Heathcote and Ivory – Drawer Liners

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With the summer months upon us, The Amazing blog has been using Heathcote and Ivory’s scented drawer liners to pack away all of our winter clothing. These sheets are designed for drawers, cupboards, and shelves, and keep our clothes smelling fresh with a subtle fragrance. Last May we covered the company’s Sweet Pea and Honeysuckle scented sachet and Eau de Toilette, so when we saw they came out with the same scent in a drawer liner, we couldn’t resist!

Sweet Pea and Honeysuckle’s floral scent isn’t overwhelming, but rather the smell of white jasmine and gardenia flowers which is both light and refreshing. The Neroli and Lime Leaves fragrance is a combination of Neroli flowers, lime leaves, white blossoms, and precious woods, sweet amber and rich musk.

The liners are an ode to spring with its pastoral colours, and floral pattern etched onto each. The sheets come with a thick paper folder with a Velcro fastening – complete with a ribbon bow. Heathcote and Ivory pays close attention to the intricate and feminine details of the product and packaging.  With five 33.5 x 50cm liners, all you have to do is cut them to the size of your drawer and lay them at the base.

You can purchase The Neroli and Lime Leaves Fragranced Drawer Liners here for £7.00. The Sweet Pea & Honeysuckle Fragranced Drawer Liners can be purchased here for £6.50.

AT Beauty’s Snail Extract Intelligent Mask

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Although we believe that beauty is ageless, The Amazing Blog understands that preventing wrinkles is a priority for some – and we have just the product for you.  After featuring A.T Antao’s Oh My Glide Eyeliner, it is no surprise that we would be covering the company again.  A.T launched its Intelligent Sleep Mask that improves elasticity and softness.  Its secret ingredient? Snail extract. Yes, you read that correctly.

As a luxury cosmetics brand, it’s only fitting the company prides itself on their useful and high-quality products. Teniya Tao, founder of A.T, uses hidden beauty secrets from China. The mask contains snail helix dispersa muller – an ingredient frequently used in ancient China. The ingredient’s properties are known for its remedial benefits which are both hydrating and soothing. In addition to elasticity improvement, the mask balances oil levels and minimises pores.

To use this product, gently massage the mask in upward strokes, apply lightly at night to the face, neck and décolletage; it is perfect for waking up with a  soft, silky nourished complexion. While we questioned the snail extract at first, we actually regret not trying this product sooner. It comes in a very stylish red pot with a spatula for application. And just in case you are wondering, the mask is odourless in an opaque gel.  You can purchase an 80g tub of AT’s Snail Extract Intelligent Mask here for £22.80.

The Somerset Toiletry Co. – Mr Manly – Soap, Mug + Bag


Let’s face it – men can be challenging to shop for, but The Amazing Blog found the perfect solution. We previously wrote about The Somerset Tolietry CoNaturally European Sage Hand Cream and are thrilled to share their newest male products. The company created The MR Collection, a unique line of men’s products that includes Mr Soaps, Mr Mugs and Mr Toiletry Bags. The Mr Collection began only as a line of soap and after much success, expanded to toiletry bags and mugs.

The Mr Soap Collection includes four different scented soaps: sage (The Mr Manly Soapy), spearmint and patchouli (Mr Perfect), black pepper and ginger (Mr Hipster), and cedar wood and lemongrass (Mr Groomed).  Each comes packaged in a colourful paper wrapping with an image of a bearded man. The soaps are triple milled, ensuring the highest quality product, and blended with shea butter to protect and moisturise the skin.

The MR Collection includes two mugs – a Mr Manly Mug and a Mr Perfect Mug. These enamel camping mugs are a fun and different gift that won’t break the bank. Painted on the bottom of each is the phrase, “Yes, I am!” So, when your man drinks from it, everyone will be reminded of how manly/perfect they are. The mug is multi-purposeful and used as a shaving caddy or a desk tidy.

The collection’s Mr Perfect and Mr Manly Toiletry Bags are heavy duty canvas bags with a colourful water-resistant lining. The outside of both bags is a sleek grey colour with minimal decorations and either blue interior, for Mr Manly Bags, or orange interior, for Mr Perfect Bags. The bags are 255 x 170 x 120 mm making them the perfect size for travelling.

You can purchase soaps from the Mr Soap Collection here for £4.95 or the Mr Perfect or Mr Manly Mug here for £4.95. You can also find the Mr Perfect or Mr Manly Wash Bag here for £11.95.

Friday Favourites - Cookbooks

After a busy workday, cooking can be put on the back burner of our to-do list. We gravitate toward meals that are most easy and convenient, often eating the same foods over again. That’s why we have made it our mission to revitalize the way we perceive cooking by searching for cookbooks that are equally as unique as they are healthy. Say goodbye to monotonous cooking with the help of these four books, handpicked by The Amazing Blog.


Plant-based cooking has gained its popularity, but have you ever thought of incorporating flowers into your recipes? The Fragrant Pantry by Frances Bissell uses flowers as its main ingredient. While flowers are commonly featured as decoration in cookery, Bissell shows how its delicate scent and flavour can take the place of herbs or spices. Although this seems like an unconventional approach, don’t mistake it as a fad or fashion. Instead, Bissell pays homage to English culinary traditions through her use of flowers. Her recipes include jams, spreads and pickled foods with easy-to-follow instructions. You can purchase The Fragrant Pantry here for £11.99. To get a 20% discount use the discount code FRAGRANTP at purchase on the Serif Books website. 

Interested in more of Bissell’s recipes? Check out the other two volumes in her acclaimed trilogy: The Scented Kitchen and The Floral Baker.


Calling all Mediterranean lovers! Get prepared to transport yourself to Greece with Mazi Modern Greek Food’s vivid imagery and authentic dishes. Co-authors, Christina Mouratoglou and Adrien Carré’s goal are to revolutionise Greek cuisine by combining genuine flavours with a modern twist. The recipes are ingrained with a trendy tapas vibe and cover cocktails, hot plates, signature dishes and desserts. You can purchase the book here for £17.99.

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The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks by Michael Isted offers non-alcoholic plant-based drinks. Isted offers careful alchemy with each recipe that acts as cleansers, restorers, energisers, brain boosters and more.  The cookbook includes step-by-step directions in processes like hot & cold brewing, fermentation, distillation, juicing and tincturing. The first section provides a brief informational introduction to the plants used throughout the book and the second section includes 58 different recipes serving different functions for the body.   Isted uses ancient practices as the foundation of his creations. This guide brings purpose and intention to the kitchen by uniting intuitive and healthy eating. You can purchase The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks here for £12.90.


Whenever starting a new diet, snacking is an inevitable part of the process. Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell, founders of Squirrel Sisters, have created a range of all-natural bars that will satisfy your cravings. In their book, Naturally Snacks & Treats: Over 100 Healthy Recipes, the sister duo has formed over 70 recipes using ingredients found at your local supermarket. The on-the-go snack is easy, convenient, and accessible. The Tyrrell sisters reassure their readers that eating healthily can be fun! Recipes range from sweet roasted almond and cinnamon butter to sushi rolls.The beautifully illustrated book is separated into four chapters where you will find breakfast recipes, snacks and lunches for on-the-go, sharing plates and, our favourite, sweet treats. Cocktail-lovers will even find low-calorie options. We can’t wait to try more recipes. You can purchase your own book here for £9.99.  


Let us know what your favourite recipes are!


Love for hair: THERAPI


The Amazing Blog has long been on the hunt for salon quality haircare at home, so we were practically giddy when we came across the luxury British haircare brand THERAPI. The brand was created to offer luxury salon professional hair care available now to the consumer all at an affordable price.  Their hero ingredient is the multi-functioning Baobab Oil, which is extracted by ethical trade charter practices, and provides moisturising, strengthening, repairing and conditioning properties. Their products will leave all hair types with lustrous shine.  They have an easy to follow three step system which includes a cleanser, a conditioner and styling product. We decided to try their Signature Cleanser, Volumising Conditioner their Shimmer and Shine Spray combined with the Smoothing Cream

The Signature Cleanser is suitable for all hair types and gently cleanses hair without stripping the natural oils from the hair. The cleanser also contains Keratin Amino Acids to strengthen hair and Panthenol Vitamin B5 for added sugar. The Volumising Conditioner is ideal for those of you looking for lift and boost and is the perfect product to follow the Cleanser.  Leave the conditioner in your hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing for unrivalled effects. After this use Smoothing Cream, enriched with Baobab Oil, contains a unique formula to smooth, hydrate and tame frizz. With its moisturising and anti-ageing properties this really is a smooth operator. Finally for the finished look use the Shimmer and Shine Spray for the ultimate polished look. The spray tames flyaway hair and smoothes split ends, so your hair looks shinier than ever before.  We loved THERAPI and not only are their products effective but they are also paraben and sulphate free, they protect your hair from harmful UV rays, contain Colour Lock technology and give extreme heat protection up to 250°c.

You can purchase the Signature Cleanser here for £9.99, the Volumising Conditioner here for £9.99, the Smoothing Cream here for £9.99 the Shimmer Shine Spray here for £9.99