Heel Rescue and Foot Mask - Kaeso Pedicure

Here at The Amazing Blog, we like to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, there is a part of our body that is often neglected: our feet! That’s why we were happy to try the Foot Mask and the Heel Rescue Cream by Kaeso Pedicure. After a long day of running from meeting to meeting, our poor feet need a good pampering session.

Formulated with Menthol, known to relieve minor muscle pain, and Peppermint, which helps to cool and soothe, the Foot Mask promises to moisturise and relieve dry skin. To use it, you just have to generously apply and wrap your foot in a towel for 15 minutes. The mask has a rich, soft texture that isn’t at all sticky. It gives the sensation of refreshed and energised skin. We especially love the blend of Menthol and Peppermint—it smells amazing, setting it apart from traditional foot products!

In this Kaeso Pedicure kit you can also find a Heel Rescue Cream, a product you’ll find yourself addicted to with the return of sandals! Blended with Coconut Oil, Peppermint, and Tea Tree (known for its natural healing properties), the cream promises to deeply moisturise, re-hydrate, and relieve cracked skin. The cream is rapidly absorbed through skin and has a silky finish. Our heels seem to be nourished thanks to this fragrant mix of Banana and Peppermint. We also find the packaging to be extremely convenient because it distributes just the right amount of product! Even better, Kaeso’s products are a really great value for money, which is good news for all of our wallets.

Grab a 250ml bottle of the Foot Mask here for £3.75 and a 150ml bottle of the Heel Rescue Cream here for £3.80.

Something for Every 'Body'

To be frank, regular aerobic exercise is not a first priority in my life,  I used to be a ‘gym bunny’  but nowadays I’m more of ‘dog walker’, so  I’m somewhat of  an unlikely candidate to trial these aroma therapy based ‘sports’ lotions and potions. However, when Pepperfit  samples landed on our doorstep at Amazing PR  and we unwrapped and smelt them – I decided to have first dibs.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am very chemical-phobic and will only consider putting organic or natural products on my skin. What we all liked about these Pepperfit products is their texture and aroma i.e. not an overpowering aroma-pong or gloopy and greasy – both a classic mistake made by quite a few small producers of aromatherapy based skincare.

There are four ranges which are all rather appropriately named for each of their active properties: Rescue, Relax, Boost  and Zest.    I particularly liked the Relax Body & Massage Oil  (RRP £16.80) as I have a fondness for its key ingredients of Geranium and Ylang Ylang. It was quickly absorbed making my skin soft and left a subtle fragrance.  I also tried the Zest Multi Balm  (RRP £10.80) which is very fresh and uplifting with Tangerine, Lavender and Chamomile Roman – an unlikely mix of aromas but when combined actually smell amazing! It’s particularly good for chapped lips, so I’ve adopted it as my winter lip balm.

What we love about these ‘aroma sport’ is that the products bringing together both modern scientific sports knowledge and respected traditions derived from ancient and global cultures, where they use plants for their medicinal and healing properties. The Pepperfit rangeis suitable for both the regular consumer as well as the sports professional.  London 2012 athletes  if you’re reading this, we suggest that you stock up on Pepperfit for your Olympics sports regime – it’ll certainly add a bit of aroma ‘zing’ to your step.