TABAC Shaving Soaps


At The Amazing Blog we love to rediscover grooming classics, and it’s time to pay due homage to a shaving classic. TABAC have been giving us boys a no-nonsense, smooth as you like, close shave, since the 1950s, and like most of the design classics from that era, the complete range stands the test of time, with the Original Shaving Soap taking their jewel in the Tabac crown... The woody, masculine fragrance is instantly recognisable, and evocative of so much male grooming history - the chances are somewhere in all our ‘shaving journeys’, this pot of sumptuous lather has played a part, even if it was from our father’s, or grandfather’s tutorials when puberty began knocking on the bathroom door.

The lather really is the key here, to protecting the skin as we scythe off those unwanted hairs, and TABAC have consistently given us this. So much so, it is quite easy to overload the shaving brush and find ourselves deep in Christmas cake icing territory, which can be totally counter-productive. Loading up the brush, however, with a generous head of cream, should be plenty to ensure a decent first and second attempt. As a lot of water is kept in the bubbles, continuous hydration is easily achieved and is important in avoiding the dreaded drag of a blade, which inevitably leads to irritation and possible soreness. Used in the right way, this shaving soap will not only give many effective shaves, but also helps to prepare the follicles for harvest time, and as we all know, prepped skin will always yield a calmer result following the onslaught of a razor.

Granted, there may indeed be slightly cheaper options on the market, but when it comes to putting our best chin forward, who is going to quibble about £13.10 for a whole 125g tub or perhaps £8 for a 10g stick. The TABAC range is a staple of the male grooming industry, you will find their goodies in most high street shops, local chemists and online from The English Shaving Company.


ISUN - The Gentleman's Moisturiser


How about blowing those Moody Monday Blues away with some unapologetic and deeply intense luxury? Yep, we’d thought you’d say that - we could feel the vibes coming through the electronic waves between you and us here at The Amazing Blog Towers - so brace yourselves, we have a complete corker for you in ISUN’s The Gentleman's Moisturiser: Light Facial Oil.

It’s quite a compact gem of a bottle at 30ml, but rest assured, shoe-horned in are a plethora of antioxidants and vitamins just primed to dive deeply into the epidermis and work their incredible magic on us. With each formulation, we are promised high performance, satisfying results and an overall sense of harmony and wellbeing. Not only are we enjoying an increased level of hydration, but we are also healing the skin from within, and in turn revitalising body, mind and spirit; what better way to begin a new week?

The background to ISUN’s philosophy and mission plays a part here, as they are justifiably proud of the sustainability of all their products, and the future opportunities which can come from protecting not just the viability of their skincare, but also their workforce, communities, and the very landscape where the ingredients are sourced and nurtured. Align that with their organically certified credentials, and we have ourselves an intensely luxuriant facial oil, which comes at the cost of £65 for 30ml. ISUN supply many spas and salons with their products, but we can get our hands on our own piece of moisturising heaven through the company’s own website here.


Love for hair: THERAPI


The Amazing Blog has long been on the hunt for salon quality haircare at home, so we were practically giddy when we came across the luxury British haircare brand THERAPI. The brand was created to offer luxury salon professional hair care available now to the consumer all at an affordable price.  Their hero ingredient is the multi-functioning Baobab Oil, which is extracted by ethical trade charter practices, and provides moisturising, strengthening, repairing and conditioning properties. Their products will leave all hair types with lustrous shine.  They have an easy to follow three step system which includes a cleanser, a conditioner and styling product. We decided to try their Signature Cleanser, Volumising Conditioner their Shimmer and Shine Spray combined with the Smoothing Cream

The Signature Cleanser is suitable for all hair types and gently cleanses hair without stripping the natural oils from the hair. The cleanser also contains Keratin Amino Acids to strengthen hair and Panthenol Vitamin B5 for added sugar. The Volumising Conditioner is ideal for those of you looking for lift and boost and is the perfect product to follow the Cleanser.  Leave the conditioner in your hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing for unrivalled effects. After this use Smoothing Cream, enriched with Baobab Oil, contains a unique formula to smooth, hydrate and tame frizz. With its moisturising and anti-ageing properties this really is a smooth operator. Finally for the finished look use the Shimmer and Shine Spray for the ultimate polished look. The spray tames flyaway hair and smoothes split ends, so your hair looks shinier than ever before.  We loved THERAPI and not only are their products effective but they are also paraben and sulphate free, they protect your hair from harmful UV rays, contain Colour Lock technology and give extreme heat protection up to 250°c.

You can purchase the Signature Cleanser here for £9.99, the Volumising Conditioner here for £9.99, the Smoothing Cream here for £9.99 the Shimmer Shine Spray here for £9.99

The Ultimate Sea Salt Spray For Real Men by the Bluebeards Revenge

picture blog FINAL.jpg

Now it is probably true that here at The Amazing Blog, our days of hitting the beach to wax our boards before riding some of those riptides may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some of the rituals of our surfer dude lifestyle of years gone by … Which is why this offering from those bristling boffins from The Bluebeards Revenge is causing all manner of interest in the bathroom cabinet. They have come up with The Ultimate Sea Salt Spray For Real Men, and they make no apology for the marketing behind their styling spray going full beam on the celebration of masculinity in all its glory … designed for REAL men, by REAL men - golly the testosterone levels in their production meetings must be off the scale!

Don’t let the skull and crossbones put you off - unless you are part of the Anti-Bum Fluff Brigade who Bluebeard’s Revenge are unashamedly and proudly taking to task … the only potential danger here is an over enthusiastic hair stroker, as they will find the temptation too great to ignore. We are talking 24 Carat Gold Coast authenticity in the beachcomber vibe promising a natural look whilst adding hold, volume, texture AND wave … all from one bottle! 

If you prefer your hairstyling on the salty matt spectrum, then this product will provide it in spades. The fragrance is again utterly masculine with a touch of the traditional  barbershop as a topnote, aligned with Sea Salt Minerals for freshness and deep-rooted nourishment. Add to this potent mix, the company’s stance against animal testing, and we must surely have the elements of a perfect man … well at least the perfect tousled look at any rate. Purchase The Ultimate Sea Salt Spray For Real Men here for £9.99.


Soap Folk- Natural Soaps


We like brands with good ethics and philosophies here at The Amazing Blog, especially those that attach great importance to the provenance of the ingredients used in their products. Soap Folk is one of these British brands that make it a priority to create their products with only the purest and finest ingredients. They were kind enough to send us a set of their four artisan soaps which include: Lavender and Oatmilk, Milk and Honey, Peppermint and Rose Geranium. We couldn’t wait to take them home and try them.

These soaps pamper and protect the skin, all being natural, handmade and kind to the body. A few of the common ingredients to each are olive, sweet almond and shea butter which means that they're all intensely nourishing. The Lavender and Oatmilk soap is formulated to calm and ease skin, while the scent helps to relax the mind. The Milk and Honey soap is designed specifically for sensitive skin that needs extra care. Honey and goat milk are added to the formula to provide extra-hydration, soothe and gently cleanse skin.  The Rose Geranium soap has a more floral scent; which is delightful. The essential oils infused in the formula protect and rejuvenate skin. Those of you looking for a refreshing boost, you're going to love the Peppermint soap. Its minty and fresh fragrance awakens your senses and uplifts the spirits. Enriched with peppermint and avocado oil and rosemary extracts this soap leaves skin refreshed and cooled, making it our favourite.

What makes these soaps extra special is their packaging. We love the charming handmade and hand stamped designs on the wrappers, all wonderfully illustrated by Susie Hetherington. We think that this set of four make a fabulous and afforable gift. You can purchase the Soap Folk soaps here for £4.95 each.