Mon Dessert - Macaron Masterclass

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Regular readers will know that at The Amazing Blog we love trying new foods from superfoods to protein-filled snacks. But what we especially love are desserts because life is about balance, right? Since it’s a Friday, we decided to treat ourselves to the highly anticipated Mon Dessert Macaron Masterclass. Being surrounded by the aroma of dessert and freshly made macarons is honestly the ideal way to spend two hours of a Friday night in the heart of London’s food network: Borough Market.

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During the Masterclass, which has a different seasonal theme each month, you learn how to make macarons from scratch following a recipe straight out of Paris. You also gain first-hand knowledge of tips and tricks that you can bring to your own kitchen if you’re brave enough to try making them on your own. The class has a wide variety of flavours and colours for you to create a box of personalized macarons that will impress your family and friends when you leave. Overall and most importantly, the class has a fun, light, and uplifting atmosphere that radiates from the delicious desserts to everyone baking in the kitchen.

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Mon Dessert is a luxury at-home dessert company that holds classes like the Macaron Masterclass and sells kits to make your own desserts at home. Macarons kits allow you to take your skills from the class into your own flat and provides the necessary ingredients, recipe, equipment, and fashionable storage tin for you to be successful every time. The company also offers a delicious-looking speciality dessert kits, which help you make a professional-looking and tasting éclair, cannoli, and crème brûlée with ease. Vegan-friendly recipes, kitchen appliances, and many flavours from caramel to rose are available.


If you’re an avid foodie or someone who doesn’t shy away from desserts, the Macaron Masterclass is a must for you. It runs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Le Pain Quotidien every second Friday of the month and is £50 per person. You can sign up for a spot in the class here.

Mother's Day Guide

Here at The Amazing Blog, our Mums are the most important women in our lives. Every year, we try to take advantage of Mother’s Day to show our Mums just how much they mean to us. We know you’d like to do the same, so to help you out we’ve come up with a few ideas for you to show your appreciation.

South Place Brunch

Delight your mum with a three-course menu for brunch this Sunday. South Place Hotel is offering a specialty menu for Mother’s Day Brunch from 12noon - 4pm. The event features the best of British seasonal ingredients, with dishes like fillet of stone-bass, honey-glazed chicken wings, and celeriac risotto with a wild mushroom sauce. Alongside this scrumptious meal you’ll be entertained by live jazz from the Audioguide trio.

South Place is also offering a complimentary neck and shoulder massage for mums, plus a hand-picked goodie bag of treats from the hotel’s partners including Butterfly and the Bee, East Wick, and James Heeley.

The Mother’s Day Menu at 3 South Place is available for £30. Visit the website here for more information and to see the full menu.


Katherine Elizabeth Millinery Masterclass

Is your Mum the classy, fashionable type? Does she enjoy DIY projects as well? If that’s the case, Mother’s Day might be the perfect opportunity to surprise her with a voucher for a four and a half hour hat making masterclass at Katherine Elizabeth Millinery.

You and your Mum will love soaking up some of award-winning Katherine Elizabeth’s skills and techniques, and you’ll walk out with a few new headpieces as well! The classes are taught on Thursday evenings and some Wednesdays depending on availability from 4.30pm - 9pm.

See here to purchase a voucher for a Katherine Elizabeth Masterclass at a discounted price of £48.



We think that there is nothing better than to give our Mums an orchid plant – it is a symbol of love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Not forgetting to mention that compared to roses or cut flowers, Orchid plants will last for weeks. Try ordering some flowers from Orchidya, the only florist in the UK that’s dedicated to the exotic blooms.

Historically, orchids have been imported overseas to UK suppliers, making it difficult to create larger arrangements. However, this isn’t a problem for Orchidya, as the majority of the orchids are grown right in their glasshouse in Lincolnshire. Having this UK based supply means Orchidya is free to be more creative while being priced competitively.

If you’re interested in picking up some flowers for Mother’s Day, visit the shop in Bloomsbury or visit the online shop here.