Granny's Secret - Light Jam

Here at The Amazing Blog we love nothing more than to indulge, but like most of us always feel guilty after we’ve given in to that pesky sweet tooth! However, with Granny’s Secret Diet (Light) Jams, we no longer have to feel the guilt while we’re devouring our crumpets.

Granny’s Secret Diet (Light) Jams are created from traditional recipes, contain no additives, and are vegan, gluten and dairy free. The brainchild of Serbian born Snezana Knowles, Granny’s Kitchen UK takes the tradition jam recipe, but instead of adding mountains of sugar, uses fructose instead which make the jams 40% less calorific, healthy and natural.

These were so delicious, you truly would never know that they aren't loaded with sugar. We like to eat natural, but not if it means compromising on enjoying our food. And being from the UK, we do eat a lot of jam. Granny's Secret Jam, in short, is perfect for us.

The jams come in a variety of flavours including Blackcurrant, Apricot, Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Wild blackberry, Raspberry, and can be purchased from Selfridges, Lakeland or the company website.