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Lavera – Organic Lip Balm and Matt n Stay Lipstick

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It’s not always easy to find an organic long-lasting matt lipstick or an organic lip balm with an SPF. That’s why we at The Amazing Blog have combined two lip products to review from one of our favourite organic beauty brands Lavera. As regular readers will know we’ve recently reviewed their Powerful Lashes and their SOS help lip balm so when we saw they had two new lip products Lip Balm and Mat’n Stay lipstick, we had to try them.

Lavera’s Organic Lip Balm range is composed of 3 different lip balms: The Protect and Repair made from organic pomegranate and argan oil, The Pearly Pink, Sun Care Lip Balm with an SPF of 10 and Basis Sensitive made of a green Hydro Protection Complex. We tried the Lavera Organic Lip Balm - Pearly Pink, which wowed us with its light pink shade that stays on the lips. The formula is very rich and will moisturise and nourish your dry lips. The lip balm is organic and free of mineral oil with active ingredients like almond oil and mallow to moisturise and help prevent irritation to sensitive lips. Their New Green Beauty Complex consists of active ingredients like coconut oil which prevents lips to cracked, cocoa butter which nourishes the lips and shea butter which moisturises and soothes dry lips. We like using this as it gave a subtle blush of colour and stopped our lips from feeling dry.

As for New the Lavera Matt'n Stay Lips is 2 in 1. Indeed, they all give a lovely colour to your lips and while at the same time, they soften and moisturise. The matte lipstick has only natural pigments all of which give them their pretty colours. It is made up of a flower butter composed of rose, mallow and linden all to aid moisture and nourish the lips. The range is composed of 6 colours: Plum, Pink, Berry, Rose, Peach and Red. We tried the Lavera Matt'n Stay in Rose and loved it. The application is effortless thanks to the pencil lipstick, we applied first at the centre on our lips then move outwards.

We highly recommend both these products and you can purchase the Lavera Organic Lip Balm - Pearly Pink in 4.5g for £4.95 here and New Lavera Matt'n Stay Lips - Matt'n Rose in 3.1g for £10.90 here .

Virginia Stone – ‘Eyes’ for Kavesi

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When you’re searching out skincare items, often the three categories you’ll see are ‘dry’, ‘normal’, and ‘oily’. They’re appear all encapsulating, or so it seems. Some of us with ‘combination’ skin at The Amazing Blog and frequently struggle to find the right cleanser or moisturiser that won’t make our skin greasy or dry. The latest product we tried is from Virginia Stone it brings about the idea that finding the right products for your skin may be based on your skin tone rather than these three general categories.

Virginia Stone built her brand on the foundation of ‘passion, purpose, and an unyielding desire to innovate and inspire’. She set out to revolutionise the skincare industry by creating a sustainable luxury brand and adhering to three core values of people, planet, and passion. Virginia Stone, as a company, dedicates itself to global social and environmental sustainability and all of its products are fair-trade, eco-friendly, and vegan. What drew us to this brand was its ethos. It felt simple categories like ‘dry’, ‘normal’, and ‘oily’ do not account for certain skin-tone-specific characteristics such as skin density and sensitivity, SPF requirements, and potency tolerance levels. So, Virginia Stone created three collections: Kavesi for fair skin tones, Jasari for medium skin tones, and Odaja for dark skin tones. We felt these groupings were less arbitrary and more encapsulating, especially if you have ‘normal’ or ‘combination’ skin. 

We tried their ‘Eyes’ for Kavesi in Sand , a 3-in-1 superfood cream with five layers (Butter, Nectar, Tea Syrup, Corrective Complex, Elixir) of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. The formula is also pH balanced and oxygenated to protect your skin from UV rays and pollution, improving your skin’s elasticity and lightening dark shadows. It is designed to stimulate cell renewal, increase blood flow, and improve circulation specifically for fair skin, which is highly sensitive and allergy prone. When we used it, we saw diminished fine lines as well as less puffy and brighter skin like we had used a jade roller. But what stood out to us was the cream’s texture. It’s solid, and you can’t dip your finger into it, but the warmth of your finger picks up the right amount of the product that feels smoother than butter and leaves your skin feeling the same way. The cream is oilier than typical moisturisers, yet it doesn’t feel sticky and spreads well. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and matte, which makes the cream perfect to use as a primer during the day, and nourishes for night time use. 

Finally, we cannot go through this post without mentioning the intricate packaging. The cream comes in a cube that Virginia Stone calls ‘The Luxador’. It’s 100 per cent recyclable concrete stone and has thermal insulating properties to protect the cream’s active ingredients and maintain its longevity. The Luxador is engraved with the company’s simple logo and pattern and has a magnetic stone lid. It’s quite solid and heavy, so be careful if you travel with it or keep it on your bathroom counter for décor and safekeeping.

You can buy ‘Eyes’ for Kavesi (15ml) here for $185. The price is quite high, but you don’t need very much and could spot treat certain areas rather than put it all over your face. 

Ao Skincare's Reverse Longitude PM Serum Shot

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Keeping our skin looking healthy and feeling hydrated is often a struggle. Here at The Amazing Blog, we know that environmental influences and a busy lifestyle quickly leave their marks. So naturally, the greatest thing that could be invented, is a reset button for our skin. Can you imagine that? Something to bring back your natural balance. Luckily for us, this is what Ao Skincare aims to create. For Dr Mark Gray (a Harvard trained pathologist and dermatologist), skincare is evolutionary, and should work to find a balance between health and efficiency. We first discovered this brand via 2018 The Beauty Shortlist Awards where they won 3 awards for Editors Choice and we just couldn’t wait to try it!

With expertise that questions standard skincare practices, Ao Skincare’s fresh scientific methods filter nature’s potent energy into products designed to overcome uncertain elements, while defending your skin’s dynamic boundary. The adaptive ingredients protect your skin from the harshest conditions, while the cold processed formulas retain the raw power of every active. Hoping for that “reset-button”, we tried Ao Skincare’s Reverse Longitude PM Serum-Shot. This is an antioxidant-infused retinal, with the use of powerful vitamin-A, a gentle (and more effective) alternative to pure retinol. The ingredient are plant-based like Bakuchio which has the benefits of vitamin A without the typical associated sensitivities. Also containing New Zealand Red Algae one the most powerful natural antioxidant known and 6000x stronger than vitamin C. these all help to protect cells from oxidation and reduces sun damage, wrinkles, age spots and freckles - what more could one ask for?! Our skin was left feeling hydrated, boosted and calm, with noticeable results after just four weeks. The formulation is blended raw, in order not to deactivate any ingredients (a common problem as a result of excessive heating in the production process of skincare). Delivered in a metallic blue bottle, the burnt orange lettering matches the slightly transparent orange of this creamy and hydrating lotion - this is not just a product that does good, but it looks pretty good displayed on our dressing table too. It is also free from all parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals and fragrance.

No need to just take our word for it, in a Dermatest GbmH clinical trial it showed remarkable results as 92% of users reported that their skin felt softer and more supple, with 77% experiencing an improved appearance. Suitable for any skin type and any ageAo skincare’s products include 95 to 98% natural ingredients and are completely cruelty-free. We really rate this serum with it’s potent cold pressed botanical based ingredients. It is a great investment for anyone looking to improve the texture their complexion, as well as plumping up and hydrating their skin. You can purchase a 30ml bottle for $129.95 here, or check out more of Ao skincare’s evolutionary products here.

Orphica Timeless

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At The Amazing Blog we like to search out new brands for you our loyal readers, where we constantly strive to find natural and science-based products that actually perform. Orphica is one of these. This is a new European brand, that we've recently locked on to. Not too long ago we featured their Pure Advanced Eye Serum and Up Mascara here. Today we're one of the first reviewers to feature their latest TIMELESS anti-ageing skincare range.

The TIMELESS Anti-Ageing Face Mask is the first of the three products from this range. It is made with a unique Deep-Restore Complex™ formula that helps the mask to be both nourishing and hydrating. The combination of active ingredients such as Iris, Gingko, Kudzu, Sage extracts as well as Aloe Vera pulp, Caviar extracts and Vitamin A promote a younger looking and healthier complexion. Vitamin A, Iris and Gingko and Caviar extract fight against signs of ageing by stimulating collagen production, accelerating cell regeneration and improving skin microcirculation. After a few applications of this mask (combined with a regime using the Day and Night Creams) our skin looked plumped up and replenished.

An effective anti-ageing moisturiser is always tough to find, so we were very eager to try their new The TIMELESS Anti-Ageing Day Cream. This moisturiser is enriched with the brand's unique Pro-Lift Complex™ and has been created to help tackle the first signs of ageing. More than just a moisturiser the cream boosts skin elasticity, collagen production and works to help create a more even complexion. This anti-ageing cream effectively plumps up the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and we also noticed that it helped to fade away hyperpigmentation, giving a brighter skin. Another great plus point is that this moisturiser also works as a great 'primer' as we found that our foundation just glided on leaving a dewy finish.

Last but certainly not least, is our little favourite from the range: The TIMELESS Anti-Ageing Night Cream. Applied before bedtime, the innovative Cell-Fortifying Complex™  works as a hydrating, firming, and replenishing ingredient that promotes a smoother and fresher look. In addition to this key component, other active ingredients have been added to help boost collagen production, smooth lines and quench skin with deep hydration. It has a very subtle fragrance making it also a big hit with our partners (who continuously complain about strong fragranced skincare at night time!) In the morning we looked rested and our skin felt almost satin-like to the touch. 

We would certainly recommend these products to anyone looking to try a new anti-ageing skincare. They say a change is as good as a rest... and our complexions generally benefit from a change in our regular regime. If you are looking for a more youthful and smoother complexion, then this science-based TIMELESS skincare range will be for you. To purchase the set of four Face Masks for £60, see here; the Day Cream for £45 here and the Night Cream for £55 here 

Perfecta Home Therapy and Perfecta Extrema from Dermo 28

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The Amazing Blog loves nothing more than a spa day, but unfortunately, it’s not a treat we get to enjoy often enough. However, with Dermo 28 you can give yourself the spa treatment at home. Their new Perfecta range is a must for both self-indulgence and self-improvement alike. With five high-quality problem targeting products to choose from, we decided to try the Perfecta home Therapy and Perfecta Extrema

The Perfecta Home Therapy comes with eight 30ml sachets of the brilliant formula. The product is both exfoliating and regenerating as it promotes cell renewal due to the high concentration of Vitamin C. The selection of active ingredients helps the products to deeply hydrate skin and leave skin feeling firmer and more supple.  The active ingredients include purifying Lemon Essential Oil, Softening Jojoba Oil and nourishing Shea Butter among others.  Just apply over your entire body once or twice a week by massaging into dry skin and see the effects take almost instant effect. 

The Perfecta Extrema is an excellent way to treat the appearance of cellulite, as it stimulates microcirculation. By addressing specific problem areas, the product drastically improves the appearance of dimpled and “orange peel” skin. The intensive serum should be applied twice a day on affected areas and should be massaged in until it is fully absorbed. Like the Home Therapy, the Dermo 28’s Extrema also contains powerful active ingredients. The caffeine extract stimulates microcirculation, the Panthenol soothes and hydrates skin, while the carnitine and coenzyme work as a metabolic stimulator and slimmer. 

So treat yourself to some spa treatments at home. You can purchase the Perfecta Home Therapy here for £45.00 and the Perfecta Extrema here for £62.00.