Lovegrove Essentials - Aromatic Face Mask

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Acne, many of us suffer from it, or have experienced it in the past, so I'm sure we don’t need to explain the frustration it can cause, or the self-esteem issues it can create. We're always searching for new ways of combatting this issue and have found a potential remedy that made us dance in circles of joy in The Amazing Blog office. We’re talking about Lovegrove Essentials’ multi-purpose Aromatic Face Mask which exfoliates, deeply cleanses and balances oily skin all at once. What more could we ask for?

We came across Lovegrove Essentials when reviewed their Lavender and Clary Sage Massage Balm. We subsequently discovered the artisan backstory of the mother and daughter duo, Hannah and Hayley, a pair determined to create a skincare range that would not just have a topical effect, but a holistic one also.

This time, we were thrilled to try the Aromatic Face Mask, a unique formula of nourishing almond oil and bentonite clay which reduces redness, treats inflammation and lightens acne scars. This product works right at the core of the problem, as a regenerative, soothing and re-balancing mask that supports the normal function of the acid mantle. The subtle and fresh scent of the orange peel has a cleansing and exfoliating effect on all skin types and was a welcome aroma in the bathroom. I have relatively oily skin, but after 10 minutes, it was left feeling supple and moisturised, without feeling overly dry or stripped of natural oils. Members of the office who suffer from dry skin reported a detoxified complexion, without the cracking feeling that is so often part and parcel of clay masks. So this mask really is suitable for all.

This product brings the spa to your home - with a blend of neroli essential oil, almond oil, zinc oxide and geranium essential oil, which work together to calm and de-stress the skin, as well as the mind. This mask provides a little aid in our daily lives, helping to control both emotional and hormonal imbalances. It indeed converts you into a serene, superhuman, full of peacefulness and self-confidence - something I feel we all could do with from time to time! The skin also feels deeply hydrated after use, much needed at this time of the year.

The mask comes with a brush that helps to spread the product in even layers. While taking 5 minutes to relax and unwind, the mask does the job for you. When taking the mask off, gently remove the product with a warm and soft cloth. If you want to encourage a more powerful effect, to battle deep scarring and hydrate the skin even further, then it is safe to layer up and leave the mask on for up to 10 minutes.

If you feel like treating yourself to a DIY spa in your own four walls, the Lovegrove Aromatic Face Mask is available for £34.95 here.

Perfecta Home Therapy and Perfecta Extrema from Dermo 28

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The Amazing Blog loves nothing more than a spa day, but unfortunately, it’s not a treat we get to enjoy often enough. However, with Dermo 28 you can give yourself the spa treatment at home. Their new Perfecta range is a must for both self-indulgence and self-improvement alike. With five high-quality problem targeting products to choose from, we decided to try the Perfecta home Therapy and Perfecta Extrema

The Perfecta Home Therapy comes with eight 30ml sachets of the brilliant formula. The product is both exfoliating and regenerating as it promotes cell renewal due to the high concentration of Vitamin C. The selection of active ingredients helps the products to deeply hydrate skin and leave skin feeling firmer and more supple.  The active ingredients include purifying Lemon Essential Oil, Softening Jojoba Oil and nourishing Shea Butter among others.  Just apply over your entire body once or twice a week by massaging into dry skin and see the effects take almost instant effect. 

The Perfecta Extrema is an excellent way to treat the appearance of cellulite, as it stimulates microcirculation. By addressing specific problem areas, the product drastically improves the appearance of dimpled and “orange peel” skin. The intensive serum should be applied twice a day on affected areas and should be massaged in until it is fully absorbed. Like the Home Therapy, the Dermo 28’s Extrema also contains powerful active ingredients. The caffeine extract stimulates microcirculation, the Panthenol soothes and hydrates skin, while the carnitine and coenzyme work as a metabolic stimulator and slimmer. 

So treat yourself to some spa treatments at home. You can purchase the Perfecta Home Therapy here for £45.00 and the Perfecta Extrema here for £62.00.

Awakening Body Wash, Balancing Body Oil & Awakening Body Cream - Gaia

Gaia's luxurious spas in Devon and Boringdon Hall are the ultimate beauty treat. Their natural ingredients and artisan methods are truly something everybody should get to experience. However, we here at The Amazing Blog know that spa trips are not something we can often take, so it is brilliant to be able to take a little piece of Gaia's Spas home with you with their collection of body care.

Gaia's range of products includes sumptuous oils, scrubs, and washes for you to pamper yourself with at home. We were lucky enough to have three of their products to try: the Awakening Body Wash, the Balancing Body Oil and the Awakening Body Cream. We adored the packaging and thought that the bamboo wood finishes really complimented the green glass of the products!

Starting with the Body Wash, it's a very light and hydrating cleanser that has a fresh but not overpowering scent. It's made with the Gaia signature blend and infuses aloe vera with organic Calendula to gently refresh and clean the skin. We also enjoyed adding the wash to our baths to create a luxurious and comforting bath soak.

After washing, it's time to apply the Balancing Body Oil. This aromatic oil is blended with a combination of ylang-ylang and palmarosa and has an earthy and exotic scent. Safflower and calendula oil are great at soothing and hydrating the skin, totally relaxing the body and mind.

To finish your at-home spa experience, use Gaia's Awakening Body Cream. This is a rich and buttery cream that smells divine, combining shea butter, coconut, and organic yarrow to give you an aromatic sheen. The cream is intensely hydrating and creates a lovely feeling of elegance and luxury after applying.

To bring some tranquillity to your home, try Gaia's body care range. You can purchase the Awakening Body Wash here for £15.00, the Awakening Body Cream here for £38.00, and the Balancing Body Oil here for £29.00.


YouthRenew Tinted Cream- Pevonia

At The Amazing Blog we are always looking for innovative brands with products that have exciting ingredients and ideas and Pevonia is one we have always valued and trusted. We recntly tried one of their products; the YouthRenew Tinted Cream.

We love Pevonia because not only do they offer a large line of products but they strive for high quality and innovative formulations. Originally created for spa retreats, Pevonia now offers products for homecare using the finest natural marine and botanical ingredients from only the very best sources. The brand has used this mix of quality ingredients with its team knowledge to create products that are suitable for treating any type of skin issue you may be having.

Pevonia uses naturally green, cruelty free formulas in their products. The YouthRenew Tinted Cream has an SPF of 30, which protects and prevents harmful UV rays damaging the skin. Even though it is only a tinted moisturiser, it has a decent medium coverage and acts as a famtastic base for other make-up. You apply the product by blending it evenly over the face and neck witheither your fingers or a brush. We loved how smooth and clear our skin looked after applying it, and really appreciated how the cream doesn’t sit in any cracks and is not sticky at all. While it comes in only one shade it still works very well as a primer for other foundations, so it doesn't look right for your skin tone you could still use it.

For a flawless base with high sun protection, you can pick up Pevonia YouthRenew Tinted Cream here for £45.00.

Heel Rescue and Foot Mask - Kaeso Pedicure

Here at The Amazing Blog, we like to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, there is a part of our body that is often neglected: our feet! That’s why we were happy to try the Foot Mask and the Heel Rescue Cream by Kaeso Pedicure. After a long day of running from meeting to meeting, our poor feet need a good pampering session.

Formulated with Menthol, known to relieve minor muscle pain, and Peppermint, which helps to cool and soothe, the Foot Mask promises to moisturise and relieve dry skin. To use it, you just have to generously apply and wrap your foot in a towel for 15 minutes. The mask has a rich, soft texture that isn’t at all sticky. It gives the sensation of refreshed and energised skin. We especially love the blend of Menthol and Peppermint—it smells amazing, setting it apart from traditional foot products!

In this Kaeso Pedicure kit you can also find a Heel Rescue Cream, a product you’ll find yourself addicted to with the return of sandals! Blended with Coconut Oil, Peppermint, and Tea Tree (known for its natural healing properties), the cream promises to deeply moisturise, re-hydrate, and relieve cracked skin. The cream is rapidly absorbed through skin and has a silky finish. Our heels seem to be nourished thanks to this fragrant mix of Banana and Peppermint. We also find the packaging to be extremely convenient because it distributes just the right amount of product! Even better, Kaeso’s products are a really great value for money, which is good news for all of our wallets.

Grab a 250ml bottle of the Foot Mask here for £3.75 and a 150ml bottle of the Heel Rescue Cream here for £3.80.