Dr Renaud – Acacia Honey Range


As you might remember, we have written about Dr Renaud before, featuring his Mango Hand and Nail Repair Cream and more recently reviewing his Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil. Dr Renaud has been a leader in cosmetology for more than sixty years. They bring science and skincare together, to produce effective products for various needs. Their newest Acacia Honey range was designed to target malnourished skin. There are three professional salon products in the range and also three retail products, which we were lucky to have the chance to review.

Acacia Honey Extract is one of the key ingredients that the three products contain. It is extremely rich in water, carbohydrates and fructose. This mixture allows it to be quickly absorbed by the skin, as well as maintaining moisture. Macerat, an organic honey oil, provides the skin with necessary lipids to nourish the skin.

The first of the trio is the Acacia Honey Intense Nutrition Cream. We used this as a day cream, as it is highly moisturising, but not too heavy on the skin. Cacao Butter adds regenerative properties to this cream, so it supports the skin to maintain its elasticity. For even more nutrition, Dr Renaud also added Royal jelly, propolis, and rice peptides to this moisturiser. Since we are living in London, we particularly like that these ingredients strengthen the skin against external aggressions, a.k.a. pollution.

We preferred to use the Acacia Honey Intense Nutrition Balm as a night cream because of its slightly thicker consistency. However, if you have dehydrated skin, this might work well as a moisturiser. Shea butter gives the skin heaps of hydration. This balm also includes all the ingredients mentioned above, to protect the skin from external aggressions. Dr Renaud describes the cream as "a cocoon of softness" on the skin. We can confirm that it left our skin feeling quite soft and smooth. Last in the bundle, is the Acacia Honey Intense Nutrition Mask, which we applied one to two times a week for ten minutes. Afterwards, we rinsed the remains off and patted our skin dry. We loved it for an extra hydration boost when we wanted to pamper our skin.

Overall, the Acacia Honey range is excellent for anyone looking for highly hydrating skincare with a sweet floral fragrance. You can get the Intense Nutrition Creme here for £25, the Intense Nutrition Balm here for £33 and the Intense Nutrition Mask here for £44.





SportFX Moisturising Lip Balm


Keeping our lips moisturised becomes a 24/7 job in the long winter months, especially when it's bitter and snowy day like today. So we here at The Amazing Blog have found the perfect solution to all your lip care needs. SportFX Moisturising Lip Balm in Candy Floss will leave your lips soft and nourished with a touch of sweetness. This is a new brand of skincare, make-up and activewear created with all types of active women in mind. What makes this range different are their long-lasting formulas that are sweat-proof, won’t clog the pores allowing the skin to breathe. Best of all, every product is paraben free, packed with vitamins and enriched with SPF to protect the skin from environmental damage.

We have two must-haves on our lip balm checklist: it must leave our lips soft and seriously hydrated and it needs to have a delectable flavour that keeps us going back for another application. So when our lip balm smells as sweet as Candy Floss, we never forget to apply it. This balm is formulated with a rich blend of natural oils, shea butter, and vitamin complex C, E & F, which melts right into your lips.

Even if the sun doesn’t make much of an appearance this time of year, it’s still important to keep your lips protected from harsh UV rays that can cause damage, which is why we like that this balm contains SPF15. Like the rest of the skincare and make up range it is also paraben free and dermatologically tested, so we know your lips will thank you for that little bit of daily TLC. We like the Candy Floss flavour.  This range of SportFX Moisturising Lip Balms also come in five other favours: Raspberry Rhubarb, Birthday Cake, Candy Cane and Strawberries and Cream. Great to carry in your handbag to switch up from day-to-day according to your mood.

This lip balm will give you the feeling that you’ve just indulged in Candy Floss from the fair; however, without the sugar rush or the calories! You can purchase the SportFX Moisturising Lip Balm here for £4.99.

XO Balm

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As you know we at The Amazing Blog love to have a go-to beauty staple and for us not many beat XO Balm which is a latest multipurpose balm. The product is perfect for those with eczema, boyfriends with beards or sensitive skin in need or some TLC. The balm is effective in soothing and relieving dryness, sensitive and irritated skin. What’s more, the product is multi functional and can be used on the face, body and hair. 

The balm is 100% natural and has a simple four-ingredient formula that offers a natural alternative to prescription products for those suffering from eczema and dermatitis. The effective combination of beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and chia seed oil locks in essential nutrients and soothes, restores and strengthens everything it is applied to. The balm won’t clog your skin and is fragrance-free. It contains no synthetics and leaves a long-lasting protective barrier with a matte finish. Within days one of us with eczema found that this balm not only stopped them itching but also took down their redness - we're impressed! We think that this little balm is a handy travelling companion as the tin packaging means that it fits in any bag, pocket or hand making it perfect for those on the go. 

You can purchase the balm here for £12.50.

ELLI Organic Beauty Range

We at The Amazing Blog like to be environmental friendly, and when we discovered the ELLI Organic Beauty Range, we were delighted that they shared the same ethical values. Produced by Herbs-Aplenty, this brand explores the spirit of Africa with its all-natural and multi-purpose beauty range. The products are inspired by the mountains, valleys, and deserts of Africa that are home to unique plant kingdoms with therapeutic properties.

We have already experimented a few of the products for you. One of our favourites is the citrus-scented Lip Balm, enriched with a nourishing blend of Shea butter, Marula oil, and Jojoba oil to illuminate your smile. For those unexpected skin irritations that appear just in time for special occasions, ELLI offers a spot balm with relieving natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. This multi-purpose balm also serves as a natural deodorant and insect repellent.

What truly sets ELLI apart from other natural products is the emphasis of traditional African culture and dedication to sustainability. The range is made entirely of certified organic ingredients, and the essential oils are harvested and processed on their own farm to ensure quality control.

If you share the same philosophy, shop for the lovely collection here.


Kahina - Lip & Face Balm

Here at The Amazing Blog, we often cart around a multitude of beauty products in our handbags, so that we’re ready to strike whenever a bout of dry skin or frizzy hair attacks. Unfortunately, the abundance of products can often become a little weighty, so we always appreciate travel sized and multi-purpose products. Kahina’s Lip & Face Balm falls into both those categories, so, naturally, it has become a staple in our bags this summer.

Packaged in Kahina’s signature sleek, black glass packaging, the pint-sized balm is perfect for an on-the-go beauty regime. Its soothing blend of natural, powerhouse ingredients, such as anti-inflammatory Calendula, Sea Buckthorn Extract and Olive Oil, help to soothe and repair dry skin and lips. On first glance, its honey hue doesn’t look like the type of product you’d like to smooth onto your skin. However, the oily concoction gives just the right amount of moisture when blended into the skin, leaving it feeling perfectly nourished and not at all greasy. It’s the perfect addition to any packing list.

Pick up this little jar of wonder elixir for £34 here. It’s certainly worth splashing the cash when it makes your skin feel this fantastic.