Acqua Dell'Elba Eau de Parfums

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A classic, modern and energising perfume is a must-have to any woman and man collection. The classic scent from Acqua Dell'Elba, available in versions both for him and for her, is ideal for those who like to sport a light yet scrumptious scent. When the founders of the brand decided to create fragrances they wanted to bottle the essence of Tuscan culture, art, landscape and way of life and share it with the world. We at The Amazing Blog are thrilled that they decided to share this secret, as it is our new favourite scent.

Inspired by the aromas of an island, the freshness of the sea and the intoxicating notes of flowers their Classica perfumes recreate the essence of the small Italian island of Paolina, that the founders visited and were inspired by. The Classica for women strongly emulates these smells, created with notes of orange, myrtle, gardenia, jasmine, Mediterranean shrubs, and marine cistus this perfume is delicate and refreshing. The fragrance for him compliments it beautifully, but with a slight change in tone owing to the mandarin, lemon, rosemary, marine algae, Mediterranean shrubs and musk incorporated in the formula. While similar, the Eau de Parfum for Man is heavier with stronger base notes.

The high quality of the raw materials and the skills, passion and wisdom of the craftsmen are the unique qualities that make the fragrances so special. The production techniques are inspired by the age-old traditions of the renaissance craftsmen. They only make a limited quantity each time, owing to the difficulty in finding the raw materials. The finished product is a fresh, glorious and light scent that we just want to douse ourselves in. If you fancy infusing your cupboards, drawers, car or home with this heavenly scent, you can buy it in the form of seashell chalks, so we'll be buying a bunch for every room in our home.

Purchase the Acqua Dell'Elba Classic Eau de Parfum Woman here for €69 and Man here for €69 and the Sea Scented Seashell Chalks here from €11-15. Although the prices are listed in euros you can use PayPal to purchase these products in pounds.

Topp Box - A Monthly Subscription For Men

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We are huge fans of the monthly subscription boxes at The Amazing Blog, but we know it can be hard to find the right one for you as the internet is awash with potential options. As great as it would be to subscribe to them all unless you have a bottomless pit of funds it’s a little fiscally unfeasible.  However, having spent a long time scouring the internet, we think we have found the Holy Grail for male subscription boxes, Topp Box. It’s the perfect blend of premium male beauty products and cosy accessories that will leave you feeling pampered and prepared. 

Each month Topp Box will send you an assorted box with 4-5 products selected to suit you and your needs. The boxes are filled with premium grooming and lifestyle products from top brands. The box we received contained a talc-free men’s body powder from Fromonda, an S5 Skincare Resilience Mask, a Henri Lloyd ocean Mineral Spray Sun Defence Cream, a Pits and Bits Rinse Free Body Wash, and a pair of delightful socks from TOPPSOCKS. It’s hard to choose a favourite item from the box, but we are especially fond of the sun cream which had an amazing scent. For only £16 a month it is a steal as the retail value of the box would come to over £40.00; four out of the five products were full size. 

This is the perfect way to treat yourself, it also makes a great gift, and with Christmas around the corner, it’s a fabulous present that keeps on giving. Click here to sign up to the subscription box of your dreams. 

Bath Oil – Olverum

After a long and busy day, we here at The Amazing Blog love to turn off our working minds by taking a soothing and relaxing soak. When we do so, we like using bath products that we are sure will provide us with the care and relaxation we seek. So, when we received the Olverum's bath oil, we couldn't resist the temptation to experience them. The recipe for Olverum’s Bath Oils is a family secret that has been passed down over decades. In the early 20th Century in Germany Franz Otto Klein, a fine-wine maker, together with his wife, an accomplished pharmacologist, travelled the world to source rare and exquisite essential oils.

Through passion and specialist knowledge, they created a luxurious bath oil made with a mix of carefully selected plant extracts each renowned for having specific therapeutic benefits. The natural essential oils include Eucalyptus, Siberian fir Needle, Verbena, Juniper, Geranium, Lavender, Lime, Rosemary, Lemon and Lavandin. Siberian fir Needle is a long-used ingredient used by native women in the forests of Siberia to soothe aching limbs that Franz and his wife discovered on their travels.

The highly-concentrated oil helps to ease muscle and joint pain, and soften the skin. The aromatherapy benefits of the oil relieve stress, relax the mind and body, and promote a good night sleep, which in turn helps to repair the immune system. The unisex fragrance of the product is universally pleasant and is sure to uplift your mood during your evening bath. This oil offers the ultimate bathing experience, your skin soaks up all the benefits of the oil and is left nourished, relaxed and pampered.

Purchase the Bath Oil here for £29 (125ml), £53 (250ml) or £19 for the travel set (3x 15ml).

Sunflower Body Lotion - My Trusty

Moisturising is something that we should all be doing at least a day. As such it is imperative that we have an effective lotion. At The Amazing Blog, we have found that My Trusty Sunflower Body Lotion works wonders on all skin, but especially if you are prone to particularly dry skin. My Trusty is uniquely owned by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and will not only give you gorgeous skin, but all the profits go back to the NHS.

My Trusty Sunflower Body Lotion has been tested by dermatologists, it is lightweight and full of anti-oxidants. The key ingredient in the product is the sunflower oil, which is a natural way to keep your skin soft and smooth making it perfect for people with overly sensitive skin. What's more the lotion is also full of Vitamin E which is a staple skincare anti-oxidant for better looking and healthier skin, and is particularly effective on dry skin.

My Trusty understands that different people like to moisturise in different ways. There is a no fragrance option, a body butter or oil, and different sizes to suit your hydration needs.

With the winter months closing in you will want to have this handy little product in your bathroom, so try our favourite scent, Lavender, here for just £6.

EE Express Effect by Karin Herzog

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At The Amazing Blog, we love skin care brands with high ethics and philosophies, especially if these beliefs are founded in hard-hitting scientific facts; this is exactly what you get with the Swiss skincare brand Karin Herzog. After ten years of meticulous research, Dr Paul Herzog, Nobel Honoree, discovered the family’s secret formula for their miracle skin care products. With all this history and science behind the brand we were more than just a little excited to test out some of their products, and they very kindly sent us a sample of their smoothing face cream called EE Express Effect.

Inspired by the anti-sceptic and hydrating properties of oxygen, the Herzog brand developed a unique formula used in all their products that stabilises active oxygen into the cream. The EE Express Effect Cream removes tiredness and gives skin an instant boost of radiance. The use of both rose and orange water with essential oils, work together to leave skin looking instantly smoothed and visibly calm. We found that the product left our skin looking enviously radiant. This was due to the mix of ingredients in the product that work to even out the skin’s tone and texture. The kaolin mattifies the skin while the hyaluronic acid plumps it, leaving skin glowing and youthful. What’s more this amazing little cream helped to de-stress our skin. The Arnica Montana in the cream reduces signs of stress on the skin, while the sodium bicarbonate purifies the appearance of the skin.

With all this, you’d think it would be near impossible to like the brand and their marvellous products any more than you already do. Well, you would be wrong as they have remarkably high and strong ethics which help govern how they operate. As an independent brand they value the importance of quality ingredients, they are paraben free, vegan-friendly, dairy free, gluten free and cruelty-free. Meaning this brand is for everyone, and can be used by anyone. The products are gentle on skin and still provide visible and lasting effects.

If this sounds like the brand for you, then you can purchase your very own EE Express Effect Karin Herzog Face Cream here for £79.