergy to bee stings please stay away from this skincare savour. None of us at the office are so we've all added Beetox's products to our regular skincare routines.

You can buy Beetox skincare from their website. Follow them on Twitter, and 'Like' them on Facebook.

Retail prices are: Face Mask £55, Moisturiser £39 and Serum £45. You can also buy the 'Multi Set', which includes three products for £139.