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King Brown Pomade - Matte


Hair is vital to complete a slick look. It doesn’t matter if its day or night, at work or relaxing with your mates, it never hurts to look smart. The Amazing Blog recently learned of a great modern wax that keeps your hairstyle in place. King Brown Pomade, based in Australia, uses the history of men’s grooming in their favour. Its product withstands time, not trends, according to King Brown Pomade. 

King Brown Pomade embodies both tradition and quality in its formulas. The Matte Pomade, made from clay and beeswax, gives it an excellent consistency for a natural look, textured styles, matte-look classics, and a light to medium dry hold—a tricky balance to find! Malt extract is added for hair conditioning, too. We love how easy restyling can be with this product, and because of its clay and wax base—no crunchy residue is left behind. The Matte Pomade works for all hair types at any length. It also has a light enticing scent with notes of rosemary, bergamot, cedarwood, basil, and leather, which drives us wild!

You can purchase the King Brown Matte Pomade 75g here for £14.95.

Men's Styling Products by Neal and Wolf

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The Amazing Blog is all about looking and feeling as good as you can and want to, and for us, the be all and end all of our beauty confidence comes from good hair. Hair lacking volume leaves us feeling flat, fly-away and unruly frizz makes us feel scattered, but hair that looks bold and beautiful leaves us feeling on top of the world. To achieve this confidence, we don’t leave the house without some Neal and Wolf Styling products in our locks. Today we want to tell you about the Style Shaping Cream and the Create Mattifying Paste products that they produce.

The Style Shaping Cream is specifically designed to give hair the definition it deserves. It’s a flexible cream that will leave your style looking natural, and while your look won’t blow away, it won’t act like a windbreaker either. Created by professional experts, the conditioning base keeps moisture locked in and adds an enviable shine.  If shiny hair isn’t your go-to look, then try their Create Mattifying Paste which gives a flexible and medium hold with a matte appearance. This is ideal for people looking for more texture and maybe a messier more bed head style. Create contains Kaolin, Shea Butter and Beeswax to create a workable paste, so don’t worry about darkening your hair if you are naturally lighter.

You can buy the Style Shaping Cream here for £12.95 and the Create Mattifying Paste here for £12.95

Detox Face Scrub and Firm & Protect Serum By STOER Skincare For Men

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STOER Skincare For Men tackles both ends of the skincare spectrum from dryness and irritation to oiliness and breakouts. STOER believes that all skin concerns are a result of environmental factors, whether you live in a windy rural town or a polluted populated city. The skincare range contains high-tech but easy-to-use products that act as a defence shield for men’s skin.

Active ingredients help to protect the skin from outdoor aggressors such as pollution and adverse weather, as well as indoor aggressors like central heating and air conditioning. The Clima5 Technology is STOER’s unique formula of five plant ingredients from four extremely different climates. These globally-sourced natural extracts consist of Scotland’s peat moss (for hydration), Italy’s alpine plant (for elasticity), West Africa’s baobab leaf (anti-ageing), Japan’s wakame (increases collagen and oxygen) and Mexican barbary fig (soothing and hydrating). STOER’s Firm & Protect Serum is made up of these ingredients, delivering intense hydration and collagen production that is easily absorbed, leaving a matte finish on the skin.

STOER’s Detox Face Scrub works to smooth out the skin, exfoliating the surface for a brighter appearance. Ingredients contain mineral and volcanic exfoliants to remove dead skin and unblock the pores while preventing ingrown hairs. Combine these with STOER’s Clima5 for hydration and protection, and your face has never looked better.

Purchase the Detox Face Scrub here for £27 and the Firm & Protect Serum here for £40.

Friday Favourites - Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day just around the corner, here at The Amazing Blog we’ve compiled a list of our favourite beauty and grooming products to treat your old man, and get him looking and feeling great this summer.

First on our list is Belnatur’s Only Men line which has a great range of products designed to provide deep hydration, firmness and luminosity without a greasy feel. Two of our favourites are Belnatur’s Only Men After Shave Comfort (£16.99 for 150ml) and Belnatur’s Only Men Energy Fluid (£17.99 for 75ml).

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Rich in White Willow, Cucumber, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, the Only Men After Shave Comfort is a refreshing gel that soothes the irritations caused by shaving. It assists with the prevention of premature aging and stimulates collagen production.

Belnatur’s Only Men Energy Fluid is light and non-greasy and recharges the skin with vitality and energy. It also improves water retention and increases skin’s flexibility.

Belnatur’s high performing products can be purchased from their official UK website and at salons nationwide.

Next on our list is one of our favourite ranges of hair products over here at The Amazing Blog. Label M is high on our list, and we think their thickening tonic (£10.95 for 150 ml) and deconstructor matt paste (£11.50 for 50 ml) make a great Father’s Day gift.

If your old man is slightly thinning on top, the thickening tonic is a unique gel to liquid formula which gives instant volume and texture to your hair. The deconstructor paste is also a fabulous product, great for those who like to style their hair, but love the rough and ready look.

The Label M range is available in a number of hairdressers including Toni & Guy. You can also buy the products from Label M’s site here.

Next we have men's body and skincare brand Scaramouche & Fandango , who have brought out two new grooming gift sets right in time for Father’s day. The Twin Pack (£13.50) comprises the daily shower essentials for men, including the brand's cleansing black quinoa and shea butter Shampoo and invigorating Brazilian papaya and vitamin E complex Body wash.


The Triple Pack (£25) helps start a skincare regime in three simple steps, and includes a Face Scrub; Shave Cream, containing guava extract to protect against razor burn; and a Hydrator.

We love that the products are fragranced with the range’s signature scents and are paraben free and 98% naturally derived. The products are suitable for all skin types and are made in the UK, and can be found at John Lewis, House of Fraser, Fortnum & Mason and Fenwick or from their website here.

Last, but certainly not least, New British luxury men’s grooming brand Thomas Clipper have the perfect shaving gift set this Father’s day, featuring the brand’s trademark built-to-last solid metal razors.

The Mark One (£85) and the Mark K (£125) shaving kits come with an exfoliating organic cotton flannel, an anti-inflammatory, organic shave balm, and razors that can be hand etched with up to 4 initials, to give your gift that personal touch.

Unfortunately we did not receive a press sample, so we can't really tell you what it is like. But we really liked the look of it! You can buy the gift sets from the Thomas Clipper website.


Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015

Calling all beauty lovers! The prestigious Beauty Shortlist will hold its fourth annual awards next year on the first day of spring, Friday 20 March, 2015.

For the first time, the awards will include Men’s Grooming as well as expanded Health Supplement categories.

Don’t forget! The deadline to enter your products for the awards will close much earlier this year, at midnight on Friday 12 December.

The new Men’s categories include:

Best Grooming Product

Best Skincare Brand for Men

Best Skincare Product for Men

Best Fragrance

Best Cleanser

Best Shaving Product

Best Body Wash    


The new Health categories include: 

Best Health Supplement  - Overall Wellbeing (tablet form)

Best Health Supplement  - Overall Wellbeing (powder or drink)

Best Health Supplement – Targeted (e.g. skin/hair/digestive system, etc.) – tablet form

Best Health Supplement – Targeted (e.g. skin/hair/digestive system, etc.) – powder or drink

Best Supergreen Powder Superfood

Best Healthy Snack or Food Bar

Best Health/Herbal Tea (single infusion)

Best Health/Herbal Tea (blend)

For full details and the complete category listings, please visit The Beauty Shortlist here.

For more information contact Fiona Klonarides, Editor, The Beauty Shortlist.