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Dr Renaud – Acacia Honey Range


As you might remember, we have written about Dr Renaud before, featuring his Mango Hand and Nail Repair Cream and more recently reviewing his Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil. Dr Renaud has been a leader in cosmetology for more than sixty years. They bring science and skincare together, to produce effective products for various needs. Their newest Acacia Honey range was designed to target malnourished skin. There are three professional salon products in the range and also three retail products, which we were lucky to have the chance to review.

Acacia Honey Extract is one of the key ingredients that the three products contain. It is extremely rich in water, carbohydrates and fructose. This mixture allows it to be quickly absorbed by the skin, as well as maintaining moisture. Macerat, an organic honey oil, provides the skin with necessary lipids to nourish the skin.

The first of the trio is the Acacia Honey Intense Nutrition Cream. We used this as a day cream, as it is highly moisturising, but not too heavy on the skin. Cacao Butter adds regenerative properties to this cream, so it supports the skin to maintain its elasticity. For even more nutrition, Dr Renaud also added Royal jelly, propolis, and rice peptides to this moisturiser. Since we are living in London, we particularly like that these ingredients strengthen the skin against external aggressions, a.k.a. pollution.

We preferred to use the Acacia Honey Intense Nutrition Balm as a night cream because of its slightly thicker consistency. However, if you have dehydrated skin, this might work well as a moisturiser. Shea butter gives the skin heaps of hydration. This balm also includes all the ingredients mentioned above, to protect the skin from external aggressions. Dr Renaud describes the cream as "a cocoon of softness" on the skin. We can confirm that it left our skin feeling quite soft and smooth. Last in the bundle, is the Acacia Honey Intense Nutrition Mask, which we applied one to two times a week for ten minutes. Afterwards, we rinsed the remains off and patted our skin dry. We loved it for an extra hydration boost when we wanted to pamper our skin.

Overall, the Acacia Honey range is excellent for anyone looking for highly hydrating skincare with a sweet floral fragrance. You can get the Intense Nutrition Creme here for £25, the Intense Nutrition Balm here for £33 and the Intense Nutrition Mask here for £44.





Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil - Dr Renaud

As the cold weather is firmly here to stay, with no end in sight, cleansing oils are becoming a firm favourite with us here at The Amazing Blog. We have been trying out the fabulous Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil, from the always brilliant French brand Dr Renaud It is a gentle cleanser that removes all makeup (yes, even waterproof!) while leaving your skin cleaner, softer.

Dr Renaud is a brand renowned for its innovative and scientific approach to skincare. This approach has resulted in a high performing line of products that target any and all concerns you may have; from acne to redness and hyperpigmentation Dr Renaud will have the fix. This particular cleansing oil is suited to all skin types, and may particularly be appreciated by older skins, due to the cleansers non-drying formula.

Our favourite thing about this oil is that it’s full of wonderful, natural, skin-loving ingredients. It contains the active ingredients Rose Centifolia, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Macadamia Oil. Whilst the rose and Vitamin E work to erase pigmentation and produce a clear complexion, the three nut oils condition and leave our skins plump and soft. The texture of the cleanser is lovely and light, turning into a milky emulsion on contact with water. You simply need to put a small amount in your hands to gently warm the oil and then apply to a dry face. After massaging the face, add water and rinse away the emulsified oil with fingers or a flannel. Your skin will be left feeling calmed and refreshed! The Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil is brilliant for fighting dryness and dehydration, so your skin will feel nourished and protected against the harshest and cruellest elements!

You can buy 200ml of Dr. Renaud’s Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil here for £25.

Docteur Renaud - Mango Hand and Nail Repair Cream

blog imageFrench pharmacies are known for stocking the crème de la crème of skincare. We long for those Parisian breaks, when we can spend our days perusing the beauty aisles of various boutiques. However, jetting across the channel every time you need a new cleanser isn’t exactly economically sound. So when a little bit of France made its way to The Amazing Blog in the form of Docteur Renaud’s Mango Hand And Nail Repair Cream, we were très excited to try it out.

The French brand combines a love of cosmetics with a love of plants, basing all of their products around a particular type of fruit. The Mango Hand and Nail Repair Cream is part of the Peach & Grapefruit body range, which offers a collection of other delectable sounding products. The first and most distinctive aspect of the product is its divine scent. Sweet mango butter is the main ingredient, making for perhaps the most delicious smelling hand cream we've ever tried. The rich and creamy emulsion, which also contains shea butter and vegetable waxes from jojoba, mimosa and sunflower, glides onto my hands and provides fantastic nourishment, making them feel so soft and soothed. Not only that, the moisture seals itself in all day long to provide long lasting hydration. The cream also works to strengthen nails and soften cuticles, making it the only product you'll need to keep your hands looking gorgeous and smelling good enough to eat.

Despite its French origins, the Docteur Renaud product has the scent that transports us to a tropical paradise. The Mango Hand and Nail Repair Cream is available to buy here for £13.30.